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Game Unpacking

Game Unpacking APK 1.0 (Mobile Version)

Jun 17, 2023

Game Unpacking APK is a puzzle game that is familiar to players, and especially in this game, there is also the task of arranging the interior of the house.

Name Game Unpacking
Updated 2023-06-17
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.0
Size 8 MB
MOD Mobile Version
Category Puzzle
Developer Game Unpacking
Price free
Google Play Link
Game Unpacking

Game Unpacking APK - Decode puzzles and streamline housing furniture

Game Unpacking APK is the game that will surprise you with the colors and the ability to use logic in this game to complete the task. Players must perform tasks in the room and arrange them meticulously. Because the game belongs to the puzzle genre, the game will need to use its thinking ability to give the most accurate answer. If you like the tidiness and layout of the room in your own way then this game is for you. Allows you to download for free on mobile devices running Android. The article below will provide you with useful information, so do not rush through it!

Game Unpacking APK

About Unpacking Game Mobile APK

Game Unpacking APK is the national video game popular and famous in many countries around the world. The game involves solving puzzles and arranging the interior items of the house in a logical way. Players will have to perform missions on the best way to get a clean, beautiful and neat place to stay. You will choose one of the houses provided by the game and carry out the necessary tasks when moving into a new house.

The Unpacking Game Free Download APK for the chance to enjoy a great game. Players will go through different levels of play to decode the puzzle. Each puzzle answers correctly, the player will get the corresponding score. Gain points as high and accumulate it to unlock the furniture. Then arrange them in the right place for you but ensure aesthetics and feng shui. In order for the layout to be favorable, the game will suggest some interior patterns as well as the placement of it. The person who only chooses and moves where he wants to create a comfortable and beautiful space.

This is a fairly gentle game but the network is a lot more useful for players. You can take advantage of the knowledge of the interior as well as how to arrange furniture products accordingly and beautifully. Players will start arranging from the living room, bedroom, kitchen and toilet room. They all have to make sure they are done in the right order. When you properly arrange the interior of the apartment, it will bring advantages in life for you and your family. The game with many special features can assist you to complete the missions quickly and achieve the highest score to receive many rewards.

Highlights of Unpacking Game APK

Unpacking Game Download Free will be a game full of fun, when you can decorate the room and house in a modern way. At the beginning of the game, the player will embody a person who is in need of changing the living space through a new environment. When it comes to the new house the interiors inside the house are already available, so your task is to arrange objects in the drawers. To make them the most compact and tidy. A great game that you should not miss any moment when experiencing this game. Below are the highlights you need to explore to get a game full of fun!

The Unpacking Game Free Download APK

Share your room with everyone

An attractive feature that the developer offers to you is the ability to share and be loved by a lot of players when playing this game. You will be entitled to create and share pre-installed GIFs in the game. Game Unpacking APK makes it possible to share the moments that you arrange of the house you have neatly come to people in the community.

Because when the house is finished and on its behalf a completely new look will acquire a lot of people. So it will be your pride to be able to rearrange all the objects in your new home with your own hands. Each house will have its own layout, so it will be a testament to the personality of the arranger, download this game to be able to explore your aesthetic area to create an impressive house!

Explore areas in the game

Players will experience various spaces inside the virtual home you just received. When you come to the new house you will have to open up the utensils from the carton. These items will help you to decor your home to become new. You will be exploring the alleys in the house from the living room, bedroom, kitchen and toilet room. Players who want to play and touch objects need to extract and put the correct position according to their wishes. The pictures in the house will tell you how to operate this game because it is very simple and understandable.

Unpacking Free Download APK

Coming to a new home

When you come to the attractive electronic Game Unpacking APK will make you immerse yourself in a simulated world and start decorating your house in style. It is necessary to have an aesthetic taste to arrange the house to be tidy and neat. Having to ant others looking at must be attracted to your layout. To be able to complete the puzzle players need to use their thinking abilities and acumen when choosing different elements in the house.

2D graphics

Although the graphics are simple, enough for you to experience a game with extremely beautiful design with pixel style makes the game full of charisma. Make it possible to have extremely fascinating adventure experiences from the cartons and unpack them so that you can navigate placing them in the right place. In order to improve the entertainment of players, the game is very smooth throughout the experience here. This Free Download Game Unpacking APK for Android now to be able to arrange your style house and share them to the community to make them immersed in front of your layout!

Free Download Game Unpacking APK for Android


Game Unpacking APK is a puzzle game and interior layout with multi-dimensional space for players to feel and view different angles. You will learn many things from this game to apply to real life so that you can rearrange your house, your room is always neat and beautiful. From there, you will focus more on doing something, a comfortable space will create worthy achievements. Unpacking Free Download APK this game to experience.

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