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Shelter An Apocalyptic

Shelter An Apocalyptic APK 2.0.0 (Final Version, Android Game)

May 31, 2023

Shelter An Apocalyptic APK offers a fascinating experience when the game context is apocalyptic. What can you do to stay alive? Check it out!

Name Shelter
Updated 2022-03-10
Compatible with 4.4W and up
Last version 2.0.0
Size 78 MB
MOD Final Version, Android Game
Category Strategy
Developer Aboba game company
Price Free
Google Play Link
Shelter An Apocalyptic

Shelter An Apocalyptic APK – Exciting Apocalypse Survival

What will you do when the nuclear bomb explodes and radioactive material is everywhere? Shelter An Apocalyptic APK will give you realistic context to experience this situation. The realistic graphics and design allow players more diverse experiences in the journey to find life. How can you survive? All that this game gives players will be more interesting than an apocalyptic setting. Let's play it together!

Shelter An Apocalyptic Tale APK

About Shelter An Apocalyptic APK

S.h.e.l.t.e.r An Apocalyptic APK is one of the most impressive games available today for adults. The apocalyptic context clearly appeared after the nuclear bomb exploded, radioactive material appeared everywhere on earth. Everyone is looking for life for themselves and is afraid but you are a completely different person.

The main goal of this game is to rebuild human society after the apocalypse. And you are the main character, become a leader. However, whether you become a formidable tyrant leader or a benevolent person is entirely up to you.

To accomplish the goal in Shelter An Apocalyptic Tale APK, in addition to finding a way to survive, you need to make more women pregnant. That is the best way for humanity to thrive after the disaster. To reach women you have two ways, including Romance and Corruption.

Romance is a gentle and loving approach to a relationship between two people. It is possible to write up a gentle love story in the midst of the apocalypse.

Corruption is more severe when you show strong control if the opponent does not obey. You can refer to these two options and try them directly when starting this game.

How to collect resources in Shelter An Apocalyptic APK?

In addition to staying in the dungeon, you need to go out and explore the world to find life. Staying forever in the hidden dungeon will run out of resources and will only be able to survive for a while. How can you go further? Gathering resources is the best way to keep you alive and moving.

Shelter An Apocalyptic APK Final Version provides many resources for players to combat difficulties in the apocalypse. The two main resources that get you going are Lon and Y-Shield.

Download game Shelter An Apocalyptic APK for Android

Resources Lon

Cans are the most basic resource used to buy things in the apocalypse. In particular, you can use Cans to buy Y-Shield. Players will have 4 main ways to collect Cans:

  • Breakfast Leftovers: The player can get 1 Can automatically daily if done this way. Although it is quite small, if accumulated every day, it will become a great resource.

  • Work at Jay's Bar: If you work at this bar, you will earn 5-7 Lons per shift. If you choose the right drinks for your guests, you will get more Lons. The example is very simple, specifically:

    • If a character requires a chase to disinfect the wound, you should give Vodka or Rum.

    • If the character asks for a relaxing cocktail it's Manhattan or Water. Depending on each character, you have to give the appropriate drink.

    • With women, you have to be especially careful. Do not give them stimulant drinks while they are pregnant.

  • Search in the neighborhood: If you search hard you can get up to 3 Lons at a time.

  • Sell Mia's Products: It earns you +20 Cans after every trade.

  • Kickbacks and taxes: If you become the mayor of this settlement, you can earn 50 Cans in 7 days. Some smart choices in this position can earn you more Lons.

  • Taking a bribe from a doctor: You can get more than 100 Cans.

  • Shelter An Apocalyptic APK Mod Latest Version

Resources Y-Shield 

Y-Shield is an important resource in Shelter An Apocalyptic Game APK full version. It helps you and others go the extra mile and begin your journey to a healthy life. Therefore, it is crucial to load Y-Shield into the resource pool. You can earn Y-Shield in the following ways:

  • Purchase from Tiffany: You can earn Y-Shield through Tiffany's acquisition. However, the price is really big. He sells 1 Y-Shield for 10 Cans.

  • Buyback from Doctor: You should initially buy John's Y-Shield for 5 Cans for 1 Y-Shield. If you return the syringe or arrest Perry, you will receive a discount of 3 Cans for 1 Y-Shield. When you become mayor, the new doctor will also sell Y-Shield at a lower price. All in all, this is a great way for players to stock up on their Y-Shield.

Features of Shelter An Apocalyptic APK

Shelter An Apocalyptic APK Mod Latest Version has many special features to enhance the experience for players. You can rely on these features to accomplish your goals:

  • Choose the direction for the character

  • Impressive and realistic graphics

  • Impressive adventure with beautiful women

  • Experiencing the reality of a dangerous apocalypse

Download game Shelter An Apocalyptic APK for Android

The coming of the apocalypse brings a lot of chaos. Let's start the journey to develop human life in the game. Too many impressive and interesting details are waiting for you to discover. Not only by the new things outside the main seal cellar but also by the variety of beautiful girls. Join this apocalyptic journey right through the link at the bottom of our post!

Shelter An Apocalyptic Game APK full version


When the end of the world comes, just staying in the sealed vault is not enough. To survive, players must go out searching for new survival opportunities. In Shelter An Apocalyptic APK, you are the belief that humanity can continue to thrive. Approach beautiful girls and write love stories. Remember to collect resources to be able to go further in the life development journey. Start your journey now!

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