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Seal APK 1.8.0 (Android App)

Mar 08, 2023

With the touch of a button, the helpful Seal APK App enables you to instantly download video and audio from yt-dlp compatible platforms. Look it up!

Updated 2019-05-07
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 1.8.0
Size 31 MB
MOD Android App
Category Tools
Developer sielse
Price Free
Google Play Link

Seal APK App - Download any audio and video from Youtube fast

You seem to be experiencing issues trying to download music or a video from the Internet, specifically from YouTube? There are numerous methods available to solve this issue, which is a very prevalent one among users. The majority of them, however, have poor speed, a confusing user interface, or are overrun with advertisements. All of these issues will likely be resolved for you quickly by the Seal APK App. What can it do for you? 

Seal APK App

What is the Seal APK App?

A free multimedia program called Seal APK App was created by JunkFood. This mobile application can download movies and music from yt-dlp-approved video platforms. Moreover, it is a messaging service that encrypts all messages, media files, and documents transmitted between users automatically.

You get more advantages from this program than you could imagine. It is quite simple to use, to start. Simply copy and paste the link to the information you wish to download to get started. A drop-down choice for configuring the download will then appear. We may select whether to save the file as audio or video, add subtitles, save thumbnails, and even download every movie in the playlist with a single click, among other options.

Seal App APK Download

This application still does not meet your needs to download videos from Youtube? Try now YTmp3 APK, the application to download videos from youtube quickly and simply.

Why should you choose Seal App APK Download?

Of course, there are many reasons why you should have this app on your Android device. Here are its main features.

Select download audio format

An effective YTB.DLP audio and video downloader for Android is Seal Downloader APK. This software is now being searched and used by many people and is one that is worth your experience. It has excellent features and guaranteed video quality when downloading.
On the other hand, you can build samples and customize the video's (or audio's) format and quality. On the other hand, the app's settings section allows for the customization of more complex elements.

Neat interface

Everything is logically and impeccably structured, including screens, noises, and categories. This results in a fantastic tool with a simple, understandable UI. Also, the app is free and has no adverts, which is unique for this kind of platform.

Protect privacy

Many privacy features are also included in the Seal APK for Android, including safe downloads, forward rejection, screenshot protection, and self-destructing messages. Together with an intuitive user interface and strong levels of security, this multimedia program also offers. You can use the tool's many amusing stickers and emoticons.

Beautifully designed for video download

An excellent program for downloading audio and video content is called Seal. You can count on it to be simple and effective. You'll find it simple to accomplish this and download videos from any video platform to view on a mobile device. Also, the program is easy to use and has a straightforward user interface. The installation procedure is also fairly straightforward.

Live chat with people in the community

There are choices for live streaming and live chat in this software that downloads videos. The app allows you to communicate with other users live via video conversations, send virtual presents, and showcase your talents. Moreover, yt-dlp, formerly known as YouTube-DL, offers video platforms from which you can download music and video files. The yt-dlp command offered by this application can be executed using a unique template.

Seal Downloader APK

Moreover, the tool includes options for modifying downloads. You can download every video from a playlist with a single press and save it as an audio or video file. Each file can also have subtitles added, and thumbnails can be made. Besides, you can choose the video format and quality while creating templates. Nevertheless, some videos, particularly Instagram stories, cannot be downloaded using this program and are not available for download.

Seal Video Downloader APK with our website

Below is a summary of the benefits of Seal Video Downloader for users.

  • From the supported video platforms via YTDLP, you can download audio and video files. 
  • Embed video metadata and thumbnails in the audio files you have extracted. 
  • You can download the complete playlist with a single click. 
  • Use the inbuilt aria2c to externalize every download you do. 
  • Video downloads can have subtitles. 
  • Execute customized yt-dlp commands using templates. 
  • Manage downloads in the app and create personalized command templates. 
  • User-friendly and simple-to-use interface. 
  • The UI features vibrant colors and a Material Design 3 design. 
  • Split large downloads into smaller ones to speed things up (up to 9 parts). 
  • Download files in the background, halting downloads only to restart them. 
  • When finished, alert with sound and vibration.
  • Obtain links from the clipboard and browser. 
  • Put various file kinds in their directories. 
  • The download and setup list should be saved to the memory card.

You can get the Seal APK from the links below, but if you don't pick a reliable source, you won't receive update notifications and the APK will be less secure. Seal should be downloaded from our website as a result.

Seal Video Downloader APK


If you are looking for an app to download videos and ytb.files for Android, Seal APK App will help you download all your favorite things on your phone quickly. It is a safe and effective solution for all users who want to own full 320p lossless tracks and 1080p MVs. Experience now!

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