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FGO NA APK 2.58.0 (English Version)

Jul 05, 2023

FGO NA APK is an engaging and exciting card battle role playing game.

Name Fate/Grand Order (English)
Updated 2024-01-24
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 2.58.0
Size 86 MB
MOD English Version
Category Role Playing
Developer Aniplex Inc.
Price Free
Google Play Link

FGO NA APK is a role playing game that brings a lot of inspiration to players through the real storyline in a famous cartoon of the land of cherry blossoms. Players will take on the characters included in the game to perform turn-based combat missions and use cards to welcome the battle. If you are learning and want to experience a gentle but profound game, you can try playing this game right away. The following will be extremely useful information for players.


The plot is inspired by the famous cartoon

Fate Grand Order English APK is a game revolving around an organization called Chaldea. There is a great mission to protect the existence of mankind from falling into doom. Players will begin to enter the world set in the future, the top members of Chaldea have predicted that humanity will perish in 2016 because in the city of Fuyuki there was a holy grail battle that happened extremely fierce. So sent Warriors consisting of 48 apprenticeship Masters, those members including you. Start your journey back in time to preserve humanity and destroy many elements that have changed history.

But during the meeting, the organizations announced Lev Lainur Flauros. For that reason brought the apprentice Masters stabbed in hibernation. When you come to this FGO NA APK you will together with Marche will start teleporting to Fuyuki. Players will go through many extremely fierce battles and you must preserve your life to be able to save humanity.

Confront many difficult missions win

At the start of his mission at Fate Grand Order NA APK. Then the player will have to start rearranging the cards so that when giving commands to the whole Servant. Players will play the role of master as one of the main characters. The game starts when the player will have to select 3 Command Cards that are in 5 types of cards already equipped in the game. There will be cards including Buster, ATS, and Quick along with unique power - ups. In each category there will be different attributes showing the power level or strength index of the master character that you need to explore.

FGO APK download English also gives you entertaining moments full of fun when performing various tasks. Players will learn from the different emotional levels of the Servant character through each different task and you will be done when there are certain points in the Servant that you have accumulated. The challenges will be complicated so you have to be assertive to handle and will receive many attractive gifts when completed.

Fate Grand Order NA APK

Innovative tactical gameplay in each style

FGO EN APK helps you get extremely unique gameplay with many extremely attractive combat elements. When you start entering this chaotic world, servants have been arranged into different classes. In each class there will be separate skills corresponding to the cards. Starting this game you will be the master with many privileges when owning up to 55 servants, which is symbolic for each Servant of the cards.

Coming to this game you have to think intelligence sent to have the tactics to be able to arrange the squad accordingly when fighting that about victory. Players will begin to be able to control 5 main warriors along with 3 characters with frontline roles and 2 last characters located in the reserve line. The reserve squad will be used when the main squad is difficult or destroyed. So you have to create a glorious victory with the mission of protecting the survival of humanity with the plans that you come up with. So the game has an extremely unique gameplay that is loved by many users.

Character systems and weapons unlock them all

FGO English APK has a character system built almost like the characters in the movie. Famous characters including Saber, Shielder, Archer, Lancer, Rider, Assassin and other supporting characters will appear in the game. Each character has different power and energy. Characters like mighty warriors dare to confront every challenge with their unique talents, with extremely high defenses that do not let anything invade the base. The characters have the ability to use weapons at long and short distances depending on each character. Use your mind to manipulate agility and master the tactics that best support the battle process.


Besides, FGO NA APK has many powerful weapons such as swords and bows named after legendary legends. Characters can use these weapons to participate in matches. Players need to know how to coordinate cards and weapons harmoniously into one so that when fighting it will mobilize all the strength.

Graphics, vivid sound impress

FGO NA APK really did very well in terms of graphics, the style of anime characters is created very beautifully. The graphics are detailed from character, weapons and beautiful exterior to heart twitching. The magnificent effect appears to create a unique shimmering scene, impressive from the moment of the first experience.

FGO US APK has a continuous conversion sound that matches the atmosphere of the battle scene. Dramatic combat phases with vivid sound are always factors that drive the exciting emotional circuit to the climax. Each move or movement of the character creates funny sounds combined with colorful effects that are simulated in detail.

Download FGO NA APK for Android


FGO NA APK will allow you to build an epic squad to fight the forces. A fascinating card game will make you love it with extremely unique gameplay. Download FGO NA APK for Android today from the website completely free. The game will bring you moments of great experience with many other players around the world. We hope everyone will find the interesting and hidden things of the game, we will not stop exploring so that it becomes better.

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