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Rage of Demon King

Rage of Demon King APK 1.9.7 (Android Game, Redeem Codes)

May 28, 2023

Join the fierce battle in Rage of Demon King APK to explore the new world and become the ultimate winner. Check it out!

Name Rage of Demon King
Updated 2023-05-28
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.9.7
Size 88 MB
MOD Android Game, Redeem Codes
Category Role Playing
Developer Putian Junjie Network Technology Co., Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link
Rage of Demon King

Rage of Demon King APK – Fierce fighting game with attractive strategy gameplay

Are you looking for fierce fighting game? Rage of Demon King APK is the most attractive fighting role-playing game title with many new experiences. Players will control many different characters to fight against demons and demon kings. The famous series inspired the game, allowing you to log into many exciting scenes and battles. Impressive fast-paced battles will keep you entertained. Start your battle journey right below!

Rage of Demon King APK

About Rage of Demon King APK

Rage of Demon King Demon Slayer APK is an attractive fighting role-playing game title developed by Cyberconnect2. The game is developed based on a famous series. The characters in the story are also adapted into combat characters in the game such as Nezuko, Tanjiro or other members of the crew.

Players will begin their battle in the journey to explore this virtual world. Your opponents will be powerful and scheming demons. To fight them, you must upgrade your character and equip many combat skills.

Rage of Demon King Android APK offers dramatic fast-paced gameplay. Players will participate in fierce battles with many different forms of demons. You can be hit hard at any time. In addition to upgrading yourself, you need to be on high alert to fight demons at any time.

Rage of Demon King Demon Slayer APK

Outstanding Features of Rage of Demon King APK

Rage of Demon King Mobile Game APK Latest Version has many new and attractive features to make players have a better experience. You can rely on these features to become the winner of the war.

Many attractive dark magic

Rage of Demon King APK players can use many different forms of dark magic. This is a magical world with many mysteries. You can control the energy using spells to fight the dark forces.

However, dangerous demons can also do it. They become stronger when they can use dark energy. Dark spells and curses can strike you at any time. More specifically, the villain has the ability to summon demon minions to serve them to attack you.

Dangerous Demon King

The Demon King is the most dangerous villain in Rage of Demon King APK. Here, you will have to confront many different types of demon kings. Each demon lord will have its own powerful special power. In addition to a long life that can be considered immortal, it can withstand various injuries.

The Demon King can transform his form in various ways. You need to be really vigilant to not be attacked by surprise. The Demon King also has the ability to dominate demons and make them attack you.

Rage of Demon King Android APK

Character upgrade

To help you fight powerful demon lords, Demon Slayer Rage of Demon King APK provides additional character upgrades for players. During the battle, you can upgrade your character with the items you collect. It helps your character enhance your defense, combat skills and become stronger.

More equipment and vehicles

Besides upgrading the character, players can choose to add equipment to their character. They can be weapons or vehicles. You can use this equipment during battle.

Many vehicles support you to join this exciting journey such as tanks, cars and more. The more items you equip your character with, the more chances you have of getting out of dangerous situations.

Winning Tips in Rage of Demon King APK

For you to have more chances to win in Rage of Demon King APK, you can refer to some of our tips below.

Wise resource management

During his battle journey, players will encounter countless resources. You can get it after completing each battle. However, you need to manage it according to the plan and not waste it. Use them for the expenses necessary to accomplish goals that benefit you.

Build a strong fighting team

Besides the heroic characters, the player needs to fight against dangerous demons. To have a higher chance of winning, you should gather in a group. Together against will create synergy. In addition to solidarity, you should also upgrade your overall strength to be stronger.

Complete challenges and quests

Players need to complete the challenges and missions given by Rage of Demon King APK. It helps you improve combat experience, get rewards and experience points. This is also a great way to gather resources that give you many opportunities.

Download game Rage of Demon King APK for Android

Download Rage of Demon King APK for Android

Rage of Demon King APK helps players be comfortable fighting in a new world with tons of attractions. You can become the most powerful warrior against the demon kings. Many interesting and interesting things are waiting for you in this game. If you want to discover it right away, click the link at the end of this article. The download and installation will be safe and fast. You can start your fight!


With an attractive and diverse storyline, Rage of Demon King APK players will be fighting with many different types of demon kings. Countless interesting things will appear in your battle journey. Epic battles with heroic fighting skills will not let you down. Join now!

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