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Pokemon Sleep

Pokemon Sleep APK 1.3.0 (Official Version for Android)

Jul 11, 2023

Pokemon Sleep APK is the best sleep tracking and management game for Android users.

Name Pokémon Sleep
Updated 2024-02-22
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 1.3.0
Size 147 MB
MOD Official Version for Android
Category Simulation
Developer The Pokémon Company
Price Free
Google Play Link
Pokemon Sleep

You are finding it difficult to fall asleep or often lose sleep for some reason. Try downloading Pokemon Sleep APK now. This game will help you to be able to balance and monitor your sleep to ensure that you always wake up in the best state. You will perform checks and participate in some activities in the game to help you complete the tasks on sleep tracking to be the most perfect. The following article will help you visualize more specifically this Sleep Game.

Pokemon Sleep APK

Gameplay a person creates his own space

Pokemon Sleep APK will give you an extremely attractive game when you can control your sleep and specially save your sleep. Have a deep sleep because this will give you knife scores every morning. The game will classify each type of sleep as dozing, sleeping in the morning, the Pokemon will have the same sleep around Snorlax. So there is an extremely unique gameplay. Pokemon Sleep Beta will allow you to discover very rare sleep patterns when you participate in this game along with many other Pokemon.

Improve sleep effectively for people with insomnia

Pokemon Sleep Game APK will assist you to have good nightpaper and improve a lot of insomnia. Help you keep track of your sleep every day. In addition, the application allows you to move during sleep. Make it possible to stretch your sleep to receive attractive and unexpected rewards.

In addition, Pokemon Sleep APK offers you different types of Pokemon sleep like snoozing, dozing and slumbering. Help you collect to boost the spirit of the player when taken to sleep style dex. Give players a comfortable space to fall asleep. Therefore, many players love smart design to create a feeling of comfort and relaxation so that players can easily sink deep inside and get the best hours of sleep without waking suddenly during sleep.

Pokemon Sleep Download APK

Balance time and track sleep every day through your plan

Pokemon Sleep Release Date also supports users to control pomegranate time and monitor sleep every now and then. Because each sleep will be evaluated and will give on a scale of 100 Drowwsy Power for Snorlax if you reach the number of hours up to 8 hours or 50 points is only 4 hours sleep. So you have to stretch the time to be able to attract more Pokemon.

At the same time, Pokémon Sleep Download APK also allows you to check and monitor sleep reports by hours in the game. If you have periods that take too long to fall asleep, it will also be recorded. So the game will give you more hours of better sleep during sleep. With many features for you to get the tone so that you can sleep the easiest and comes the alarm that calls you to wake up intelligently. Pokémon Sleep APK that supports you to have the best sleep and have many Pokemon come to you and collect about the collection. An extremely fascinating game that you should not ignore because you can arrange for your sleep to be the best and impress many Pokemon around. What are you waiting for without owning yourself an attractive sleep tracking app when you are also given points to collect rare Pokemon.

Remind and wake you up with an alarm

Pokémon Sleep APK has a very good feature and most players are quite familiar with this. Every time you participate in the challenge of ensuring adequate and best sleep, you will be provided with functions such as monitoring, reminders and waking you up. To be able to help you pay more attention to these issues, the game will set up notifications of those things with alarm bells.

Pokemon Sleep Game APK

When you are too busy or participating in other events of the game and forget about yourself and the main task to perform, immediately the notification of the task will be exclaimed with a variety of different sounds. In addition, every morning when the task is completed, the game also announces with a bell for the player to wake up. A very purposeful and closely linked integration creates impressive accents.

Simple interface, sound support you have good sleep

Pokemon Sleep App APK has a very easy interface to see and control when playing. An intuitive interface is created with many practical elements around the user's life. Players will use the controls right on the screen to perform a lot of different operations to complete the objectives. This game tells you a lot of useful things to sleep as well as ways for you to improve your sleep time.

Pokemon Sleep Plus APK supports players to easily perform sleep in a simple way. If you know how to manage your hours and allocate everything scientifically, then it is very easy to get a good night's sleep. However, this game will create for you some difficult situations that will make your mood sometimes feel bad and difficult to monitor your sleep. But you also don't need to worry too much because in the game there is also a music function that puts you to sleep. The game always creates separate music to cater to players performing difficult sleep tasks. The songs are always updated and the game also allows you to create melodies that help you sleep well and avoid external influences.

Pokemon Sleep Release Date


Pokemon Sleep APK is a game that challenges patience as well as how to manage your sleep. The game creates a virtual world so that players can monitor and feel each of their daily sleep has been logical. Pokemon Sleep Download APK at the website to be able to join the game is very meaningful and helps you get more scientific sleep. The game is always updated with the latest version and completely free download. Follow us so you can stay up to date with the best and latest information.

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