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Pounding Training

Pounding Training APK 0.1 (Android Game)

Jul 18, 2023

Pounding Training APK is a light role playing game for Android users to experience.

Name Pounding Training
Updated 2023-07-18
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version 0.1
Size 56 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Role Playing
Developer Ozuma's Fantia
Price Free
Google Play Link
Pounding Training

Pounding Training APK is a game that allows players to train a lot of different girl characters. Players will be able to choose their favorite characters and develop emotional relationships with them. In addition, players can also participate in other events of this game to unlock more characters than that. The game has a lot of gamers across many countries interested and experienced. If you are interested, you can immediately read the following article to get more information.

Story character training in the mysterious room

Starting into the game Pounding Training APK players will be having fascinating stories with the characters in the room. Players will meet many different characters and tap those girls to be able to decipher the puzzles inside the game. So players need to enhance interoperability and dexterity in all tasks. Will give players an extremely attractive dating world when you can create your own character.

Turn that girl into her girlfriend to start acquiring romantic dating spaces while performing tasks. Help players get every moment of exciting entertainment filled with virtual characters inside the game. In order to escape from that mysterious room you will have to overcome many different challenges. Aiming to quickly complete the puzzle and be able to conquer that girl to become your girlfriend. So you need to equip yourself with the ability to think and judge extremely quickly in a fixed time to be able to progress in this game quickly.

Many girls characters to comfortably choose

Pounding Training APK will give players the freedom to choose the characters they like to be able to accompany. Because those characters will help you get clues to complete the mission and find the way out of that mysterious room. Give you many skills to be able to win and progress in this game. Give players a realistic feeling when participating in simulation games. Help players get great entertainment space with many challenges to create opportunities for you to reach that girl. So you have to seize the opportunity to get romantic moments with the girl character you choose.

At the same time, Pounding Training Android APK also gives players the ability to change characters and character appearance at your disposal. Allows you to change the dress, hairstyle, shape according to your idea so that it becomes unique and impressive at your disposal. Create for players the exciting simulation game experience with the girl you choose.

3D graphics, vivid sound make a strong accent

Pounding training Android gives you an incredibly simple interface with youthful design suitable for many users. So it's easy to use without spending too much time getting used to. At the same time, equipped with extremely vivid 3D graphics, players can immerse themselves in the challenges of the character with a beautifully designed space that will not let you down. Pounding Training Android APK Final Download also designs stunning characters in great detail, so has equipped a set of sharp sounds for players to explore and experience the romantic dating space. Start solving puzzles with clues that collect to be able to complete quests that escape from that room. The game is very attractive so there is no reason that you do not download this game.

Diverse gameplay and operating systems create a sense of interest

Pounding Training APK with extremely flexible gameplay allows players to freely perform the tasks received. Players will perform manipulations to create female characters, plan to train them to become who can help you earn bonuses. Each character you create will have a different appearance, personality so that you easily have a training direction for that character to become more professional. Not only that, Pounding Training Simulator APK also creates a private space for you to date one of the characters you have created.

Players will have to choose for themselves a character that suits their love interest in order to go beyond the training relationship. You can express your intimate feelings to the girl you love the most. This game is very interesting with a lot of activities so that players can participate and Exchange many items for each other.

The interface is designed intuitively, close to the user

Pounding Training APK v0.1 owns its own for an extremely user-friendly interface. If you have ever experienced games that create characters and control them, then you will not feel alien to the interface of this game. With an edited screen space suitable for smartphone devices, users can easily control the icons on the screen to serve the need to create new characters easily.

Indeed, the interface is one of the factors that developers are always interested in giving users long gaming time. The main screen of this game will be designed in a bright, tender tone and in accordance with the plot of this game. All of them are harmoniously combined to give a super quality to the user. Pounding Training APK Android App Free Download this player can unlock a lot of items, characters and create many different character images.


Pounding Training APK is a simulation game that allows players to freely create characters according to their ideas. The created anime female characters carry a unique beauty and responsibility, which depends on the purpose of each player. Download Pounding Training APK 2023 right at the website for players to experience the virtual world full of originality and need you to be highly focused. We hope you have moments of gaming fun and you can share this game for many others to play..

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