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Wuthering Waves

Wuthering Waves APK 0.7.0 (Beta, Free Android Game)

Feb 20, 2024

APK Wuthering Waves is an Android RPG in a post-apocalyptic world after 'The Calament., your mission is to unravel mysteries, and engage in dynamic combat for an unforgettable adventure.

Name Wuthering Waves
Updated 2024-02-20
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 0.7.0
Size 1.8 GB
MOD Beta, Free Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer KURO GAME
Price Free
Google Play Link
Wuthering Waves

The action RPG Wuthering Waves APK for Android transports players to a post-apocalyptic world following "The Calament." Discover secrets, take part in intense battles, and take in breathtaking sights at Rover - it promises to be a gaming experience unlike any other. For a singular and captivating experience, download today!

Wuthering Waves APK

Overview of the Wuthering Waves APK

Welcome to the enthralling world of Wuthering Waves, an action RPG tailored for Android devices. Imagine yourself in a world after the end of the world, full of secrets and difficulties. Your adventure starts at Rover when you wake up in a strange area and are inspired to solve the mystery surrounding your existence as well as the hidden mysteries of the outside world. Classified as an action RPG, it thrusts players into a world still reeling from "The Calament," an event a century past that brought forth unimaginable beings, threatening civilization.

Attractive Features of the Game

Compelling Storyline

At the heart of Wuthering Waves lies a narrative that grips your imagination. The subsequent events following "The Calament" set the stage for an exploration of the unknown, where every step uncovers a fresh enigma regarding the cosmos. With the skillful weaving together of a story about danger, healing, and the quest for a new beginning, the narrative imbues every moment in the game with profound significance.

Open-World Exploration

It beckons adventurers with its expansive open-world design. Whether your interest is solving intricate puzzles, finding hidden passageways, or engaging in fierce combat, the game caters to a broad variety of preferences. The action-packed battle sequences, which are a feature of Wuthering Waves CBT 2, intensify your exploration and turn every encounter into a visual feast.

Diverse Characters

The characters in Wuthering Waves APK OBB are not mere avatars; they are visual marvels, each boasting a unique style. From the main protagonist, Rover, to the characters you encounter along the way, the diversity in visual design is unparalleled. Their distinct combat techniques and skills are what make them stand out, enabling you to assemble a squad that pleases you.

Wuthering Waves Download

Exciting Adventure

Venture into various settings as Wuthering Waves Beta unfolds an adrenaline-pumping adventure. You'll be on the edge of your seat the entire time as the game skillfully combines action-packed scenes with endearing characters. This is an investigation of a cosmos brimming with wonders and secrets, not just a game.

Dynamic Combat System

Prepare for combat like never before. Its dynamic fighting system makes every fight an impressive show. Grind it out with Rover, your primary character, and feel the rush of interacting with other characters you meet along the way. The gaming experience is elevated to new heights by the fluidity and striking beauty of the fight sequences.

Visual Appeal

It sets a visual standard that is hard to match. The stunning scenery of carefully crafted characters, places, and post-apocalyptic circumstances will set the stage for your travels. Thanks to the visual appeal, which transcends basic aesthetics and enhances immersion, every scene in the game is visually captivating.

Open-World Exploration

Freedom is a precious commodity in Wuthering Waves Android. Exploration is encouraged by the open-world layout, which rewards players with buried wealth, difficult riddles, and surprising discoveries. Every step you take in the game is guaranteed to be filled with discovery because of its dedication to offering a huge and diverse terrain.

Character Customization

Diversity isn't just limited to the visuals; it extends to gameplay with character customization. Choose characters that resonate with your preferred style, and as you progress, develop their skills and abilities. The strategic depth the squad customization feature adds to the game creates an engaging and distinctive experience.

Wuthering Waves CBT 2

Advantages and Disadvantages of The Game


  • Engaging Storyline: Uncover mysteries and stay engrossed in the path of your character as you immerse yourself in a post-apocalyptic story.
  • Spectacular Combat: Go beyond the ordinary in dynamic, graphically appealing conflicts that add excitement and strategic components to the action.
  • Diverse Characters: Develop your collection of one-of-a-kind characters, each with their special abilities and fighting styles, to increase the game's replay value.


  • Potential Learning Curve: The spectacular combat system might pose a learning curve initially, requiring time for players to master its intricacies.
  • Limited Device Compatibility: Currently available exclusively for Android devices, limiting accessibility for those on different platforms.
  • In-App Purchases: Optional in-app purchases are present, offering additional content but requiring players to be mindful of the potential impact on overall satisfaction.

Download Process

  1. Visit The go-to destination for Wuthering Waves Download.
  2. Search for the Game: Use the search feature to find the game within the website.
  3. Access the Article: Navigate to the dedicated article introducing Wuthering Waves.
  4. Download Now: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the "Download Now" button.
  5. Follow On-Screen Instructions: Complete the download process by following the on-screen instructions.

Wuthering Waves Beta


The immersive trip through a post-apocalyptic world full of secrets and difficulties may be found in Wuthering Waves APK. With exciting gameplay, stunning visuals, and an engrossing plot, it perfectly conveys the essence of an incredible voyage. An unmatched gaming experience is enhanced by the flexibility of open-world exploration, a wide range of character possibilities, and dynamic combat. Make sure you have everything you need to solve the game's riddles and captivating scenes by following the simple download instructions. Get ready for this thrilling journey. Stay tuned to our website to get the earliest information about Wuthering Waves Release Date and Wuthering Waves CBT 2 Download, prepare for an unforgettable adventure in this action-packed RPG.

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