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Little Nightmare

Little Nightmare APK 117 (Full Game, Free Purchase)

Dec 13, 2023

Little Nightmares APK is a horror puzzle game, an immersive journey into dark psychological adventures.

Name Little Nightmares
Updated 2024-01-31
Compatible with 9 and up
Last version 117
Size 1 GB
MOD Full Game, Free Purchase
Category Action
Developer Playdigious
Price Free
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Little Nightmare

Little Nightmares APK | A Haunting Journey into Mobile Horror Adventure

Welcome to the chilling international version of Little Nightmares APK, an indie horror puzzler that weaves a dark, eerie story designed to confront your earliest fears. First released on PC in 2017, it quickly became an icon in the Indie gaming industry. Today, we take a closer look at the mobile version of this beloved sport, examining its features, gameplay elements, and how it manages to maintain its appeal on smaller display screens.

Little Nightmares APK

Overview of the Game

Little Nightmare APK Download For Android is not your average horror adventure—it's a psychological puzzle experience that immerses players in a twisted world filled with dangerous guests and perplexing puzzles. With the help of the mobile version, you can control the eerie vessel known as The Maw and lead the character Six through several terrifying settings. The mission? Escape the clutches of corrupted souls seeking their next meal. Originally on PC and consoles, the game has now found its way to your pocket.

Attractive Point of The Game

What sets Download Little Nightmares APK apart is its disconcerting atmosphere and the absence of traditional dialogue. It's not only a recreation; it is a visual novel, a taking walks simulator that slowly builds horror and anxiety. Unlike other horror games that confront terrifying forces or delve into surrealism, this game is a small dream—a cute, helpless obsession that lingers in your mind, demanding reflection on every detail.

Attractive Features of the Game

Game Mechanics and Design

Dive into the subtle mix of action and puzzle-platformer mechanics rooted in eerie artistic direction and creepy sound design. Discovering childhood anxieties in the spooky vessel, The Maw, you tiptoe your way through a fascinating trip that leads to the dark horror puzzle journey. Climb, crawl, and cover through nightmarish environments to resolve intricate platform puzzles. The eerie sound design heightens the experience, making your escape from The Maw's gloomy maze an unsettling undertaking.

Download Little Nightmares APK

Storyline and Characters

Download Little Nightmares Android introduces Six, a young girl lost in a strange hotel filled with dangerous guests and tricky puzzles. The absence of spoken speak and conventional plot devices allow the game to the consciousness of developing a disconcerting environment. The monsters inside The Maw are not simply creatures; they are symbolic embodiments of damaged souls and adolescent fears. Each boss encounter serves as a mental mission, revealing layers of the narrative without uttering a single word.

Environmental Puzzles

The game presents a series of environmental puzzles that require observation and logical thinking. Maneuvering through cramped, dark spaces as the tiny Six adds a layer of complexity. The challenges vary, keeping players on their toes and offering a slow visual experience that is more intriguing than outright scary. Little Nightmare APK Obb skillfully weaves puzzles into the narrative, making progression unexpected, unpredictable, and seamlessly logical.

Mobile Version Adaptation

Bringing Little Nightmares Download to mobile posed challenges, given its elaborate graphics and a mix of stealthy and high-speed actions. Nonetheless, the sport's developer changed into being able to make changes without compromising the game's integrity. The compelling sound and original plot are still included in the smartphone edition, which also supports MFi controllers and provides iCloud backup for progress sharing. Despite space considerations, the game on mobile stands as a testament to the developer's commitment to delivering a chilling experience without compromising on quality.

Download Little Nightmares Android

Actual Experience of the Author and Advantages/Disadvantages

User Review on

User Review 1: "Little Nightmares on Mobile is a haunting masterpiece. The atmosphere it creates is unmatched, and the controls are surprisingly intuitive. It's a journey into darkness that captivates from start to finish."

User Review 2: "While the mobile adaptation impressively retains the essence, some controls felt a bit clunky, impacting the experience. Nevertheless, the captivating narrative and psychological elements make it a must-play."

User Review 3: "The transition to mobile is seamless, and the game looks stunning. However, the touch controls, especially during intense moments, can be frustrating. Still, it's a gripping adventure that lingers in your thoughts."


  • Engaging Psychological Horror: Little Nightmares For Android excels in creating an engaging psychological horror experience, immersing players in a world of tension and eerie suspense.
  • Compelling Storytelling: The story of the game develops gradually, conveying a deep and thought-provoking tale through evocative storytelling and symbolism.
  • Unique Art Style: The minimalist details in graphics contribute to a darkly gorgeous aesthetic, enhancing the overall visual appeal and immersion.
  • Environmental Puzzles: The environmental puzzles seamlessly integrate with the narrative, offering a challenging yet logical progression that keeps players intrigued.
  • Mobile Adaptation Success: The mobile version impressively adapts the game, maintaining its integrity, captivating sound design, and original storyline.


  • Control Challenges: Some users reported challenges with touch controls, particularly during intense sequences, impacting the overall gameplay experience.
  • Clunky Controls: A few players found certain controls to be clunky, affecting the fluidity of movements, though the overall narrative still shines.
  • Space Consumption: The elaborate graphics make the game space-consuming, potentially posing challenges for users with limited device storage.

Compare with Other Games

In comparing Little Nightmare APK Free with other games/apps, its unique blend of psychological horror, storytelling depth, and environmental puzzles sets it apart. Fans of visual novels and walking simulators will like its slow-building horror even if it lacks standard gaming components. It sticks out from different mobile games because of its dark, inventive fashion, which makes it a remarkable option for every person seeking out a spooky, atmospheric experience.

Little Nightmares Download


Little Nightmares APK on mobile successfully translates the haunting essence of the original game. For those willing to face their childhood concerns head-on, it's a valuable download because of the captivating story, distinctive artwork, and flawless model. Prepare yourself for an immersive experience that goes beyond the standard mobile gaming landscape as you go off on Six's journey through The Maw. Download the APK, delve into the darkness, and let this game redefine your mobile gaming expectations.

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