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Messenger Lite APK 447. (Super Light 1MB)

Feb 17, 2023

What's superior to Messenger Lite APK compared to the original Messenger app? Why should you choose this app? We are ready to share with you every specific information about this free messaging app.

Name Messenger
Updated 2024-03-04
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 447.
Size 59.3 MB
MOD Super Light 1MB
Category Communication
Developer Meta Platforms, Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link
Messenger Lite

Optimize message size with Messenger Lite APK

Recently, almost everyone has known and used Facebook's Messenger application. Have you heard of its lighter version Messenger Lite APK? What makes this application special compared to its original version? Here are all the things you need to know about Messenger Lite.

Messenger Lite APK

What is Messenger Lite APK?

Messenger Lite is a shortened version of the Facebook Messenger application, currently only available for Android devices such as tablets and smartphones. This application has many times less capacity than Messenger. It takes up less memory. Therefore, this application has worked smoothly and stably on all platforms and devices. We find that it is more suitable for low-end or older-generation phones. The Messenger Lite application was born to solve the capacity and performance limitations of the original Messenger version.

This application still allows you to text, and call your friends on Facebook. However, it is designed specifically for phones with low memory, and slow processing speed. Messenger Lite uses very little network data so this keeps it stable even if your network speed is slow.

What are the unique features of the Messenger Lite App?

Although Messenger Lite and Messenger are both Facebook applications, they still have many different features and features to help users choose the right one for their conditions and needs.

Download Messenger Lite

Takes up less storage and RAM

Many people choose Download Messenger Lite because Messenger consumes a lot of internal data and RAM in the background of the phone. Devices with only 1GB of RAM may have problems with this. Messenger's capacity takes up more than 200MB on the phone and this number can be even larger. In contrast, the Messenger Lite app takes up only one-thousandth of the phone's storage space, which equates to about 1MB. In addition, Messenger Lite 1MB uses very little data of 4G/5g or wifi connection so it loads chats very fast too.

Very simple user interface

The interface of Facebook Messenger APK is extremely simple with two simple colors, blue and white. It has reached such efficiency and ideal that this application has a superior loading speed compared to Messenger.

It has no negative effect on the user experience. This app focuses mainly on messaging and calling features. It is considered a much more intuitive tool than Messenger. Therefore, it is perfect for older users and newbies alike. For example, you can quickly create chat groups with the Groups feature. Tap the floating button to add new or create new chats.

Lite Messenger APK Download

Still possesses the basic functions of a messaging application

Messenger Lite APK still features calling, messaging, and video calling. However, it is a shortened version of Messenger, so the application will reduce a few features to make this application "lighter". Those features are:

  • You cannot share your location using Map.
  • Do not create your memorable event.
  • Unable to create poll types in groups.
  • There are no chat bubbles for you.
  • The number of stickers and gifs has been reduced.
  • SMS messages cannot be sent or received on the Messenger Lite app.

Who should use the Messenger Lite APK?

If you have a modern Android device with large memory, you should use the original Messenger to enjoy all its features. However, there are still a lot of people with low memory and unstable performance devices. If you want to reduce data usage and save battery on your phone, this is a great app to keep in touch with your friends and relatives.

Lite Messenger APK Download

Download APK Messenger Lite is becoming more and more "heavy" in terms of data and lag. This makes many users uncomfortable. Fortunately, Facebook Messenger Lite was born. It allows you to message your friends on Facebook quickly with a simple interface. Its capacity is not too large and it works very smoothly on all devices and platforms. As a result, you should Download Messenger Lite APK and try using this lightweight version.

Download Messenger Lite APK


The above article has provided you with information about Messenger Lite APK and the basic differences between Messenger and Messenger Lite. We hope you will have a unique and meaningful experience with this application! Have a good day.

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