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Poly Bridge 3

Poly Bridge 3 APK 1.2.2 (Android Game, Paid for Free)

Jun 05, 2023

Download Poly Bridge 3 APK to unleash your creativity and build unique bridge patterns. Add content and media to make your game even more fun!

Name Poly Bridge
Updated 2018-04-17
Compatible with 4.0 and up
Last version 1.2.2
Size 7 MB
MOD Android Game, Paid for Free
Category Strategy
Developer Dry Cactus Limited
Price Free
Google Play Link
Poly Bridge 3

Poly Bridge 3 APK - The Most Unique Bridge Building Puzzle Game

Are you passionate about building bridges? Want to be creative and become an architect? Poly Bridge 3 APK can satisfy all your needs in creating and building bridges. This puzzle game will test your problem solving skills. More than 100 levels are waiting for you to explore. Read more information below to understand more about this mod!

Poly Bridge 3 APK

About Poly Bridge 3 APK

Poly Bridge 3 Android APK is one of the top puzzle game mods available today for people who like to build. You will encounter many cases where you have to get creative and build new bridges. Players need good bridge-building techniques to overcome challenges.

Bridges are great tools to get you to your destination. If you design the bridge better, the smarter you are, the more likely you are to win. Poly Bridge 3 Free APK brings many fascinating puzzles that require players to show calculation and construction skills.

Players can participate in campaigns to explore every level of the mod. It is not difficult for you to do the design and construction. Your bridge building skills need to be upgraded through each level. It helps you avoid difficult situations. Using the right materials and correct calculations will bring you to a safe new land.

Poly Bridge 3 Mobile APK brings players to explore many different new lands. You will have many more interesting activities besides solving puzzles. Versatile customization tools also allow you to make more precise builds.

Players can also choose from a variety of vehicles in this game to cross their newly built bridge. Poly Bridge 3 APK Paid for Free offers not only that tournament experience, but also helps you improve your skills. This is an addictive game where you constantly have to upgrade your skills to conquer difficult situations.

Poly Bridge 3 Android APK

Features of Poly Bridge 3 APK

To serve everyone's entertainment needs, the publisher Polybridge 3 APK free download has created many different special features. It supports players well in many situations. You can refer to the features below:

Physical customization

Poly Bridge 3 APK players can use many different physics customizations to make this mod more diverse and interesting. You will be in full control. It is not difficult to face challenges where the person in charge is you.

Here are some customizations you can make:

  • Custom mods: Players can make customizations in the settings to make the game more enjoyable. You have the right to make changes to the default values ​​of materials, media, and some other supported languages.

  • Custom Decoration: For your own visual stimulation, you can make decorative customizations. You can use items such as rocks, traffic poles, hot air balloons to create a diverse ecosystem.

Poly Bridge 3 Free APK

Create more media

For a more diverse and rich game experience, you can add vehicles. It helps you test the durability of the bridge. Vehicles that you can add are as diverse as planes, cars, planes, boats and even more.

Various building materials

To satisfy the dreams and creative desires of players, Poly Bridge 3 APK provides a variety of materials. You can use these materials to complete the works as desired. In addition, the player can choose the available materials.

What's more special is that you can collect materials along the way. Maybe they are your obstacles. You can collect them to build your bridge.

Play with friends

Players can start building and solving puzzles in difficult situations. Besides, you can join your friends. This is a fun experience that allows you and your friends to exchange and share construction skills.

Free Download Poly Bridge 3 APK for Android


Free Download Poly Bridge 3 APK for Android not only brings many interesting experiences but also allows you to be more creative. You can build the best bridges you expect. Besides, players can explore many new lands, expanding their great construction skills. Download Poly Bridge 3 APK right through our link below!

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