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FNiA 3D APK 1.0 (Five Nights in Anime)

Jun 03, 2023

Download FNiA 3D APK to start your unlimited horror experience. Explore the new night world at the party. Start the impressive experience now!

Name FNiA 3D
Updated 2023-06-03
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.0
Size 51 MB
MOD Five Nights in Anime
Category Role Playing
Price Free
Google Play Link

FNiA 3D APK – Dramatic Horror Survival Game

If you have ever heard of the game Five Nights at Freddy's, you should not ignore FNiA 3D APK. This survival game title is for horror enthusiasts but becomes more special. You will achieve a lot of excitement during the game with various anime-style night activities. The player does not play the role of a security guard but will appear with the beautiful girl you are in charge of. Start this game now to start the night journey with beautiful girls.


About FNiA 3D APK

FNiA 3D Android APK is an extremely new survival game mod with special details and characters. The compelling storyline allows you to play the role of the character walking alongside the girls to the restaurant to spend impressive nights. The whole restaurant is large, with many decorations that can be transformed at night. They are mysterious hazards that can bring danger to you and the girl you are with at any time.

Night falls is when FNiA 3D APK Android starts the game. You and a girl are going to start partying in anime style. The world will be turned upside down when decorative stuffed animals or party participants become more scary. What can you do in this situation? This game will not have the danger of causing you to die. You need to fight the temptations and ensure the girl you're in charge of is happy and interested.

Players will have many interesting experiences, surprises or doubts when participating in this game. You must be very calm and skillful to overcome these challenges and survive until morning. During the game, you will also receive some quests. You should complete these tasks well to receive rewards and support tools.

Be nice to the girl in Five Nights in Anime 3D APK. The anime world and the special characters here can be a good opportunity to express yourself or have fun. A mysterious night party with beautiful anime girls will surely make you excited.

Besides, you can use many other special features of the mod to start your game. Let's skillfully overcome all pitfalls to become the ultimate winner.

FNiA 3D Android APK

Features of FNiA 3D APK

Five Nights in Anime 3D download Android APK allows players to use many special features to make the game more interesting. If you know how to take advantage of them, there will be many opportunities for exciting experiences:

Attractive character

The characters and backgrounds in FNiA 3D APK are inspired by much attractive anime series. Therefore, players will have an interest in the characters in the game. Each character will have its own characteristics, skills and personality. To avoid them endangering you, you should pay attention to the movements of the characters. If something is out of the ordinary, you need to be alert to avoid danger.

The characters in this game will also show emotions. They may become angry with you, especially girls. While their anger won't hurt you, it will affect your mission. Therefore, players should create happy emotions for the party and the surrounding characters.

FNiA 3D APK Android

Attractive outfit

Since this is a wild party night for anime characters, you will have many beautiful experiences. Five Nights in Anime 3D Android APK provides their characters with an impressive costume system. Characters can wear gorgeous, cool, or adorable clothes.

In addition to investing in costumes, players will also see a lot of beautiful faces. The impressive appearance of the characters is one of the strong points that you should not ignore.

Excellent anime graphics

Sharp and vivid 3D quality graphics are another outstanding highlight of the game. Players will have a satisfying experience with cool anime movie scenes without being obscene. The characters are designed and invested in every small detail, so they reach a high level of perfection.

The mod house guarantees image quality for every movement. Characters act smoothly and players do not experience any lag. It is truly excellent and highly optimized.

Impressive sound effects

In addition to investing in images, developers also pay attention to sound. It is a great support to bring a better user experience. Now you can start your story with the beautiful anime girl to go with. The catchy anime soundtrack or some other unique atmosphere can appear at any time.

Download FNiA 3D APK for Android

Download FNiA 3D APK for Android

Start a fun and stimulating anime-style party in FNiA 3D APK that will delight many. Instead of playing a horror survival game title, you can now start a new, more interesting game. Start your journey by clicking on our link below. Your installation and download will be safe!


FNiA 3D APK brings a completely different world of survival. The wild party of anime characters will not let you down. Starting to hang out with the character you are in charge of and making the beautiful girl happy is also a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Get started right away with what you're looking forward to!

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