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Strava Premium APK 349.7 (Subscription Unlocked, Gratis)

Nov 16, 2023

Strava Premium APK is a fitness app for tracking outdoor activities and personalized training plans.

Name Strava: Run, Bike, Hike
Updated 2024-03-04
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 349.7
Size 132 MB
MOD Subscription Unlocked, Gratis
Category Health & Fitness
Developer Strava Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Unlock Your Fitness Potential with Strava Premium APK | The Ultimate Workout Buddy for Outdoor Enthusiasts

If you're into fitness and outdoor activities like cycling, swimming, or running, then Strava Premium might just be your new workout buddy. Strava Premium APK is revolutionary for people looking to track their fitness on a higher level. It's not your typical fitness app. What precisely is Strava Premium, then? An Android software called Strava Premium was created to assist users in tracking and improving their exercise regimens. Although it can track many outdoor sports, it is particularly good at tracking cycling, swimming, and running. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting your fitness journey, Strava Premium has something to offer.

Strava Premium APK

Attractive Points of Strava Premium

Community of Fitness Enthusiasts

One of the standout features of Strava Premium is its massive online fitness community. Although it is capable of tracking several outdoor sports, it is particularly good at tracking cycling, swimming, and running.

Challenges and Competitions

Fitness is more fun when it's a friendly competition. Strava Premium APK Subcription Premium hosts various challenges and competitions that you can join. Strive to break your records or compete with friends. 

Safety Features

For those who venture into remote areas for outdoor activities, Strava Premium provides safety measures. GPS tracking can be quite helpful, not only for tracking your travels but also in an emergency.

Features of Strava Premium

Route Mapping

Strava APK Premium Unlocked allows you to map your routes with precision. Whether you're traveling along your favorite paths or exploring new ones, the app records your journey so you can review and assess your routes at a later time.

In-Depth Tracking

The app meticulously records your running, cycling, and swimming activities. Along with tracking your distance and time, it also computes your caloric expenditure. In-depth data and graphs are also provided, so you can see your progress.

Strava Premium APK Subcription Premium

Social Fitness Network

Connect with fitness enthusiasts from around the world in Strava's social fitness network. To promote a sense of community and support from one another, join online groups, follow professionals for advice, and share your fitness experience.

Competitions and Challenges

Strava Premium adds a competitive edge to your workouts. Participate in monthly challenges and compete with other users. These challenges, like cycling faster or running more miles, help you stay motivated.

Personalized Training Plans

Customize your fitness goals and training plans to suit your preferences. With the aid of customized training programs and an analysis of your recorded actions, Strava Premium may assist you in effectively achieving your goals.

Personal Training Coach

For premium users, Strava Premium APK For Androi provides access to personal training coaches who offer guidance and advice from the world of fitness. These coaches provide live feedback, ensuring your workouts are safe and effective.

Expanded Sport Support

While Strava Premium excels in cycling, swimming, and running, it also supports a wide range of other sports. Whether you enjoy hiking, skiing, surfing, yoga, or other sports, you can monitor and assess your progress.

Smart Wearable Integration

For added convenience, Strava Premium allows integration with smart wearables, such as smartwatches. This means you can record your training habits more accurately, making your fitness journey even more efficient.

Strava APK Premium Unlocked

Modified Application

For those looking to explore premium features without the price tag, a modified version of Strava Premium APK For Huawei is available for download from certain websites. It provides no-cost access to premium features without requiring a membership.

Actual Experience of the Author and Advantages/Disadvantages of Strava Premium

Personal Experience

I recently decided to give Strava Premium APK Subcription Unlocked a spin to see if it lived up to the hype. I'm a serious biker and runner; therefore, I've been searching for an app that will allow me to keep track of my progress, establish objectives, and interact with other fitness fanatics.

The app's user-friendly UI pleasantly pleased me after I downloaded and installed it. It was quite easy to set up my profile and navigate the selections. I was invited by the app to enter my fitness objectives, which included measuring my bicycle lengths and running faster.

The GPS tracking feature of Strava Premium is one of its best features. When I used the app for a morning run, it correctly plotted my route and showed it on a crisp, detailed map. To properly assess my performance, it even gave me statistics on my pace, distance traveled, and elevation gain.

Additionally, I thought the software had a variety of training plans, which was incredibly helpful. These programs ensured that I tackled my workouts with discipline by tailoring them to my fitness level and goals. It resembles having a personal trainer with you at all times.

I had a good overall experience with Strava Premium on my first use. My workouts are now more enjoyable and fulfilling because of the app's clever integration of goal-setting, social interaction, and fitness tracking.


  • Accurate GPS Tracking: Whether you're running, cycling, or swimming, the app maps your routes precisely. This feature is crucial for tracking progress and ensuring you stay on the right path during your workouts.
  • Motivating Social Features: Connecting with friends and fellow fitness enthusiasts adds a competitive element to your workouts. Sharing your successes and comparing yourself to others may be quite motivating.
  • Customized Training Plans: Strava Premium offers a wide range of training plans that cater to your fitness goals. Whether your objectives are to improve your overall fitness, speed, or endurance, there is a technique out there that will work for you. Because these plans are adaptable, you can make sure that your workouts are tailored to your objectives.


  • Premium Subscription Cost: While the app offers a free version with basic features, the premium subscription can be somewhat pricey for some users. 
  • Limited Features in the Free Version: The free version of Strava, while useful, lacks some of the advanced features that make Strava Premium appealing. 
  • Battery Drain: Using GPS tracking during your workouts can be a battery-intensive process. 

Download Instructions

To initiate the download process from, simply navigate to their website. Once there, locate the article specifically dedicated to Strava Premium. At the end of this article, you'll find a prominent "Download Now" button. Clicking on this button will kickstart the installation process.

Strava Premium APK For Androi

Following this step, you'll be guided by on-screen instructions that are designed to be user-friendly and straightforward. With the help of these steps, you'll be able to download and install Subcription Premium APK Latest Version on your Android device in a timely and safe manner. Now that you've downloaded and installed Strava Premium, you're ready to take off on an intriguing and enigmatic adventure into the realm of social interaction and fitness tracking.


With accurate GPS tracking, lifestyle incentives, and personalized training programs, Strava Premium APK is a powerful fitness tracking software. It’s a useful tool for anyone trying to become more qualified and manage a network of like-minded people. Whether it’s the best option for you will depend on your fitness goals and your ability to afford a premium membership. Strava Premium has the potential to improve your fitness journey and help you reach your goals.

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