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ZLink Carplay

ZLink Carplay APK 1.2.78 (Android App)

Apr 18, 2023

ZLink Carplay APK allows you to quickly connect your Android smartphone to your car. It gives you access to high tech and the convenience of driving a car.

Updated 2018-08-17
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.2.78
Size 27 MB
MOD Android App
Category Tools
Developer eZLO SmartHome
Price Free
Google Play Link
ZLink Carplay

Is ZLink Carplay APK useful enough for you to connect it to your car?

Are you looking for a smooth and convenient way to connect Android Auto to your car? Connecting modern technology devices together is a topic of top interest to many users. In addition to home electrical appliances, computers, laptops, and televisions connected to phones, your car can also connect to Smartphones via ZLink Carplay APK. What attractive features does this connection application have? We will introduce you to all the important information about ZLink Carplay through the article below.

ZLink Carplay APK

About ZLink Carplay APK

ZLink Carplay APK is a program that enables users to use a variety of Android mobile applications while operating a vehicle. You may use convenient navigation and music applications through the in-car screen after syncing with the phone. Users may quickly and wirelessly connect their phones to the Android screens in their vehicles with Zlink Carplay.

Modern car owners are increasingly relying on wireless ZLink Carplay APK connections. Users benefit greatly from its convenience. Users may easily access their phone's apps and utilities using the Android display in their car. Quick access to apps for calling, music playback, Google Assistant, navigation, and messages. While you're driving, you can activate necessary functionalities using your voice. 

Additionally, you can control them using the buttons or displays on the steering wheel of the vehicle. As opposed to being distracted by using a phone, this improves safety when driving and engaging in traffic. ZLink's wireless connection to a vehicle's display will function as smoothly as an installed app and can coexist with an existing operating system.

ZLink Android Auto APK

What makes ZLink Android Auto APK more attractive?

The interesting features of ZLink have made it easier for users to drive cars. Continue to explore the specific benefits of this ZLink now.

Clear signal transmission

Users can conduct voice calls, send or receive SMS messages, and listen to music, GPS, radio, and Spotify with ZLink5 APK Android Auto. When using this functionality, there are a few things you should be aware of. It helps to speed up the signal transmission process and does not degrade the sound quality when you listen to music while ZLink CarPlay is connected wirelessly between the screen and the phone, similar to a Wifi wave.

Use contacts quickly

Additionally, ZLink CarPlay enables you to see and use your iPhone's contacts directly on the DVD screen. Additionally, it supports Siri, so you can make voice requests without physically touching your phone's screen or being preoccupied with it. Your car's inside is quite clean thanks to the wireless connectivity option. The USB cord does not need to be plugged in, saving users time. You can still hand the phone to passengers for use in operating the vehicle's screen when ZLink CarPlay is connected. This assists you in maintaining movement focus.

In addition, you may use ZLink ZLink CarPlay APK voice commands to ask for the music to be played or to request English directions from Google Maps.

Through a connecting port, ZLink CarPlay enables devices running the Android Auto operating system to connect to vehicles. Currently, this feature is built into practically all new car models.

Safe driving

Drivers of cars may utilize smartphone functions comfortably without having to look at their phone's screen thanks to ZLink latest Version APK. As a result, the driver is better able to concentrate on the road and maintain vehicle safety.

ZLink5 APK Android Auto

ZLink CarPlay and Android Auto-connected apps will automatically update to the upgrade through the Internet with interfaces that are better than those of previous models.

The ability to help drivers break the habit of gazing at their phones while driving is one of the major benefits of Android Auto and ZLink CarPlay.

Better navigation with Google Map

Google Maps is now regarded as one of the best navigation apps so connecting to Android Auto will significantly enhance the placement and navigation of vehicles.

When you connect a smartphone with ZLink CarPlay or Android Auto, voice control will turn on so the driver can use the navigation system without having to look down at the phone.

ZLink CarPlay connectivity enables us to conduct numerous iphone-like functions on the vehicle's display. As a result, users can use Google Maps to view directions, send messages, or make phone calls. For automobile owners to link their devices to ZLink CarPlay, entertainment features are another crucial consideration. Throughout the journey, we can enjoy entertainment and music.

Download the app ZLink APK for Android Auto

Are you looking for the latest version of ZLink app? is a great place for you to download this application. Regularly updated, apktome is a reliable source for you to download apps for your Android device.

On the phone they are connecting with, users can occasionally control additional features and programs on the car screen.

In addition to the standard Android features, ZLink CarPlay enables you to use several third-party apps that are compatible, including iHeartRadio, Spotify, WhatsApp, and Amazon Music. In addition, ZLink CarPlay provides access to several Google-developed programs, including Google Play Music and Google Maps.


The ZLink Carplay APK is a fantastic tool for users to make phone calls and utilize navigation while driving hands-free and safely. To let you automatically control the screen in your car, ZLink CarPlay specifically supports Google Assistant. When you are occupied driving on the road, this feature will undoubtedly be incredibly convenient for you/.

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