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Gacha Nebula

Gacha Nebula APK 1.2 (For Android, Beta)

Mar 01, 2023

Gacha Nebula APK allows you to create thousands of anime characters according to your taste with colorful costumes. The "Gashapon" mechanic makes this game full of luck and risk.

Name Gacha Fantasy Dress Up
Updated 2023-06-10
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.2
Size 90 MB
MOD For Android, Beta
Category Casual
Developer ANGamesDev
Price Free
Google Play Link
Gacha Nebula

Gacha Nebula APK - Anime game for all ages of users

Are you looking for a Japanese gacha game to try your luck on your phone? Are you still wondering how to choose the game? Gacha Nebula APK, the planet of personality and unique characters with gacha gameplay will make you admire it. Let's explore this gacha game through our article below. You can sit on the sofa and play it all day without getting bored.

Gacha Nebula APK

What is Gacha Nebula APK?

No matter your age, Gacha Nebula is a free, imaginative, and entertaining anime-style game for you to play. You might be reminded of Gacha Club by this. Kids can learn the craft of narrative and character-building with this game. Youngsters playing the game can let their imaginations run wild as they make new characters, dress them up, and even arm them with weapons to battle one another.

Gacha Nebula isn't just for kids because "noxula," the game developer, is renowned for making enjoyable strategic RPGs for players of all ages. Although there is just one chapter in the game right now, it already includes features and dynamics that overwhelm inexperienced players with its array of clothing and jewelry. Please read the part below to learn more intriguing details about it. Your possession of the Gacha Nebula Download APK is merited.

Gacha Nebula Download APK

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Why should you Download Gacha Nebula Beta APK?

The main features of Gacha Nebula APK will be detailed for you to better understand it.

Create colorful anime characters

Gacha Nebula Mod Download and gamers can design adorable, vibrant avatars in the anime style. You can create and post skits where characters are dressed up, and interacting with one another. There are no offensive or violent elements in the game. This community for gacha games is expanding daily due to the excellent communication and cooperation of all the participants. 
Many of the product's subtitles have been released and are age-appropriate for kids. At the same time, engaging comments will up the excitement level of your game. Join this group right away by downloading the Gacha Nebula Mod.

Build your main storyline

Build your character's image first if you want to enjoy playing a game on your own. To begin constructing a voyage to explore the nebula in space, choose up to 12 additional characters. The primary narrative has always been the focus of the Gacha Nebula. Every level you complete in Storyline will reward you with numerous priceless gems and minerals, which you may utilize to strengthen your 13-man squad. The goal of each level is to defeat the opposing team, which requires players and their teams to develop stronger in each round.

156 outfits and 12 packs of accessories

You have to take the time to gather power-ups and accessories. The Gacha Nebula's inventory includes poses, body shapes, face shapes, hairstyles, facial features, and outfits. You can freely make up your characters to increase their beauty and strength. Use gold from battles to buy them.

Download Gacha Nebula Beta APK

After each combat, the Nebula characters will receive experience points and gold. Their level and strength, however, could decline as the game's complexity increases. Fortunately, players can think about realistically improving their Anime characters by using the materials and skins linked with each ability.

Many cute pets

Eight elemental characteristics in Gacha Nebula influence how battles turn out. These elements play a game of rock, paper, and scissors with one another. Gamers can add pets to their teams to make them appear more powerful and fascinating. People have the option to bring their dogs to Gacha Nebula Studio. Hence, feel free to include a fox, cat, or rabbit in your company on your upcoming excursion if you adore them. Up to 10 pets can be added by players to boost their character's attack, accuracy, and defense rates, among other factors.

Hands-free battle mode

Gacha Nebula battles are extremely straightforward. The adversary will launch a counterattack after the characters automatically assault. It is a turn-based battle, and it keeps going until one or both sides win. In battle, you are entirely free to do nothing. 

The energy bar will grow while the characters are engaged in combat. Characters will enhance their particular skills, which are very helpful in combat, using this energy mana. Recall that since then, the Gacha characters' skills have changed, and some of them are still locked.

Gacha Nebula Mod Download

Gacha Nebula Free Download For Android

Because they don't have enough gems, gold, or experience points, players may lose more battles. You can skip the final battle by continually recreating the earlier victories to prevent loss in the early going. Your team will be strengthened, and you'll win many games to advance. 

Explore the minigames if you're pausing in battle mode. These games provide enjoyable and exciting moments. More gold and other benefits are possible through playing these minigames. In other words, the player can advance in battle mode by using the resources they obtain here. Downloading Gacha Nebula does not take too much of your time. Try it now with the link attached to our website.


In Gacha Nebula APK, players can interact with various characters and have fun with them in various ways. Children and adults alike can use their imaginations to customize the characters and come up with winning battle tactics. With this game, you can use several backgrounds to create your own story.

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