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Lab 2 Underground

Lab 2 Underground APK 1.3.1 (For Android, Full Game)

Mar 12, 2023

If you love Japanese action pixel games, we think you should try Lab 2 Underground APK. You will experience life in an underground laboratory.

Name Lab 2 Underground
Updated 2023-03-12
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.3.1
Size 319 MB
MOD For Android, Full Game
Category Role Playing
Developer Lab2
Price Free
Google Play Link
Lab 2 Underground

Survive for twenty-four hours in Lab 2 Underground APK

Obstacle and adventure games have great appeal to millions of people. Lab 2 Underground APK brings survival gameplay experience and investigates underground mysteries. Find out the interesting things in this experimental base to better understand this game through the article below.

Lab 2 Underground APK

What is Lab 2 Underground APK?

Lab 2 Underground APK is an exciting Japanese survival and tool game for Android phones. Publisher Mauj Labs wants this game to be an endless source of entertainment for players. Many people appreciate that Lab 2 Underground is the perfect combination of survival games and classic Japanese shooters of old.

Players are forced to get used to the zombie storm that comes when the post-apocalyptic period has begun. The number of survivors is quite small, including the player and a guide. Her name is Ichika. You need to overcome challenges as mutant monsters, and dangerous machines to escape from the secret underground laboratory of the Tokyo area. You have to survive in a world full of destruction and danger from unidentified objects in this base.

The story of the game is very engaging and the player has to navigate the underground labs horizontally. Fight against armies of blue shirts, monsters, and legions of zombies in yellow. It is not an ordinary survival game. Players must skillfully move and act.

Lab2 Undergrounnd APK Download

Why should you choose Lab2 Undergrounnd APK Download?

Lab2 Underground is free of most of the features and it offers smooth gameplay for players who like adventure and adventure. Laboratory hidden deep underground is waiting for you to find out and play.

Classic Pixel graphics

The distinctive graphic aesthetic of Lab2 UnderGround, which contains realistic gunfire sounds, is one of the game's most distinctive aspects. The game's graphics are excellent, and the music design keeps the player completely submerged in the game's universe. The hardware capabilities of the mobile platform were fully utilized in the development of Lab 2 Underground Android Free Download, resulting in a stable and low-capacity game.

Ranged and Melee Weapons

The player can employ a range of tools and weapons in Lab2 Underground APK Android to combat mechanical foes, robots, and zombies. Both close-range and long-range combat weaponry are available. They consist of arrows, daggers, katana swords, laser guns, and rifles. To cut all the tentacle creatures, several people use the Japanese Katana blade, which is incredibly sharp. 

Lab2 Under ground APK Android

They can be upgraded by players to gain more lethality, strength, and accuracy. In the Alchemy Zone, you can combine things and weapons that you have collected in great numbers. The freshly developed weapon has more damage the higher the weapon's rank.

Revive any time

If you die of a tentacle monster, you can respawn and continue fighting at that location. You can replay the game multiple times and respawn on the spot up to 5 times. After these 5 times, the difficulty of the game increases with the appearance of more monsters. In addition, there are two other game modes including extreme survival mode and story mode. It increases the value of weapons and makes you appreciate replayability.

22 female warrior characters

As the player advances in the game, new characters with special skills are introduced in Lab2 Underground APK Android. To battle creatures and finish objectives, these heroes can use a variety of skills. This raises the gameplay's degree of excitement and keeps players engaged throughout. The majority of these figures are fierce female warriors dressed in vibrant clothes.

Square pixel graphics

Lab Underground's graphics are designed to provide a smooth and seamless gaming experience. The game runs smoothly on most mobile devices and the user interface is easy to navigate. Graphics and sound effects add to the immersive experience of the game. Its pixelated graphics can remind users of old Japanese button-down video games.

Lab2underground APK Download

One of the top mobile games to try is Lab2 UnderGround. It distinguishes itself in the congested mobile gaming industry because of its distinctive fusion of the action and survival genres, excellent visuals, and sound design. The game Lab2 Underground provides players with three different game types, a crafting system, and a range of weapons and equipment. If you enjoy the mixed game genre, you must play this game.

Lab 2 Underground Android Free Download

To improve your gameplay experience, download the latest version of the Lab2 UnderGround App. Get a free download for Android by clicking the provided link. You can own it risk-free and without cost.


Lab 2 Underground APK is an exciting adventure game that offers a unique and challenging gameplay experience. With new female soldiers, quests, and 25 levels to complete, players will find themselves immersed in the underground lab world. Try it out as soon as possible. It will never let you down.

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