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Path of Titans Mobile APK 28289 (Unlock All Dinosaurs)

May 31, 2023

Path of Titans Mobile APK is an MMO dinosaur survival game explores an ancient monster ecosystem. Download to roleplay prehistoric creatures!

Name Path of Titans
Updated 2024-02-08
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 28289
Size 144 MB
MOD Unlock All Dinosaurs
Category Simulation
Developer Alderon Games Pty Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link
Path of Titans Mobile

Path Of Titans Mobile APK – Exciting and Thrilling MMO Dinosaur Survival Game

Have you ever been curious about prehistoric creatures? Path of Titans Mobile APK is an MMO survival game that helps you transform into a prehistoric creature and explore this world. Thousands of new things you can only see through books will appear here. Many complex ancient creatures created by AI will give you the most intuitive view of a wild and scary world. Let's start the exciting journey right through the sharing below!

Path of Titans Download for Android

About Path of Titans Mobile APK

Path of Titans Free on Mobile is today's most welcome MMO dinosaur survival game. In this game, players will participate in a rich prehistoric ecosystem. There are many different types of monsters and strange animals like dinosaurs. The natural background of prehistoric times will show you more clearly the natural wildness of the earth.

Here, AI has built a mysterious ancient world with many prehistoric creatures. Animals you only see in pictures can now work smoothly and vividly. Path of Titans Android APK + OBB will send you quests and natural events for you to have more exciting experiences.

In a wild world, dangers are always lurking and enemies can attack you at any time. Before choosing a prehistoric animal to incarnate, you need to understand the species' weakness so that you can protect yourself well. Path of Titans APK Unlock All Dinosaurs also opens up more choices for players.

You are allowed to choose any dinosaur from 18 dinosaurs of the mod. You must increase your dinosaur's strength during the game to fight danger. Players can choose the strength and appearance of the dinosaur based on their preferences and style.

Path of Titans Download for Android provides players with many modification and customization tools to make this game more suitable for them. This game will regularly update the interface and other features, such as maps to support players!

Download game Path of Titans Mobile APK for Android

Highlights of Path of Titans Mobile APK

Path of Titans Mobile free to play on Mobile, is not only convenient for players during game play, but also provides many other advantages. Here are the highlights of this game that should be noticed.

Customize Dinosaur

The dinosaurs that you incarnate in Path of Titans Mobile APK can be customized to your liking. Players can customize the color, look, and markings of the dinosaur so it can be personalized to your liking. Dinosaurs will also have different looks. Their subspecies will also divide high and low according to levels.

If you want your dinosaur to have better camouflage, you should choose a color similar to its surroundings. On the contrary, if you like the dinosaur to stand out, then choose bright colors. It will really stand out from the crowd but collect a lot of danger.

Players can unlock more skins for their dinosaurs if you complete the missions well and have high achievements. Therefore, try to overcome the challenges to get rewards.

Complete quests for growth

You will play as a baby when you first start Path of Titans Mobile APK. Looking smaller than usual and weak will make you have many weaknesses. To fight the dangers around you need to complete missions and destroy opponents. This helps you to collect more resources in the reward to grow yourself. If you can confront larger creatures, your chances of victory will be higher. The stronger the fighting ability, the more rewards you will get.

Path of Titans Free on Mobile

Strong fighting

Each dinosaur in Path of Titans Mobile APK has different fighting skills that allow you to show your strengths against your opponents. Each dinosaur species will have its own characteristics to be able to survive. Players need to grasp these characteristics and maximize their strengths.

If you are a herbivorous dinosaur, you will have a large body and focus in groups. In contrast, the carnivorous dinosaurs will have strong fighting power, agility and more.

In addition to the world on the shore, you can also dive into the water to look for prey. However, prehistoric crocodiles are extremely dangerous animals. They can attack you underwater and the success rate is very high. You need to try to fight them.


In each incarnation you will join 200 other players. It creates a diverse and fascinating ecosystem. Whatever device you choose to play on, it has a smooth appeal. Players can comfortably start a prehistoric life with many pleasant surprises.

Cave decoration

Besides customizing the character, the player can also decorate and change the cave for his dinosaur. A personalized cave will bring many new and exciting experiences. You can decorate the cave with the items you earn while on the quest. End your journey at a unique styled cave that will help you relax.

Download game Path of Titans Mobile APK for Android

Opening up the prehistoric world with countless giant creatures is a very interesting experience. If you are looking for a place to discover more about the earth's early beginnings combined with entertainment, download Path of Titans Mobile APK. Click the link available at the bottom of our post to start your exploration now!

Path of Titans Android APK + OBB


Finding the past and having prehistoric experiences is a great option. It offers a unique and colorful world filled with strange creatures. Path of Titans Mobile APK is completely different from simple survival game mods. The world you come to will be a unique ecosystem full of dangers and attractions. Start immediately!

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