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King Arthur Legends Rise

King Arthur Legends Rise APK 0.5.0 (Full Game, Official)

Jul 01, 2023

King Arthur Legends Rise APK is an action role-playing game that explores the world.

Name King Arthur: Legends Rise
Updated 2023-11-16
Compatible with Android 5.0 and up
Last version 0.5.0
Size 305 MB
MOD Full Game, Official
Category Role Playing
Developer Kabam Games, Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link
King Arthur Legends Rise

King Arthur Legends Rise APK - Fight intensely to become the strongest

King Arthur Legends Rise APK is an epic action game that brings the genre of RPG. Will give you moments to become legendary with the task of protecting peace. Built by publisher Kabam Entertainment. It will be a game that will stir the whole world of action games. On free Android and IOS platforms, do not rush to skim read the article below so that you get an extremely attractive fighting game!

King Arthur Legends Rise APK

Game overview King Arthur Legends Rise APK

King Arthur Legends Rise APK Full Game is an adventure role-playing game in the legendary world to fight enemies that defend the country. Players will play hero characters leading soldiers to attack enemy bases to destroy them. Join the fight to conquer new battle pieces that expand the territory. Collect plenty of resources to build fortified citadels and manage your own city. In the journey of fighting and collecting, players will face many different characters to perform challenges.

The combat gameplay with individual tactics of each player will be different. You need to give yourself a solid tactic from the problem of character building to the strategy of participating in different rounds of play. In addition to the main tasks, players will participate in monthly events to exchange items that receive more valuable things back. With each different level, you will have to overcome many difficulties, the higher the level will be the harder. You have to use your fighting skills, balance your strength and coordinate the characters well to fight to destroy the ultimate goal and become the best King.

Attractions of King Arthur Mobile Game APK

Role-playing game with a diverse character system so that players can choose and interact according to their own style, preferences. Characters include King Arthur, generals, soldiers, enemies, and many others. Each character has its own characteristics and skills, which makes it possible for the player to choose and develop according to his strategy. When you decide to choose a character to fight, then come up with the optimal strategy to develop the strength of that character. You can adjust costumes, weapons and many other items so that your character becomes the most perfect.

Features of the game King Arthur Legends Rise APK Latest Version

Enter the world of King Arthur Legends Rise Open Beta APK then players will be fighting when Arthur comes into possession of a legendary sword. This is a journey that marks the great history. Players will start fighting with many enemies with different power sources and will be exploring many new places to search for the legendary sword, this is a weapon that can help you restore peace. The features have been fully unlocked so will give you a dramatic experience.

King Arthur Mobile Game APK

Create heroes

Come to this game you will be immersed in the extremely attractive medieval world. Make our character stand out and become a legendary hero. Players will have to collect items to upgrade their squad on which there will be warriors, knights, magicians the images of which are evoked from the Arthurian era. Each character will have a special ability and unique characteristics that make the game attractive, giving creative gameplay. Coming to this game you will inherit important features that will help you become a legendary warrior.

Join the fascinating adventure

In this King Arthur Legends Rise APK you will adventure into those areas to collect items in the Middle Ages. The monuments will have great power and special significance in history. Will support the hero can strengthen and excel in each battle.

3D graphics

In order to attract players, the publisher has equipped them with vivid 3D graphics that help players be enthralled in the medieval world. Along with extremely vivid images from stunning images, effects and characters. Help you to easily adventure into the world of fascinating legends. Give you top notch entertainment space.

Real experience and Advantages/Disadvantages of King Arthur Legends Rise Mobile APK game

Practical experience of the game

When I came to the game I was amazed at the images that the game displayed. When it is possible to immerse yourself in dramatic battles that are only available in this game. With the goal of becoming a legendary figure with the purpose of protecting peace for all mankind. That's the attraction I downloaded this game on set!


Extremely vivid graphics.

Simple interface.

Most downloads.


King Arthur Legends Rise Open Beta APK

Google Play will not have access to your app.

Keep the transmission fixed

FAQs about King Arthur Game Android

Download this game at is it safe?

We have tested this download version a lot and trusted users to download this game. You can be completely assured of its level of security and safety.

How to download the game?

Download King Arthur Legends Rise APK for Android is simple by visiting search for paths from this site, clicking on the link to download, allowing the system in addition to access to install. Complete and play now.

Configuration required to run the game

The game requires a configuration of 5.0, an Android operating system, 3GB or more RAM and at least 2GB of free storage. If your phone does not meet these requirements, you may experience lag or not be able to play the game.

Can you play this game on PC?

Can play using Android emulator software to download and then play. However, playing on a PC can affect your gaming experience. If you want the best experience, play on your mobile device.

Download King Arthur Legends Rise APK for Android


King Arthur Legends Rise APK has many highlights that attract a large number of gamers to experience. Fight in an open world, explore many novel locations, vivid 3D graphics, rich characters, build your own tactics to win the ultimate victory. Do all the tasks in the game in the best way to get many rewards offline.

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