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Relens Mod APK 3.1.4 (Premium Unlocked, Android App)

Jan 27, 2024

Relens Mod APK is a mobile app that transforms smartphones into professional DSLR cameras with AI-powered features, 20+ lenses, and advanced editing tools.

Name ReLens Camera-Focus &DSLR Blur
Updated 2024-01-04
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 3.1.4
Size 83 MB
MOD Premium Unlocked, Android App
Category Photography
Developer accordion
Price Free
Google Play Link

With the breakthrough Relens Mod APK, mobile photographers can now use their smartphones as HD cameras and DSLRs. With professional filters, more than 20 lenses and AI-powered features, it offers a seamless, high-quality photography experience. It’s realistic and hazy and creates incredible bokeh.

Relens Mod APK

Overview of Relens Mod APK

Relens revolutionizes smartphone photography, turning your device into a professional DSLR-like camera. Gone are the days of settling for ordinary photos – now, you can capture stunning moments with the brilliance of a professional photographer, all within the convenience of your smartphone. Bid farewell to the constraints imposed by smartphone cameras. Users can enjoy the comfort and convenience of this program, which includes over 20 different lenses, realistic bokeh effects, and filters to enhance your images. With only a few touches on their smartphone, anybody can now easily experience the benefits of professional photography thanks to this game-changing software.

Attractive Features of Relens Mod APK Latest Version

Realistic Bokeh and Blur Effects

Imagine capturing photos with DSLR-like focus and effects. You can produce beautiful, realistic blur and bokeh effects with it, bringing this vision to reality. Sharing your images on social media will make them stand out and get a ton of likes.

20+ Lenses and Optical Magic

Choose from an impressive array of lenses and optical effects to transform your smartphone into a DSLR powerhouse. Each lens offers unique features like exposure adjustments, effects, focus, ISO, and modes. The transition from smartphone to DSLR becomes seamless with Relens Mod APK Premium Unlocked, providing top-notch filters and editing options for charming images.

Visually Appealing Effects and Filters

Discover many eye-catching filters that can turn average photos into amazing moments. Relens offers a range of tools to improve your photography, and guarantees endless fun and excitement for every shot, from premium filters to realistic bokeh and blur effects.

Master Editing Options

Edit your photos like a pro with Relens. With the app's many editing tools and settings, you can easily adjust aperture sizes, zoom in and out, crop, clip, and align your images. It's a world-class editor right at your fingertips, turning your smartphone into a DSLR effortlessly.

Extraordinary Focus and Zoom

Discover the finest focus and zoom capabilities within your smartphone. With its top-notch interactivity and many transition and effect settings, Relens can turn your footage into something visually appealing and social media-worthy.

Relens Pro Mod APK

Premium Unlocked for Free

Unlock the premium version of Relens Mod APK VIP Unlocked for free and enjoy an array of features that elevate your photos and videos. Experience world-class effects, filters, transitions, and blur – all unlocked just for you to capture the best photographic moments.

Cutting-edge Photography with AI

It is not your average camera app. Pro filters are available, and they mimic vintage SLR lenses with an F1.4 aperture for fascinating bokeh. This all-purpose tool is perfect for both novice and expert photographers, with manual settings and support for 4K video.

AI Depth of Field Magic

Thanks to AI, Relens recalculates depth of field, adding realistic portrait bokeh effects. With the depth brush, you have unprecedented control over the final image, ensuring your photos look nothing short of professional.

Realistic Lens Effects

Experience the magic of professional lens effects with Relens. In addition to traditional bokeh effects, the software realistically replicates a variety of effects, including lens aberrations, eclipses, and Smooth Trans Focus, to provide an authentic and compelling lens experience.

Pro Video Recording and Editing

Relens excels not only in photography but also in videography. Record in 4K with professional tools like a level line, grid line, and histogram for a seamless video experience. With AI zone correction, color grading, HDR improvement, and noise reduction, the app converts smoothly into a powerful picture editor.

Portrait Beautification with Privacy Priority

For portrait enthusiasts, Relens offers natural beautification features like face slimming and skin tone correction. Crucially, the app ensures privacy by processing images locally on the device, with no data uploaded to external servers.

Relens Camera Mod APK

Advantages of The Relens Camera Mod APK

  • Free Premium Features: Enjoy VIP features without spending money, making professional photography accessible to all.
  • AOSP Compatibility: Relens works seamlessly without relying on Google services, catering to users who prefer a Google-free environment.
  • Global Reach: Multiple language support ensures a diverse global audience can appreciate and use the app.

Instructions for Relens Mod APK Free Download from

  • Visit Go to the website and search for Relens Mod APK.
  • Find the Article: Locate the article introducing the app, then scroll down.
  • Download Now: Click on "Download Now" at the article's bottom to start the download.
  • Follow On-Screen Instructions: Simple on-screen instructions guide you through the download process.

Relens Mod APK Premium Unlocked


With the ability to take professional-quality photos directly from your smartphone, Relens Mod APK is a game-changer. It transcends the limitations of traditional smartphone photography apps with innovative features, including realistic lens effects, AI-driven bokeh, and free access to high-definition features, and its dedication to the addition is seen in global reachability, AOSP compatibility and multilingual support. Not only can you use this software to record memories, but you can create amazing effects, see a wide variety of scenes, and have a high-quality photography experience without going over budget Relens Pro Mod APK Download, unleash your creativity and witness the magic of professional photography at your fingertips.

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