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MY Dream Setup

MY Dream Setup APK v1.0 (Mobile Android Game)

Aug 31, 2023

MY Dream Setup APK is your favorite home design simulation game.

Name MY Dream Setup
Updated 2023-08-31
Compatible with 5.1 And up
Last version v1.0
Size 28 MB
MOD Mobile Android Game
Category Art & Design
Developer Campfire Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link
MY Dream Setup

MY Dream Setup APK - Make dream house design and layout

What a dream world brought into the game will look like. The more technology develops,the more games are invested in creating authentic, vivid. Everything will be represented simply in digital for the simulation of the construction of the house at your disposal. And these will be great experiences right on MY Dream Setup APK game. The design game will give you a better look in multidimensional space, you will be able to directly fulfill everything you love for your dream home. Follow the article below.

MY Dream Setup APK

About the game MY Dream Setup APK

MY Dream Setup Game is a mobile simulation game that gives you the creative opportunity to design and decorate your dream home. This game helps you approach the process of designing and building houses from digging foundations to interior decoration. At each step, make your own decisions and choices. The game will create for you the most comfortable space to be able to create the most unique and novel house design. You will be able to adjust and choose the entire interior of your home. And finally, you will finish your dream work as the most beautiful house in your own style.

Game highlights MY Dream Setup APK Latest Version

MY Dream Setup Free APK gives players a simulated world that you usually dream of. Help you fulfill your dream of transforming the interior of your room with many accessories such as photos, computers and trees and other interior details waiting for you to discover. Make your room interesting and beautiful. Experience many other accessories to be able to create your dream. This game you can download extremely simple on the Android operating system for free. For players to get good display performance, you can choose configuration.

Use the ability to color to create a beautiful dream home. Come to this game you can do whatever you want without worrying about being limited. There are a lot of furniture for you to use that you choose and for them to be in a compatible position when looking at will make a strong impression. Freedom to arrange furniture does not need to be imposed that you will be free to carry out. If you feel that the interior position is inappropriate you can move elsewhere. You will be free to place objects without worrying about limitations.

MY Dream Setup APK Download

Create a small house or mini studio with devices such as screens, machines, TVs, tables and chairs,etc. The colors in the house are decided by you, when offered a diverse RGB palette. Each piece of furniture you can customize at your disposal. In addition, you are allowed to combine colors together. Almost every object you can repaint like windows, furniture, doors, and background color. Try combining colors together to create a desirable result.

The main features of the game MY Dream Setup APK

Building a digital dream

MY Dream Setup Mobile Download offers users an extremely exciting simulation game platform. Players will discover a platform where you can freely create, experience and build a space for yourself. Coming to this game you will be free to do the things that you want with many tools. Make it possible to create a living world, for entertainment or work purposes. Make the dream of transforming the room into unique.

Immerse yourself in the simulation world

Gives players the ability to discover their creativity through the work that needs meticulousness. Small tasks such as choosing electronic equipment, choosing the interior layout of living space. Come to us you can freely do what you want and build an undesirable, from the office with modern equipment or computers with great functionality. With each appropriate layout corner will create a house that has long dreamed of.

MY Dream Setup Mobile Download

Custom and creative

My Dream Setup APK Descargar provides users with unlimited customization capabilities. Allows you to freely change the position, size, color of every object in the space of your room. In addition, you can freely create scenarios between objects and become intimately connected. Help players get extremely attractive experiences.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of game MY Dream Setup APK Download Android

Realistic experience of this game

The game offers incredibly real things. I have the opportunity to learn all the secrets of the profession and the basic steps to create the right home from participating in this game. The game has extremely vivid 3D graphics so that I can see the overview of the design space of my house. This game is really fascinating and it also helps me realize my dream of building a house even though this is just a simulation game. This game is really great and I love it.


  • Play online to compete home design template with multiplayer
  • Build, take photos and share with other players
  • Highly designed graphics, eye-catching interface and extended gameplay

MY Dream Setup Free APK


  • Stable internet connection to experience this game
  • APK files only support for Android OS or download emulator

FAQs about game MY Dream Setup APK

Download this game at is it safe?

Very safe. This game has been thoroughly tested by the professional team before providing the download path for this site. The number of players downloading now is very high and after the experience they leave very good reviews.

How to download the game?

Download this game very easily. You just need to pull up the first piece of information. Clicking on the path provided there is now downloadable.

Configuration required to run the game

The game requires users to meet the compatible configuration of Android 5.1 and above.

Does this game need to pay for the experience?

You will not need to pay any fees when playing this game.


MY Dream Setup APK allows players to freely create and fulfill their dream of room. With many unlocked features you can change or edit to bring the room that you have long dreamed of. Create opportunities for you to experience many furniture or accessories that have been unlocked. Let's discover right away to break through your creativity by MY Dream Setup APK Download directly through the website or select the download button right below!

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