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NSAFN APK 1.7 (Night Shift at Fazclaire’s Nightclub)

Jun 07, 2023

NSAFN APK is an attractive action role playing game where many gamers challenge themselves to overcome the dangerous things happening at the nightclub.

Updated 2023-06-07
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.7
Size 15 MB
MOD Night Shift at Fazclaire’s Nightclub
Category Puzzle
Price Free
Google Play Link

NSAFN APK - Mysteries inside the nightclub 

There are many different role playing simulation games on the market, but you do not have the right choice then NSAFN APK. It will be the right choice for you to bring you exciting emotions with horror gameplay, adding more enjoyment to the player. Players can experience a variety of perspectives, helping players to fight and overcome challenges inside the game. In addition, players will experience extremely sharp graphics that make players feel like they are realistic adventurers. And there will be a lot of unexpected situations that will appear before you, so you need to be careful to cope with them. The game allows you to download for free for Android devices. The article below will provide you with important information in this game.


About the game NSAFN Android APK

NSAFN APK is an immersive game with a charismatic storyline. The game revolves around the story of a nightclub operating in a bustling city. You will play the role of a safeguard manager for everyone coming here. This place will be the most burning place every night for people to come to relieve stress. Your main task is to confront danger and prevent bad situations from happening with the nightclub.

You will have sleepless nights with Night Shift at Fazclaire’s Nightclub APK  because you have to monitor everything around there and perform assigned tasks. Each night completing the mission you will receive rewards with fairly large amounts of money and many items to assist you pass the next night. The later you will approach more threats. Therefore, you have to be careful about all activities that take place at the club, always observe the camera and go on patrol to make sure no problems happen.

NSAFN APK Full Game offers a full range of new features and updates of old features to bring new fascination to players. Mobdroplus NSAFN APK varied game round system takes you to unexpected missions. You must always stay strong, solve situations with your mind, strength and ingenuity. Depending on the different environment players will have different methods of solving to achieve the ultimate effect that is most perfect in your way of thinking.


Highlights of NSAFN APK Latest Version

At the start of this immersive horror NSAFN APK game you will experience various challenges and missions. You will reincarnate the guard who is on patrol at the night meeting where mysteries are constantly happening. Make the game full of mystery and to equip you to monitor all activities then you can observe on the camera screen at this night meeting. You need to give yourself a battle plan to be able to survive and your decision will be important in any situation. Be cautious in every behavior you do. Below are some highlights that we want to share with you.

Survive through the evening

Players will go through missions and have to complete them in the fastest time before facing the monsters in the game. Players need to be sensitive to unexpected situations that will take place at any time and they can hurt you, so be careful. Players have to handle situations that are subtle so as not to drain too much energy and seize the opportunity to destroy them. Finding out the clues that will be the key to being able to escape that evening in the safest way.

Night Shift at Fazclaire’s Nightclub APK

Observed multiple perspectives

In order for the player to observe all activities at the meeting, it is necessary to carefully monitor all activities to see if there is something strange inside. You should be very careful so that they do not penetrate the security system to avoid difficult situations for you in the adventure journey to find a way out. So you need to destroy the monsters as quickly as possible with impressive counter-attacks. Monitoring the viewing angles will assist you throughout the course of the game.

Simple controller

NSAFN APK helps players to experience the most fully without any obstacles. Then the controller is very important, so the developer has created a variety of control modes to help players have an exciting experience. You can keep up with the progress of the game, so you need to move away from facing them to drain energy in the security system. Your job is to fool them out of the safe door scene, avoiding them sucking energy inside the door and losing power will make it even more difficult for you to find your way out and survive until the morning.


Players will be provided with impressive graphics with colorful characters and scenery to help players have the most realistic experience. The characters in the game are so beautiful that the player must be impressed and attracted. Help players have adventures and perform exciting tasks. Start exploring this game now! To find the mystery and clues to escape the mysterious room in the fastest time. Since all dangers will occur at any time during the game, you need to equip yourself with the best defense to handle any situation. Free Download NSAFN APK for Android right to have fascinating horror discoveries!

Free Download NSAFN APK for Android


NSAFN APK will give players an immersive adventure battle mixed with horror along with unexpected situations. Players must handle subtly to avoid being hurt and take the opportunity to destroy them. The game is equipped with very vivid graphics to help players feel adventure full of honesty. When participating in missions the player must complete the fastest and find the way out of the night meeting with the dangers under siege. It will be an exciting game that will make you immerse yourself in without being able to escape. So what are you waiting for download horror game now for extremely entertaining moments!

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