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Tentacle Beach Party

Tentacle Beach Party APK 1.3.7 (Full Game, Full Version)

Apr 20, 2023

Tentacle Beach Party APK is a casual strategy game that mixes amusing yourself and interacting with attractive women in bikinis. Check it out at this moment.

Name Tentacle Beach Party
Updated 2023-04-20
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.3.7
Size 237 MB
MOD Full Game, Full Version
Category Role Playing
Developer Tentacle Beach Party
Price Free
Google Play Link
Tentacle Beach Party

Strange and crazy experiences at Tentacle Beach Party APK you can't miss

Have you ever noticed that Japanese culture has space tentacles? The Tentacle Beach Party APK will transport you to a world where attractive Japanese girls in constant fear of tentacle monsters. The players at Tentacle Beach Party won't soon forget those special moments. What are you going to do to defend those girls from the threat posed by these unidentified monsters?

Tentacle Beach Party APK

Overview of Tentacle Beach Party APK

An intriguing visual novel is combined with a cerebral strategy game in Tentacle Beach Party APK. Players have the option of defending young girls from tentacle monsters or taking on the role of the monster. The majority of players decide to become Tentacles to seduce stunning Japanese women wearing short dresses. In general, the Tentacles' principal objective is to seize each of them without being seen by nearby bystanders. Your region of interest includes lovely beaches, bustling beach parties, and sandy beaches with girls sunbathing.

It becomes more difficult for you to sneakily grab the girls as the difficulty level increases. Of course, the higher your chances of being detained. Your game will be over if you are discovered by others more than 10 to 15 times. As you finish the game, more tentacles with special abilities become available. You can do this by speeding up or making it simpler to avoid being discovered.

Why should users choose Tentacle Beach Party Mod APK?

The main interesting features of the Japanese visual novel game, Tentacle Beach Party, have quickly immersed players in its strange world. Scroll down to get the information about it now.

Unique plot

The narrative opens in a strange world ruled by Ythotha, the Japanese god of tentacles. He named his son Karius and sent him to Earth to suck the life force of individuals to deplete their energy reserves.

Tentacle Beach Party Mod APK

You play as Karius in Tentacle Beach Party Full Game APK as he hunts for targets in a paradise beach resort full of stunning young women wearing bikinis. How can you abduct these lovely girls and siphon out their life essence without being noticed by guests or hotel staff? You have a major task that is demanding and challenging.

Numerous gorgeous and attractive females

The Tentacle Pool Party APK is a secret that has many shocks and bizarre events. On your energy absorption road, you'll come across a variety of girls, each with a distinctive personality. Choose whatever girl you wish to conquer first; some of them are timid, and some are combative.

You will be able to access additional levels once you have finished absorbing a girl's positive energy. Additionally, it enables you to acquire additional achievement points to spend on products that raise your propensity for effectively pursuing women on the beach. Disguises, anesthetic guns, and lure traps can all be found in the Tentacle Beach Party salon. Utilize the beach's surroundings and artifacts to your advantage. For instance, you can swim in the sea or hide behind tall coconut trees to avoid being seen by surveillance cameras.

Tentacle Pool Party APK

Pay attention to obstructions

A fun casual game with an intriguing plot, fantastic background music, and stunning graphics is called Tentacle Beach Party Full Version APK. Your objective in the game, which is set at a posh resort, is to kidnap the characters without drawing notice to yourself.

Bar chairs and sun loungers are two examples of items that can impede you from capturing your prey at Tentacle Beach Party. Girls will immediately turn red and become disabled when they sit on a bar stool or lounge chair, making it impossible for you to catch your target. On the beach, catch them as they are walking or standing.

Moreover, stay away from detectives and security cameras. The girls inside a container will all be freed if a detective girl steps on it. You lose all your points after she releases a female, at which time you must start kidnapping and seducing women all over again.

Download the game Tentacle Beach Party APK for Android

Tentacle Beach Party APK has a ton of entertainment and surprises. On the beach, you'll encounter a wide variety of girls, each with their personality. Some redheads are outgoing and reserved, while others are aggressive and dangerous.

The app is a free strategy game that is both difficult and entertaining. Tentacle is the only game you need if you want a mental and finger dexterity challenge that will keep you engaged for hours. Tentacle Beach Party APK Mod is now available for free download from our website. You'll be transported into a fictional beach resort filled with stunning women by the game.

Download game Tentacle Beach Party APK for Android


You must complete a human test to access the tentacle pool party in the Tentacle Beach Party APK. The entertaining highlights of a game for Android cell phones include tentacles and gorgeous chicks. Now play this game!

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