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MSBCC Survey

MSBCC Survey APK 1.3.6 (No Minimum Balance, Bill Payments)

Jan 29, 2024

MSBCC Survey APK is a free digital banking app by MSB offering seamless services, personalized accounts, and surveys to drive financial inclusivity.

Name MSBCC Survey
Updated 2024-01-29
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.3.6
Size 60 MB
MOD No Minimum Balance, Bill Payments
Category Lifestyle
Developer Survey Pirate Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link
MSBCC Survey

The MSBCC Survey APK is a free, user-friendly digital banking app by MSB, offering seamless, secure services, personalized account options, and innovative features. With the backing of government security, it enables people to utilize surveys to drive positive change and build a more inclusive future.


Overview of the MSBCC Survey APK

Welcome to the future of digital banking with the MSBCC Survey! With the help of MSB, Vietnam's Best Bank for Digital Transformation 2022, this ground-breaking software is going to completely change the way you handle your money. It provides a smooth, safe, and incredibly practical banking experience. Imagine a world where banking is easy, rewarding, and available 24/7 – that's what this app brings to the table. It offers everything you could need, including one-touch bill payments, appealing savings choices, and speedy sign-ups.

Attractive Features of the MSBCC Survey APK Latest Version

Sign up for Swift

The app redefines account opening with its fast and modern 100% online identification process. Users may enter the world of digital banking without needless delays since this guarantees a quick and easy experience.

Unique Account Number Options

In a move towards personalization, users can choose their account number, adding a touch of individuality to their banking experience. Whether it's your phone number, date of birth, or nickname, the app lets you customize your account number as per your preference.

No Minimum Balance Requirement

Unlike traditional banks that often impose minimum balance requirements, the MSBCC APK Download breaks free from such constraints. Users can enjoy lifetime free services without worrying about maintaining a minimum balance, making banking truly accessible to everyone.

MSBCC APK Download

24/7 Split Transfer Transactions

The app understands the diverse financial needs of its users. With the ease of distributing transfer transactions 24/7, the app ensures flexibility and ease of budgeting. The generous limit of up to 10 billion VND in just one operation caters to a wide range of financial transactions.

Attractive Savings Interest Rates

Encouraging users to boost their savings, it offers competitive savings interest rates. Have convenient digital savings while making every penny count and earning exciting returns on your investment.

0.9% Interest Bonus

Embarking on your savings journey with the MSBCC Survey APK Download comes with an instant 0.9% interest bonus. With this new feature, the app will become more valuable to your financial goals and a partner in your pursuit of financial success than just a banking tool.

Convenient Bill Payments

Simplify your monthly expense management with the MSBCC Survey. Paying bills becomes a breeze with just one tap, eliminating the tedious task of navigating through multiple steps. Convenience meets efficiency, making the app an essential part of your financial toolkit.

MSBCC Survey APK Download

Advantages of the MSBCC Survey App

  • Free Accessibility: It is entirely free, ensuring that everyone can participate without financial constraints.
  • Government-Backed Security: Your data is secure, thanks to the robust security measures supported by the Maharashtra government.
  • Contributing to Positive Change: Your feedback actively influences specific initiatives and funding, going beyond surveys and helping underprivileged people have a better future.

Instructions for MSBCC Survey APK Free Download from

  • Visit the website: Go to the website.
  • Search for MSBCC Survey APK: Type the app name in the search bar.
  • Select Relevant Article: Choose the article introducing the app.
  • Scroll and Click "Download Now": Scroll down, then click the "Download Now" button.
  • Follow On-Screen Instructions: Complete the download following on-screen instructions.

MSBCC Survey App


The MSBCC Survey APK is a digital banking invention that represents the direction that finance is heading. It changes the way we use our accounts with its intuitive design, special features like customized account numbers, and its dedication to economic value. It is a unique choice because of its benefits, including government-backed security, open access, and the ability to make a difference in life let us navigate the digital age by simplifying banking and enabling people to become more wealthy and have an inclusive future. Embrace the revolution – MSBCC Survey APK Download for Android and embark on a journey where banking is not just easy and rewarding, but also a catalyst for positive change in the world.

Things Readers Need to Know

  • Swift Sign-Up: Fast and modern online identification process.
  • Customizable Account Numbers: Make your banking experience unique.
  • No Minimum Balance: Lifetime free services without minimum balance constraints.
  • 24/7 Split Transfers: Flexibility for various financial needs.
  • Attractive Savings Rates: Competitive interest rates to encourage savings.
  • 0.9% Interest Bonus: Instant bonus for first-time savings account openings.
  • Convenient Bill Payments: Simplify monthly expenses with one-tap payments.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation with a clean interface.
  • Free Download and Use: Access the app without financial barriers.
  • Government-Backed Security: Data privacy ensured by Maharashtra government infrastructure.
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