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Face App Pro APK 11.8.0 (Pro Unlocked, Android App)

Mar 04, 2023

Have you ever wondered how your face will change in the next few decades? If you want to look more impressive with perfect makeup, Face App Pro APK is the top choice for you.

Name FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor
Updated 2023-11-14
Compatible with 8.0 and up
Last version 11.8.0
Size 61 MB
MOD Pro Unlocked, Android App
Category Video Player & Editors
Developer FaceApp Technology Ltd
Price Free
Google Play Link
Face App

Change yourself more impressively with Face App Pro APK

Nowadays, you need to be familiar with photo editing apps for Android like B612, Picsart, Beauty Plus, and XingTu. These have high-quality filters that lighten and smooth the user's skin. But one of the most popular apps right now on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tik Tok is Face App Pro APK. It offers some pretty intriguing filters that let you choose between being younger or older and between men and women, children and the elderly.

Face App Pro APK

What is Face App Pro APK?

Face App is an app that uses the Deepfake AI analysis algorithm to enable any user to transform their face into the face of a celebrity. The unique feature is that it continuously changes over time in response to your facial expressions. 

The "viral" face collages on Tik Tok recently were created using FaceApp Pro, its premium version. It offers age-based filters that forecast present and future faces. Also, it adds more than 250 effects and filters that enhance the beauty of your face and body in the picture. Users of this cutting-edge face viewer program can even replace their own face in photographs with that of others, including famous persons. 
You can look younger or older, modify your haircut, or adopt an entirely other appearance depending on the filter you select. Face App 5.0.0 Pro Mod APK, in short, is packed with remarkable capabilities that can replace traditional picture editing software. 

Face App 5.0.0 Mod APK

After you have the photos you like, you will probably need an application to create interesting videos from that photo, CapCut APK will help you do this.

What are the main features of Face App 5.0.0 Mod APK?

We're sure you don't want to miss out on the exciting features of this million-user photo editing tool. Check it out!

Swap faces with others

Users of Face App Free APK can switch faces with anyone in the image. With just one selfie, it also makes it very simple to insert your face into celebrity videos. The most realistic and distinctive effects will be added to the videos you have produced using deepfake technology. 

Make a recording of a celebrity whose face is controlled by your face. By holding down the long-press button while taking a video, you may construct clips that let you control famous people's faces in accordance with your changing facial expressions. Next, in a very original and humorous way, the celebrity's face will move in accordance with yours.

Simple usage

Everyone can use Faceapp Pro APK Premium Unlocked since it is user-friendly and simple. As soon as the app is launched, you can start snapping a picture or choose one from your phone's memory. You bring the face that corresponds to the pattern on the screen, back away with the camera until the pattern vanishes, and then push the capture button. To make a film out of a collection of images, you can select Faces or

Face App 5.0.0 Pro Mod APK

All Photos.

Besides, let’s create GIF animation with built-in face images. By converting standard face images into GIF animations, you can give them life. You can make original memes using this app's wealth of humorous terms.

Be any famous singer

It's time for you to add a song by a well-known performer to your profile picture. With the help of Face App, users will easily become famous singers. Simply choose a song effect video from your favorite artist on the app, choose a picture of your face, and the software will automatically blend the music based on your facial expressions. 

Flexible gender transition allows you to see the face while you are a female and vice versa if you are a male. Also, this feature sparked a fascinating wave of gender swaps on social media. Also, the app allows you to simply alter your hair color and apply different stickers.

Other cool features

Have you ever wondered why so many users find FaceApp to be so appealing? The pictures captured from FaceApp quickly inundated social media. We shall thus include a few additional exceptional qualities in addition to those mentioned above. 

There are up to 250 photo color filter options available to you, and they are incredibly popular, diversified, and rich. 
By the push of a button, the filter software changes the age of portraits. Moreover, you have the option of changing your smile. 

Faceapp Pro APK Premium Unlocked

How to download Face App Unlocked APK?

With other people's photographs, you can effortlessly swap and merge faces. It enables users to quickly switch faces with friends. You can exchange faces with friends, family members, famous people, or any other photo you took on your phone. Download Face App Pro from our website right away. 


You have learned all the essential details regarding Face App Pro APK from the post above. That is quite fashionable right now and very professional. You may now install and use FaceApp on your phone more easily, we hope. Good fortune!

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