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OldRoll Premium APK 4.9.0 (Unlocked All Camera, Gratis)

Nov 15, 2023

OldRoll Premium APK is a nostalgic photo app offering a variety of vintage camera options.

Name Disposable Camera - OldRoll
Updated 2024-02-27
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 4.9.0
Size 137 MB
MOD Unlocked All Camera, Gratis
Category Photography
Developer accordion
Price Free
Google Play Link

Step Back in Time with OldRoll Premium APK | Reliving Analog Photography on Your Android Device

In the ever-evolving realm of smartphone photography, where pixels reign supreme and digital enhancements are the norm, it's easy to forget the raw, nostalgic beauty of analog cameras. The good news is that you don't have to reminisce; you can relive it with OldRoll Premium APK. With the help of this mobile app, you may travel back in time with your images to the days of analog cameras and old-fashioned film. Let's examine OldRoll Premium in more detail and see why fans of the vintage appeal of Android have made it an indispensable app.

OldRoll Premium APK

The attractiveness of the App

The '80s Vibes

OldRoll Premium isn't just another photo editing app; it's a portal to the past. With its retro aesthetics and camera options, it transports you straight back to the '80s and '90s. Remember those days when your photos had a unique character, with soft, muted tones and authentic colors? That's exactly what Old Roll Premium offers.

A Diverse Collection of Cameras

The standout attraction of Old Roll Premium APK is its impressive array of virtual cameras. These aren't your standard smartphone camera modes; they are meticulously crafted to replicate the look and feel of classic cameras. From the TOY F disposable camera, with its loopy texture and warm foodie colors, to the leather-encased camera that exudes elegance, there's a camera for every mood and occasion.

Instant Prints

Remember the excitement of snapping a Polaroid picture and watching it develop before your eyes? OldRoll Premium brings back that joy with its instant print feature. You can capture a moment and share it immediately with friends, just like the good old days.

Artistic Filters

OldRoll Premium APK For Android doesn't stop at replicating vintage cameras. Additionally, it provides a selection of artistic filters that improve and add a nostalgic touch to your images. Whether you're into the retro film styles of Lomo or the Japanese-inspired textures of NK F, you'll find a filter that resonates with your creative vision.

Features of OldRoll Premium

Unleashing the Power of OldRoll Premium

While OldRoll Premium excels at delivering a nostalgic photography experience, it goes beyond aesthetics. It provides an extensive feature set to assist you in improving your photos. A closer look at what sets OldRoll Premium apart is provided below.

Old Roll Premium APK

Instant Vintage Photography

Download OldRoll Premium APK's key feature is its ability to provide a genuine film photography experience in only one click. To get that retro look in your images, you don't have to spend hours editing them. With OldRoll Premium, you may enjoy the instantaneous transformation of your images into classic works of art.

Square Film Frames

For social media enthusiasts, OldRoll Premium makes it easy to share your retro-style photos on platforms like Instagram. The square film frames and retro scratch effects are designed with social sharing in mind, allowing you to effortlessly showcase your creative work.

Post Office Function

It lets you send your photos directly to your friends' home screens, adding a personal touch to your photo-sharing experience. No need to go through messaging apps; your photos will pop up right where they matter most.

Stunning Film Presets

OldRoll APK Premium Unlocked offers a wide range of film presets and effects that take your photos to the next level. From light leaks reminiscent of the '80s to glitch effects that add a touch of digital nostalgia, you'll find plenty of options to experiment with. 

Customizable Date Stamps

Do you miss the days when your photos had date stamps, reminding you of when those memories were created? OldRoll Premium lets you add date stamps to your photos and even gives you the freedom to modify the timestamps. Now you can make your photos look like they were taken 20 years ago, adding an extra layer of nostalgia.

Flip Lens for Selfies

Selfies are now a common feature in modern photography, but you can get even more creative with them with OldRoll Premium. Take time-traveling, retro-inspired selfies by flipping the lens. It's a creative and amusing way to use your smartphone's front camera.

OldRoll Premium APK For Android

Trendy Effects

If you're a fan of trendy photo effects, OldRoll Premium has you covered. It offers light leaks reminiscent of 1888 or 1998 styles, bringing a vintage touch to your photos. You can also enjoy the VHS aesthetics and glitch effects with retro grain. These effects give your photos a cinematic quality, making them look like stills from a well-loved movie.

Retro Texture

What sets Disposable Camera OldRoll Premium APK apart from digital cameras and other photo apps is its unique retro texture. Your pictures will stand out from the swarm of glossy, contemporary shots when you use this texture to give them a vintage air. 

Photo Timer and Mirror Effect

OldRoll Premium offers practical features like a photo timer, allowing you to take hands-free shots. Using the mirror effect, you can also flip and rotate your images to create visually striking mirror images. These features provide you with additional versatility in your photography toolkit.

Future Additions

OldRoll Premium is continuously evolving to provide even more creative possibilities. People will be able to record films in the manner of the past thanks to the release of camcorders, creating new opportunities for artistic expression. Whether you enjoy taking pictures or making videos, OldRoll Premium is going to be your go-to app for anything retro.

Actual Experience of the Author And Advantages/Disadvantages of the App

Personal Experience

As someone who's always been fascinated by photography, I couldn't wait to dive into the world of OldRoll Premium APK Unlocked All Camera. The promise of reliving the charm of classic analog photography on my modern smartphone was too enticing to resist. So, I downloaded the app, excited to see if it could truly deliver on its vintage photography claims.

My experience with OldRoll Premium was nothing short of a delightful journey through time. I decided to start with the TOY F disposable camera, a creation from David and Emma. Its loopy texture and warm, foodie colors were perfect for capturing everyday moments with a touch of nostalgia. The app's interface made it a breeze to switch between cameras, and I was snapping away in no time. I couldn't resist trying out the INS P polaroid filter for a special occasion—a dinner with close friends. It was a delightful way to capture moments with a touch of nostalgia. The Polaroid zip photos we exchanged became instant keepsakes of our evening together.


  • Authentic Vintage Feel: The app's ability to replicate the aesthetics of classic cameras and vintage film is its most significant advantage. It truly transports you back in time, making each photo feel like a treasure from the past.
  • Diverse Camera Options: The range of camera options is a creative playground for photography enthusiasts. Each camera has its own personality and unique textures, offering endless possibilities for creative shots.
  • Instant Prints: The happiness that these bring is revolutionary. It gives photographs a surprising and nostalgic touch that enhances enjoyment and creates lasting memories.


  • Resource-Intensive: On older Android devices, OldRoll Premium's resource-intensive features can lead to performance issues and slower processing times. 
  • Limited Free Features: While the app offers a free version, many of the most appealing features and filters are locked behind a premium paywall.
  • Learning Curve: For users new to analog photography, OldRoll Premium's vast array of camera options and effects may require a bit of a learning curve.

Download OldRoll Premium APK

Download Instructions

To ensure a safe and secure download of the OldRoll Premium APK Latest Version for your Android device, it is highly recommended to obtain the app from To begin the download process, simply locate the "Download Now" button located after the article dedicated to this game on the website. Clicking this button will initiate the download procedure, and you will be presented with clear and straightforward on-screen instructions to follow.


OldRoll Premium APK delivers on its promise of bringing vintage photography to your fingertips. It's a journey through time, allowing you to relive the charm of classic analog photography on your modern Android device. If you're an Android user with a passion for photography and a love for all things vintage, OldRoll Premium is a must-download. It's your ticket to capturing timeless memories with the charm of classic analog photography. Download OldRoll Premium and embark on your nostalgic photography adventure today!

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