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Simon404 Konosuba Parody

Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK 4.5.5 (18 Bits Android Game)

Jun 09, 2023

Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK brings a familiar but dramatic role-playing gameplay. Players can participate in fighting monsters in the fantasy world!

Name KonoSuba: Fantastic Days
Updated 2024-02-05
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 4.5.5
Size 170 MB
MOD 18 Bits Android Game
Category Role Playing
Developer Sesisoft
Price Free
Google Play Link
Simon404 Konosuba Parody

Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK – Dramatic Monster Fighting RPG

If you are looking for the most classic RPG game title today, then Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK is a perfect choice. Players can approach many exciting battles with fast-paced battles. Many monsters are waiting for you to come and confront them. Various enemies are lurking around you. You can be attacked at any time. Characters, gameplay and rich context are waiting for you to explore. Find out more through our sharing below!

Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK

About Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK

Konosuba Parody Simon 404 APK is one of today's most attractive fighting role-playing game titles. This mod is inspired by the animated movie of the same name with animated characters. Players will participate in exploring a new world, where there are many mystical spaces.

You will become the main character in Konosuba 18 Bits APK with diverse fighting abilities. Players can join with their friends. After creating a successful team, you will coordinate with members to complete different tasks. Fierce battles require your fighting ability and coordination to be truly impressive.

Monsters in Konosuba Parody Game APK are diverse in form and special in fighting style. In addition to fighting monsters invading your territory, you need to have a strategy for your team. A team of 5 players needs a lot of tactics to take on different positions well. Each strategy will allow you to complete your monster hunt more efficiently.

Destroying monsters not only helps players complete the task well, but also brings peace to the city. Players can use more backup plans to get an advantage in the fight. In addition to showing your fighting skills, you also need to pay attention to your teammates. Let's protect each other to avoid being attacked by monsters and being eliminated from the game.

Konosuba Parody Simon 404 APK

Players' combat skills in Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK will be upgraded over time. Therefore, you should collect more items and resources to upgrade your character's equipment.

With attractive and dramatic online gameplay, this game promises to bring many great experiences for players. You can start your adventure journey and impressive battles. To play the game better, refer to the mod's featured features below!

Features of Konosuba APK Latest Version

These features are great tools for players to defeat monsters and gain more chances of winning. Konosuba APK brings many features and advantages. You can take advantage of them to enhance your gaming experience. Here are some outstanding features and advantages.

Flexibility in every battle

Join the matches in Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK, players can freely show their fighting skills. You can also perform a variety of dramatic battle tactics. Players can coordinate combat with other team members to complete tasks better.

Konosuba 18 Bits APK

Each character in this game has its own skills and fighting abilities. You can join any battle with your special skill. Players will depend on each situation and task to choose a companion. Learn more about the characters so you can make the most of their power. Then you can begin to use those powers more flexibly and effectively.

Upgrade your team's strategy

In order for the team to have a better chance of winning you need a clear strategy. This strategy helps the player defeat the opponent and not harm his companion. A clear plan helps you fight more effectively. You can't fight alone so you have to protect your teammates well to be able to go to the end together.

Some characters in the team will support you, like Kenzi, Aqua, Konoha. Each character has a different personality, so you need to devise a strategy so everyone can agree and unite better. Players can use individual strategies to have more fighting opportunities. However, a team battle plan would be better.

Impressive graphics

To maximize the support for players, developer Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK has been very focused on graphic design. It is easy for you to start your own battle. Players will have a great realistic experience. Although it is a simulation game, you will also feel each character's moves and fighting skills. You can be one of the most powerful warriors.

Graphics are meticulously invested for each character. The cartoon characters have beautiful and impressive shapes. Players will feel excited and attracted.

Download Konosuba Parody APK for Android

Top notch sound effects

Besides the attractive storyline and diverse gameplay, the sound effects highlight Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK. The developer not only voiced the characters but also voiced the moves in the game. Players will immerse themselves in the battles like you are actually fighting in reality.

A rich and colorful world is waiting for you to explore!


Download Konosuba Parody APK for Android brings a realistic combat experience to players. You will fight with your teammates with many different monsters. Upgrading your tactics and weapons is the best solution for the team to win the final victory. Simon404 Konosuba Parody APK brings many different emotional frames to players thanks to its impressive gameplay. Start the download now via our link below!

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