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VRFS APK 1.0 (Football Soccer Simulator)

Jul 22, 2023

VRFS APK is a modern virtual reality football game for players around the world to experience.

Updated 2023-07-22
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 1.0
Size 50 MB
MOD Football Soccer Simulator
Category Simulation
Developer Immersification
Price Free
Google Play Link

VRFS APK is a football game that is simulated based on Austrian realistic technology aimed at giving players the most real feeling. You will be in the game with many other players and create beautiful ball. Score as many goals to win against other opponents. Video games are widely released on Android phone devices. To experience this game, please read the article below.


Virtual reality simulation of dramatic kicks

VRFS APK gives players a simulated world and meets many of the world's top stars. Give you a sense of the ultra-realistic space that players will be exploring. You will get fierce matches with unique early gameplay coming from opponents. So you have to build your own squad and have your own style.

To be able to immerse yourself in the match as you are participating in the actual battle. Come to this game who will have a variety of missions and different objectives to be able to keep his fighting process always progressing with the help of many features. In particular, players will be able to satisfy their passion on the pitch with many different perspectives so that you can control the player smoothly.

This game will give you discoveries with professional and epic experiences. Give players a sense of authenticity that brings high entertainment. Help market people have the opportunity to meet and socialize and challenge themselves with many other players. Let's download the dramatic tournaments that the game brings to you.

Players compete fiercely to score goals

VRFS Mobile APK comes to this version players will be free to fight with the world full of truth. The same professional style when you can build yourself a football punch with unique tactics for yourself. Give players a high competitive factor in each of the tournaments and you need to up your own unique tactics.


To be able to improve the ability to move and fight on the field professionally and score many goals for each tournament. So the players have a very aggressive way to win and rise to the highest rankings in the world. Your goal is to complete the missions to win the Championship from many other playing teams. When you win, you will receive rewards to be able to upgrade the ability of the team to become stronger along with many progress indicators so that you can win any game around the world.

Comfortable gameplay performs easy operation on the screen

VRFS Football Soccer Simulator APK game for players who can build a professional football squad. You have to choose your own players to be able to participate in tournaments. In addition, you are selected players with high stats and the best kick skills. This will make it easier for you to reach your goals. Once the football team has been built, the next step is to participate in the major tournaments in the world to win and bring the Championship to your team.

VRFS Mobile APK Download possesses professional gameplay and good tactical investment ability. Which has brought players moments of peak entertainment. Give players the space to enjoy their passion most attractive that you should not miss.

Training skills gaming sports football virtuosity

VRFS APK created for players separate challenges to improve their soccer skills. This new version will extend a lot of game modes for players to experience depending on the needs. To be able to train more and more skills, beginners can choose the training mode to participate in the basic round of acquaintance with the ball or control the operation on the screen to shoot the ball, roll the ball and support the ball.

VRFS Football Soccer Simulator APK

This mode will make it easy for you to build combat skills with your opponents as well as create a specific tactic in each different round of play. The more diverse the player's tactics, it will be easier to cope in the most difficult situations of the game. Once you have mastered the controls in the game, then start challenging your friends or other players to upgrade your kicking ability. Win every battle to score points on the world football king rankings.

Very realistic graphics, vivid sound, free all

VRFS APK For Android is highly appreciated as the graphic design is authentic and increasingly improved according to each new version. When combined with virtual reality has brought modernity in technology for this game. The satisfaction of the player will be increased markedly with sharpness in every detail of the player's photo, dramatic kick to the net and lines. The graphics provide intuition in the gameplay so that players can perform their actions in the most comfortable way to break through each level's variety of tasks.

Besides, the sound in this game is also diversified with various cheering songs to show the spirit of sportsmanship and glory when winning. With a multidimensional perspective has brought players to learn many different aspects of this professional football genre. Always eager to bring the most perfect things to players, VRFS VR Football Soccer Simulator APK will provide it all for free when you download the APK file to experience. Not only that, items, online events with valuable and attractive rewards are also provided for free. The best things about this game have been stated in this article, hoping that it will attract more players.

VRFS Football Soccer Simulator APK Download


VRFS APK is a virtual reality game about the electronic football genre. The game wants to create a playground to converge gamers who share the same interests and passion for football. VRFS Football Soccer Simulator APK Download at the website to be able to enjoy great leisure time with friends and everyone around.

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