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Forest Of The Blue

Forest Of The Blue APK v6.0.2 (For Android, Full Game)

Mar 14, 2023

Have you ever thought you would pass through a forest filled with wild beasts and female monsters? Forest Of The Blue APK promises to bring players into a dramatic Pixel action world.

Name Forest Of The Blue
Updated 2023-03-14
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version v6.0.2
Size 8 MB
MOD For Android, Full Game
Category Role Playing
Developer DLSC
Price Free
Google Play Link
Forest Of The Blue

Forest Of The Blue APK and its interesting things

Forest Of The Blue APK is a horizontal-screen jungle action game that players cannot miss. The gameplay of Forest Of The Blue is simple, and addictive a unique Japanese-style storyline. It was developed by a group of developers outside of the Google Play Store. You should read our article below to better understand the game right now.

Forest Of The Blue APK

What is Forest Of The Blue APK?

Defeat obstacles in the forest of people with blue skin in the role-playing game Forest of the Blue APK. You will encounter female youkai along the journey, which may sound unusual. Kuroko, a man with brown hair, will be your character. There are many odd animals and challenging terrains in the jungle. Your goal is to scout out the entire forest, exterminate the female monsters, and achieve the honor. Players can gather crucial goods, like guns and coins, along the journey to make overcoming obstacles simpler.

The "dating simulation" portion of the game is its most enjoyable and engaging feature. a place where gamers can approach various female monsters and form close bonds with them. Your direction and mission may be impacted by these connections and emotions. Will you be able to successfully finish the missions in the Forest of the Blue Skin?

Forest Of The Blue APK Android

What are the outstanding features of Forest Of The Blue APK Android?

Forest Of The Blue certainly will not let you down because it has many unique things about Japanese graphics, gameplay, and characters.

Japanese standard Pixel graphics

The graphics of the Forest of The Blue Skin app are great with Pixel features. It has amazing horizontal screen transition effects with different areas. The entire environment of Forest of The Blue is divided into 5 main terrains. They are a dark forest, mysterious cave, red base, snowy mountain peak, and the temple of mummies. The sound effects when you fight the female monster are extremely catchy ticks. All make the context of this game more mysterious and vivid. Forest Of The Blue APK Download Android is waiting for you to dive deep into its unique graphic world. The female monsters of the Forest of The Blue are the Witch Cyclops, the Vampire, the Snow Cat Girl, the Batwoman, and the Pink Slime. They are extremely beautiful and cute female monsters.

Interesting gameplay

To complete the game's main objective, you must have the guts and talent to navigate a forest full of dangers and more than ten female creatures. Before you may finish this quest, you must fulfill several requirements. It entails resolving riddles, eliminating enemies, and gathering items. Not all characters, nevertheless, are simple to understand. You will receive incredible benefits for any successful catch along with every moment. They will sap your energy if you are vanquished by them.

Forest Of The Blue APK Download Android

In addition, the special abilities you get after each capture will help you through the game easily. Your special abilities are dodging enemies, increasing your accuracy damage, and the ability to sprint 100 paces in the jungle for 5 seconds. Also, a skill you must have is a defensive wall. It creates a barrier between you and the female monsters for 3 seconds to protect you from surprise attacks.

Upgrade your Kuroko character

Players can complete 12 challenges to level up their Kuroko character and earn experience points in several different ways. The game's combat system enables you to learn the appearance and abilities of the female creatures you've fought. You can then employ your best attacks to harm enemies more and dispatch them more quickly. Download the free Forest of the Blue Skin APK to start enhancing your character. Forest Of The Blue Skin APK Free Download and start powering up your character.

The game's five primary terrains can be explored. To progress through the game easily, please make use of tools like hammers, golden necklaces, spotlights, and swords. Players can alter their character's skills and appearance using the game's character customization feature. It offers a variety of game types, including running, pursuing, jumping, and speeding. With stunning graphic design and engaging sound, the game immerses players in an exhilarating forest.

Download Forest Of The Blue APK

A mobile action-adventure game is Forest Of The Blue Skin. It leads the player on a thrilling trip across a sizable environment that includes a monster-filled woodland and rare flowers. 

It is available for free download from numerous external or third-party sources and works with the majority of Android devices. Yet it should be highlighted that you should pick our website as the application's safe source and that doing so is advised. The best option for your safety is this.

Forest Of The Blue Skin APK Free Download


With several elements and five distinctive terrains, Forest Of The Blue APK offers players a fascinating and varied gameplay experience. You can engage in sexual activity with any female monster you like after defeating challenging creatures.

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