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DS Blade of Hashira

DS Blade of Hashira APK 1.0.4 (Android Game)

Jun 03, 2023

Start a thrilling action-adventure in DS Blade of Hashira APK for a memorable experience. Start now to dominate the new arena!

Name DS Blade of Hashira
Updated 2023-06-03
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.0.4
Size 659 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer Cody Christopher w
Price Free
Google Play Link
DS Blade of Hashira

DS Blade Of Hashira APK – The Most Exciting Action Adventure RPG Game!

Have you ever watched the cult anime Demon Slayer? If you are a fan of this anime, you cannot ignore the DS Blade of Hashira APK. This game is inspired by the famous anime series with very attractive battles. Players can role-play the characters in the game and start their adventure journey. The fascinating plot and many interesting details will bring a special experience. You can use some more features to upgrade the game experience. Refer to the shares below to know more about this mod.

DS Blade of Hashira APK

About DS Blade of Hashira APK

Demon Slayer Blade of Hashira APK is one of the most interesting action RPG titles at the moment. It is inspired by the famous anime series of the same name Demon Slayer. Here, players have the opportunity to become the ruler of the arena when becoming invincible. Participating in the character's dramatic battles will help you unlock and discover more new things.

The fascinating plot of Demon Slayer Blade of Hashira Game APK has the ability to bring a completely special anime world. Here, you can not only transform into your favorite character but also perform many other impressive actions. Players can upgrade their favorite characters with equipment or customization. At the same time, you can also let the character go to new lands on the way to becoming a champion.

Impressive plot

DS:Blade of Hashira APK is an action-adventure game that started with a farmer boy. During the Taisho period, the boy's entire family was brutally murdered by mysterious people. Because he was so shocked and heartbroken because of the death of his loved ones, he became a demon. He wanted to remove this grief by fighting and going around in search of enemies.

The boy's thrilling journey begins at the same time you begin your journey. Players will be able to travel to many places, meet many impressive characters, explore many scenes and participate in many battles. Besides the dramatic battles, you can enjoy the joy of victory.

You can participate in various publisher events. It brings an impressive experience to players. You can make your story more interesting by unlocking more characters and special features.

Demon Slayer Blade of Hashira APK

Demon Slayer Blade of Hashira Codes APK

In order for players to have an impressive and fun DS Blade of Hashira APK start, you should learn more about the codes in the game. You can use these active codes to get more rewards. The rewards will be a great resource for you to upgrade your character and do many other things.

Here are some codes you can refer to:

  • Dsyzctylbm

  • DS666

  • DS777

  • DS888

When players enter these codes then will get some free bonuses. Redeem Codes Demon Slayer Blade of Hashira APK creates more chances and luck in battles. Let's collect as many rewards as possible

Features of DS Blade of Hashira APK

DS Blade of Hashira APK possesses many special features that help players increase their ability to win opponents. You can refer to the salient features below:

Demon Slayer Blade of Hashira Game APK

Many characters

Set from the Demon Slayer anime, DS Blade of Hashira APK has a large number of characters that you can explore. Hundreds of different characters in 4 opposing factions. Each character has exclusive skills. Their equipment is also unique with smart tactical gameplay.

To be able to unlock all characters, you need to try for a certain amount of time. Each character has its own characteristics, so to be able to fight stronger you should learn about them. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of yourself and your opponent helps you increase your chances of winning.

Fierce battle

The battles that the publisher DS Blade of Hashira APK creates really leave a great impression on players. The bloody battles of legendary heroes in the dramatic game. You will directly participate in the top-notch battles. To win, you must not only have full equipment, but also have good fighting skills. Players should have their own battle tactics to be able to overcome difficulties.

Multiple match mode options

Players in addition to participating in survival modes can choose to play solo. This arena will give you a different experience when fighting against opponents of the same level. Whether you win or not depends a lot on your skills.

Download game Demon Slayer Blade of Hashira APK for Android


DS Blade of Hashira APK brings an exciting and fascinating journey. Players can freely show off their fighting skills in the arenas. Tons of characters are waiting to compete with you. Fighting with many different people with different skills will certainly create a lot of excitement and excitement. Download game Demon Slayer Blade of Hashira APK for Android right through the link below to start the battle. Enjoy your moment of adventure!

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