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Kaliber AI APK 3.22.0 (Video Generator, Android App)

May 06, 2023

Creating video content with Kaliber AI APK will save you more time and effort. Explore the article below to better understand Kaliber.

Name Caliber Smart Home
Updated 2021-01-05
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 3.22.0
Size 34 MB
MOD Video Generator, Android App
Category Photography
Developer Caliber Europe BV
Price Free
Google Play Link
Kaliber AI

Is Kaliber AI APK good enough for you to create videos?

Nowadays, forms of content creation using artificial intelligence are becoming extremely popular. In particular, content in the form of videos is most liked by people because they are more intuitive and attractive than text content. So how to create videos quickly and simply without high expertise? That's when you should use the Kaliber AI APK application. So what is Kaliber AI and how does it work? Let us learn about this software in the article below. Video Generator APK

Overview of Kaiber AI APK

A cloud-based program called Kaiber AI APK uses cutting-edge AI technology to produce videos. This application's key features include text to video conversion, condensing lengthy movies into shorter ones, and letting users edit videos to their tastes. The main impression of the program is that it doesn't need highly specialized knowledge of video making from its users.

Before, users had to study through several lectures and become proficient with a certain piece of software, like CapCut, in order to generate a whole film. However, with this program, your only responsibility is to submit the content and wait. Videos created by Kaliber AI Mod APK Latest Version will be based on both submitted and library-available content. One of the many innovative future services developed by IT businesses that uses artificial intelligence to convert text into video is Kaiber AI. If you have some news or information, you may use Kaiber to make interactive movies containing videos, images, and text.

Why should you choose Kaiber AI Free Download APK?

The great benefits that Kaliber AI brings will make you love and choose it in video AI creation applications.

Free Download app Kaliber AI APK for Android

Create video from text

The software's most popular feature is this one. Any link to a website, blog, or article is accepted as input by this program, which subsequently turns the text on that page into a movie. The text's length is not specified by Video Generator APK. However, shorter, better-written text makes for better video. Additionally, this application offers a variety of choices for adding resources. You may manually enter text, insert links, photos, and conversation, for instance. The software will automatically condense sentences and look for additional materials to produce videos after obtaining the text. More than 3 million video clips, photos, and more than 15,000 pieces of royalty-free music are available in the tool's collection. It will automatically filter through the resource library, select the appropriate content, and then include it in the video.


Kaliber AI can also assist you in producing a voice-acted video. This program will correctly insert the text you upload into the movie after translating it into the appropriate AI voice. Additionally, you may upload your already recorded audio and use it in a movie.

Additionally, you may include your logo, brand name, featured background music, intro, and outro to "personalize" the film. In other words, Kaliber AI Video Editor APK allows consumers full creative control over the final product.

Free Download app Kaliber AI APK for Android

Using Realistic AI Avatar

Instead of hiring an actor or appearing in front of the camera, you can choose from over 60 AI avatars to act as the host for your video. You can also create a custom avatar for your brand as a premium addition to personalized videos with's AI video creator. 

60 templates to create videos

With 60 customizable templates in Video Generator APK, you can create high-quality videos with different themes and themes. Whether you want explainer videos, presentations, educational products, short simple video games, you'll find a professional-looking template to suit your needs. You also don't need to waste time hiring voiceovers for the videos you create. You can choose available voices from multiple languages ​​and intonations for your videos with full subtitles.

Support at least 50 languages

Without actors, cameras, or microphones, you can generate great videos using text in more than 50 languages with's AI video creator. This program is ideal for those who wish to make movies for personal use or small businesses that need additional material but can't afford to pay pros.

Kaliber AI Video Editor APK

Free Download app Kaliber AI APK for Android

Kaliber has an extensive library of resources, including typefaces, films, photos, and many other forms. With the text, it automatically locates the appropriate source to produce the appropriate video. Most of the materials in Kaliber's library are without royalties. The AI voice has a natural tone, is accurate, and is simple to listen to. We advise you to download Kaliber AI APK due to these benefits. The downloading of videos from our website is risk-free and free.


You can learn more about Kaliber AI APK and its noteworthy features by reading the information above. This application is intended to assist you in turning text into really fascinating films. You can find and use its key characteristics because they are really special.

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