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Faceapp Mod APK 11.9.0 (Premium, No Watermark/Ads/Logo, for Android)

Feb 01, 2024

FaceApp Mod APK is an AI photo editor that enables users to alter age, gender, hairstyles, and more, with a simple interface and advanced Pro features.

Name FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor
Updated 2024-02-29
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 11.9.0
Size ́́̉̉́83.3 MB
MOD Premium, No Watermark/Ads/Logo, for Android
Category Photography
Developer FaceApp Technology Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link

FaceApp Mod APK is an AI-driven photo editor offering transformative features. Change age, gender, and hairstyles seamlessly. Its intuitive interface makes it an ideal creative space for original and lifelike picture adjustments. Available with optional Pro features.

Faceapp Mod APK

Overview of Faceapp Mod APK

FaceApp, a revolutionary photo editing application, takes image transformation to a whole new level through the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This program uses artificial intelligence (AI) to mimic many aspects of human appearance. Users may change their age, gender, hairstyle, and even experiment on various cosmetic appearances. As AI advances, it will become increasingly valuable and interesting, and this is seen in its use.

Attractive Features of Face App Mod APK

Transformative AI Capabilities

The most captivating feature of Faceapp APK Pro lies in its transformative AI capabilities. Users can catch a glimpse of their future selves by aging their faces realistically through various age selections. With the help of specialist AIs, the application may gradually and naturally add wrinkles and other indications of age. It's a useful tool that helps people see their attractiveness at various points in their lives, not merely a lighthearted trick.

Professional Beauty Editor

Beyond its age transformation feature, Faceapp Pro Mod boasts a professional beauty editor. Even though it places a lot of focus on improving looks, its advanced tools and capabilities allow users to build a unique and fresh version of themselves. Beyond basic adjustments, the editor helps users show their creativity by adding unique aspects to their photographs that make them stand out.

Gender Transformation

FaceApp breaks traditional barriers with its ability to transform genders effortlessly. The program makes use of unique AIs to change facial bone structures, apply cosmetics, and provide various haircuts for users who are interested in discovering new facets of their identities. The end product is an entirely different persona, and users may even alter the change to suit their tastes.

Faceapp APK Pro

Diverse Hairstyle Options

Recognizing the crucial role of hairstyles in defining one's appearance, it offers a plethora of options. Every hairstyle is meticulously curated, based on real models, and comes with superb auto-correction capabilities. It's a handy tool for anyone thinking about changing their appearance because users can quickly filter or search for the hairdo they've always wanted.

In-Depth Makeup Features

Makeup enthusiasts will find a haven in its in-depth makeup features. The user's overall appearance is greatly enhanced by every feature and interaction of the makeup tool. Users can try on numerous looks and make big or subtle alterations to ensure they discover the ideal outfit for any event, whether it's a party or a casual get-together.

Color Tone and Background Customization

Thanks to advanced AIs, Faceapp Mod APK Premium simplifies the process of changing color tones and backgrounds. It is now simpler for users to generate vibrant, artistic photographs with a variety of clashing hues thanks to the application's automation of several operations. Whether users want to experiment with artistic effects or create unique poses, the precision in changing tones and backgrounds adds a layer of creativity to their editing experience.

Faceapp Pro Mod

Advantages and Disadvantages of Download Faceapp Pro Mod APK


  • User-friendly Interface: Its simple design ensures easy navigation for users of all levels of tech expertise.
  • Wide Range of Features: With diverse options like age transformations, gender swaps, and detailed makeup, it caters to various user preferences.
  • AI-Driven Precision: The application's AI precision adds a realistic touch to features like aging effects and gender transformations.


  • Subscription Cost for Pro Features: Advanced tools in FaceApp require a Pro subscription, potentially limiting access for some users.
  • Limited Free Features: While the free version is robust, certain advanced features are reserved for Pro users.
  • Potential Privacy Concerns: Users should be cautious about privacy, considering the app's use of personal photos.

Faceapp Download APK from

  • Visit the website: Download Faceapp Mod APK journey at, a reliable source for app downloads.
  • Search for its name: Use the site's search function to locate the dedicated FaceApp Mod APK page.
  • Download Instructions: Scroll to the article's bottom, click "Download Now," and follow the on-screen instructions for a quick download.

Faceapp Download APK


With its seamless integration of AI, FaceApp Mod APK is a state-of-the-art photo editing program that redefines what can be done with images. A wide range of users will find this software intriguing due to its feature-rich feature set, customizable age and gender, and appealing appearance. FaceApp is an AI-powered software that goes beyond traditional picture editors, as users discover its creative possibilities. FaceApp uses visual storytelling and the art of self-expression to create an engrossing and genuine trip. Embark on your FaceApp adventure and witness the power of AI in shaping your digital persona.


  • Impression Tool: Discover face types like Hollywood, Kiss, and more.
  • Smile Section: Enhance smiles or create playful expressions with various edits.
  • Beards Tool: Experiment with exceptional beard styles like Hipster and Mustache.
  • Gender Tool: Change gender seamlessly.
  • Morphing Section: Merge faces with celebrities or friends.
  • Age Option: Visualize different life stages.
  • Hair Customization: Choose colors and styles with auto-correction.
  • Color Adjustments: Easily change tones and backgrounds.
  • Pro Tools Access: Unlock professional features with the Pro version.
  • Additional Features: Enjoy stickers, smile adjustments, background customization, and various makeup options in the Pro version.
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