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Netflix APK 8.96.1 build 16 50568 (For Android TV)

Feb 14, 2023

Netflix APK for Android TV is one of the world's most popular on-demand video streaming services. It is seen as a mandatory standard in many countries. Here is the most specific information about it you need to know.

Name Netflix
Updated 2023-12-05
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 8.96.1 build 16 50568
Size 100 MB
MOD For Android TV
Category Entertainment
Developer Netflix, Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

Is Netflix APK for Android TV worth your experience?

Are you a big fan of internet movie streaming? You can't go wrong with Netflix APK for Android TV if you're looking for a multi-genre movie store for daily pleasure. So what distinguishing qualities make this platform so popular and dependable with consumers today? Now explore all of its captivating features!

Netflix APK for Android TV

About Netflix APK for Android TV

The Netflix app has earned the trust and preference of more than 1 billion users. Netflix APK for Android TV specializes in offering American online movie and video-on-demand (VOD) services to users. In the US and more than 140 other nations throughout the world, it is very well-liked. 

This service offers copyrighted movie content, such as popular series and full-length movies. Thanks to well-liked exclusive releases including Sweet Homes, Squid Games, Stranger Things, Gotham, Bloodline, House of Cards, and Daredevil, Netflix particularly succeeded in the North American market. Recently, people in many developing nations have had access to a fresh and contemporary TV viewing experience thanks to Netflix.

Netflix's cheapest monthly price is $6.99. This plan will still contain many developer ads and banners. The next plans have prices of $ 9.99, $ 15.49, and $ 19.99 respectively. Users will need to register for an account and pay a monthly fee to experience the most advanced video viewing service on devices with an Internet connection.
If you do not want to use the service of Netflix APK for Android, you can completely unsubscribe from its account at any time.

Android TV Netflix APK

What are the salient features of Android TV Netflix APK?

Netflix APK is a great app to watch unlimited videos on demand with the following three main features.

Netflix Mod APK Premium Unlocked 2023

Netflix's Premium Plan will cost nearly $20 per month. Netflix allows up to 4 devices to work at the same time with the premium plan and it doesn't matter what type of device it is. They are smart TVs, tablets, Android phones, and laptops. You can share the account with 4 other members of your family.

This also helps users to actively use the service on many different devices. Users can access an inventory of TV shows, movies, and console games. Besides, Netflix Mod APK allows users to experience other premium features such as downloading and storing content on 6 different devices.

Netflix Mod APK Premium Unlocked 2023

Top-notch graphics and sound quality

Netflix Premium APK brings moviegoers into an incredibly realistic video world. It delivers ultra-clear videos with Ultra HD viewing. This mode achieves an absolute 4K 1080p resolution. The contrasting colors of the films make a deep impression on the viewers. Moreover, the sound of Netflix premium is spatial sound, all around you. It's like you're watching a movie in the top cinemas.

Accurate recommending system

Netflix, this movie streaming service, has an in-depth analysis of user behavior. It relies on the user's viewing history to recommend movie titles that match the user's preferences. This is quite useful and convenient because you don't have to search and still find a good movie that's right for you.

The more movies and different shows you watch, the more Netflix recommends similar content you might be interested in. For example, if you love Army of the Dead in the Zombie movie genre, Netflix will suggest movies like Kingdom: Ashin of the North, Alive, Cargo, and Resident Evil. Therefore, we think that this streaming platform meets the needs of users' movie-viewing personalities quite well.

Netflix Premium APK

Free Netflix APK Download

More Korean episodes and unique series are now available on Netflix APK TV Box. You may download the Netflix app for free and enjoy exceptional films like The Glory, Alice in Borderland, Wednesday, and dozens of other top shows. To have fun and see the outrageous videos as soon as possible, kindly click on the link on our website. It only takes five minutes of your time to download and install.


Netflix APK for Android TV is compatible with all Android devices, including Android smart TV. Hence, you can explore its series, TV shows, and a ton of videos. It will certainly bring a great experience to any user.

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