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MX Bikes

MX Bikes APK 1 (For Android)

Feb 23, 2023

MX Bikes APK allows you to race high-speed dirt bikes with extremely intense gameplay. Many dangerous and dramatic challenges are waiting for you ahead. Dive into the article below to understand it better now.

Name MX Bikes Dirt Bike Simulator
Updated 2017-03-30
Compatible with 2.3 and up
Last version 1
Size 132 MB
MOD For Android
Category Racing
Developer Game Pickle
Price Free
Google Play Link
MX Bikes

Overcome tough terrain challenges with MX Bikes APK

MX Bikes APK not only inherits the unique features of the PC version, but it also has new and innovative features. This casual racing game promises to satisfy the player's passion for speed. If you want to put the pedal to the medal, MX Bikes is the perfect choice for you. All you need to do is find out all the information about this app.

MX Bikes APK

What is MX Bikes APK?

MX Bikes APK is a multi-terrain racing simulation game with a single-player mode. GAME PICKLE Studios, the publisher of this game has tried their best to create a unique and friendly game for all ages of players. Therefore, you can race with your friends or family members and compete on the leaderboards of the best racers. This game is not for lovers of flatness. It will bring you up and down paths that you will surely enjoy.

The player must be very careful to avoid crashing into barriers, rocks, and dunes jutting out of the desert. Sand dust, desert wind, and hot sun are the weather conditions added to MX Bikes. We are sure that it will make you play it for hours without getting bored. MX Bikes APK Download is ready for you to experience.

MX Bikes APK Download

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What are the special features of MX Bikes Mobile APK?

Over one hundred thousand people are crazy about this realistic racing and simulation game. All its features are quite interesting and they can make you feel happy. Continue scrolling down below!

Three terrains for players to choose from

MX Bikes APK Android allows players to become professional racers despite all types of terrain. However, MX Bikes is a bit different from some racing games. It focuses on three main types of terrain: desert, town, and mountain roads. They all have in common that there are many obstacles and obstacles that you have to skillfully dodge. Desert terrain is the most popular terrain in this game.

Desert terrain, on the other hand, will have lots of dunes and hard rock. It also had a lot of dust and wind, which blocked the view of drivers. In the desert, sometimes you will encounter each lava rock rising like a rock mushroom, some up to 10 m high. These strange lava blocks will be dangerous obstacles that you need to overcome.

MX Bikes Mobile APK

Realistic experience in racing bikes

We recommend that you choose MX Bikes Download Android APK. It gives you a dramatic and realistic bike-riding experience. Aerobatic stunts require you to perform extremely skillfully because the physics of this game is extremely high. If you can't control your speed, you'll still be knocked out of it.

Besides, players will have the opportunity to be off-road through all slippery sands and use nitro-gas to accelerate quickly. The roadside landscapes are camels, endless stretches of golden sand, and smog. They are extremely vivid and real for you to experience.

The ultimate collection of dirt bikes

32 off-road bikes in different colors and designs will leave you amazed. Each bike will cost from 1000 dollars to 5000 dollars in this game. The motorbike lines in MX Bikes are Enduro, Trial, Motocross, and Supermoto. These models have a superior rear wheel size for you to push up to higher speeds. The saddle is designed to push up high to serve your aerial phases. You can choose from a 2-stroke engine with a capacity of 125cc - 2500cc and a 4-stroke engine with a capacity from 250cc to 450cc. Drift phases and bike acceleration will help you perform skillful driving skills.

The KTM 450 SX bike is the best MX Bikes. It has an eye-catching vibrant orange color and fierce sporty styling. Thanks to the famous KTM brand, this car is always the desire of many players. Each component and part that makes up the car is evaluated by experts as having a good structure with a standard design.

MX Bikes Android free download

MX Bikes Android free download

The control screen will display the speed, mph, and distance you have traveled. Please add more energy and gas when your bike is almost depleted of them for better acceleration. You can also take a screenshot if you achieve a certain record.
The great thing about MX Bikes is that players can download and race unlimited bikes for free. All bikes in this game are unlocked and available in your store. What you need to do is pick one of them up and enter the fierce race. Everything is available on our website for you to try. It is safe and easy for any experienced rider to participate in unlimited races.


MX Bikes APK brings players into a world of bike simulators with endless deserts. You can become a gangster with dark glasses and a cool bike. The interface of MX Bikes is simple and friendly for all players. Try it now.

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