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Potion Permit

Potion Permit Mod APK 1.46 (Unlocked All)

Feb 15, 2024

Potion Permit Mod APK is a captivating RPG, immersing players in Moonbury's pixelated charm with engaging challenges and dynamic updates, it's an alchemical adventure like no other.

Name Potion Permit
Updated 2024-03-01
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 1.46
Size 246 MB
MOD Unlocked All
Category Role Playing
Developer Playdigious
Price Free
Google Play Link
Potion Permit

Potion Permit Mod APK is a captivating RPG and life simulation game set in Moonbury. Created by MassHive Media, it combines captivating tasks, a compelling plot, and captivating graphics to immerse players in the role of an expert scientist. Download for an alchemical journey!

Potion Permit Mod APK

Overview of the Potion Permit Mod APK

Hey there, adventurers! Welcome to Potion Permit, an enchanted realm where alchemy meets magic in the sleepy village of Moonbury. The game was designed by the creative team at MassHive Media, it’s not just an application; It’s an immersive world that invites you to explore and discover the secrets hidden in its pixelated landscape.

In this game, you step into the shoes of the town's most skilled chemist. Moonbury, though picturesque, needs your modern alchemical expertise to heal its residents. Creating trust in a community that is wary of outsiders is more important than simply making potions on your journey. Armed with a distillation cauldron, a loyal dog companion, and a plethora of ingredients, you're set to diagnose, gather, and brew your way to the hearts of Moonbury's inhabitants.

Attractive Features of the game

The blend of RPG elements and life simulation

Potion Permit Android seamlessly blends RPG elements with life simulation, offering a unique gaming experience that transcends traditional genres. As the town's chemist, you're not just a player; you're an integral part of Moonbury's story.

Captivating narrative and engaging storyline

The heart of Potion Permit lies in its captivating narrative. Your adventure goes beyond potion-making; it's about understanding the mysteries of Moonbury, winning trust, and becoming a valued part of the community.

Charming graphics reminiscent of classics

Immerse yourself in the enchanting visuals of Moonbury. The cute pixelated graphics give you a warm feeling of remembering old favorite games like Stardew Valley. It adds a bit of magic to your gaming fun.

Mini-games and challenges for added fun

Potion Permit Mod APK Unlimited Everything doesn't just rely on potion-making; it infuses fun and challenges through various mini-games and tasks. Diagnosing illnesses can be challenging as it requires good memory and rhythm skills. It tests your ability to remember information and pay attention to details.

Download Potion Permit

Role-playing as the town's chemist

Step into the shoes of Moonbury's chemist, a specialist with the crucial task of healing the town. Your job is more than just making potions. It includes earning the trust of the people, solving health problems, and being a crucial part of Moonbury's community.

Distillation cauldron and brewing mechanics

Central to the Potion Permit is your distillation cauldron, a tool that becomes an extension of your alchemical prowess. Brewing potions isn’t just a mechanic; It is a dynamic process in which every perspective plays a role in the unfolding story of Moonbury.

Loyal Dog Companion

Embark on your alchemical journey with a loyal dog companion by your side. This dog friend is not a pixelated pet; It’s a companion that adds warmth to your adventures in Moonbury and creates a bond that transcends the drug empire.

Plethora of ingredients for potion-making

The alchemical possibilities are endless with its diverse array of ingredients. From rare herbs to mystical minerals, Moonbury offers ingredients to experiment and create recipes that will have a lasting impact on the city and its residents.

Regular updates for a fresh gaming experience

Potion Permit Mod APK Unlocked All stays true to its commitment to keeping your adventure fresh and exciting. Constant innovation brings new features, places to explore and challenges to overcome, ensuring that every visit to Moonbury is a new and exciting experience.

Mini-games and challenges enhancing gameplay

Beyond the potion-making, Potion Permit introduces mini-games and challenges that serve as integral components of your role as Moonbury's chemist. These activities not only entertain you, but they help create an immersive experience, making your trip truly unforgettable.

Potion Permit Android

Advantages and Disadvantages of The Game


  • Immerse in its RPG and life simulation blend for an engaging narrative.
  • Regular updates keep the gameplay dynamic, introducing fresh elements.
  • Engage in entertaining challenges that test your skills and attention.


  • Initially a paid game, its accessibility is limited. Opt for a free alternative for unlimited access.
  • The game's experience is dependent on regular updates, creating anticipation.
  • A slight learning curve for potion brewing may be encountered.

Instructions for Potion Permit Free Download from

Are you ready to embark on your Potion Permit journey? Follow these simple steps to Download Potion Permit for free from

  • Visit
  • Search for "Potion Permit Mod APK" in the search bar.
  • Find the dedicated article and scroll down.
  • Hit the "Download Now" button at the bottom of the page.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions. It will soon be on your device, ready for enchanting adventures.

Potion Permit Mod APK Unlimited Everything


Potion Permit Mod APK is an enchanting journey through the pixelated streets of Moonbury. With careful production by MassHive Media, this RPG and social simulation offers a magical blend of immersive gameplay, animated graphics, and thrilling challenges. From the distilling pan to the loyal companions, everything enhances your experience. Whether you enjoy mini-games or making potions, this game invites you to shape the fate of Moonbury, one alchemical adventure at a time. Download now and unleash the magic that lies within the Potion Permit universe! Please follow us to receive the fastest information about Potion Permit Mod APK Release Date.

Things Readers Need To Know

  • Dynamic Gameplay: Regular updates maintain a fresh and exciting Moonbury experience.
  • Immersive Storyline: RPG elements and life simulation create an engaging narrative.
  • Charming Graphics: Enjoy the pixelated world reminiscent of Stardew Valley classics.
  • Mini-Games and Challenges: Enhance your chemist role with entertaining activities.
  • Unlocked Full Game: Access all features with the Mod APK version for an expansive experience.
  • Healing Quest: Solve medical issues and gain the trust of Moonbury's citizens.
  • Trust-building: Establish trust with Moonbury's citizens, shaping the destiny of the town.
  • Role-playing: Immerse yourself as the specialist chemist, making a difference.
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