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Drone Acro Simulator

Drone Acro Simulator APK 1.4 (Android Game)

Apr 22, 2023

Have you ever tried to control interesting drones? Drone Acro Simulator APK allows players to try to control Drone skillfully in the air.

Name Drone acro simulator
Updated 2021-07-26
Compatible with 7.1 and up
Last version 1.4
Size 110 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Simulation
Developer Egobrook
Price Free
Google Play Link
Drone Acro Simulator

Drone Acro Simulator APK

Are you obsessed with speed but looking for other games to play besides racing and moto racing games? The drones will stimulate and challenge you because they are difficult for you to control. Try out the crazy and bizarre FPV Drone racing simulation game with Drone Acro Simulator APK right away. Are you prepared to pilot the trickiest drone?

Drone Acro Simulator APK

Overview of Drone Acro Simulator APK

Drone Acro Simulator APK, an FPV flight simulator, is a game designed to imitate the feeling of operating a drone, as its name would imply. Players can connect to a suitable device, such as an Android phone, using the drone controller. The majority of FPV drone simulators may be used with a PC or a Mac. Drone Acro Simulator, on the other hand, is created especially for mobile devices.

Players can learn how to operate drones on any terrain, regardless of the weather, and without harming anyone in the event of a collision by utilizing the Drone Acro Simulator. The best way for gamers to hone their flying skills is through this. Whether you're an experienced FPV pilot or a novice seeking to learn how to fly properly for the best collision avoidance, Drone Acro can help you understand which acrobatic proposition matters. Let Drone Acro bring you unbelievable driving experiences.

What makes Drone Acro Simulator Full Version APK so attractive?

The simulation features and control screen of the Drone Acro Simulator are extremely realistic and stimulating. You will love the feeling of flying in this vast sky.

Drone Acro Simulator Full Version APK

Challenging Drone Races

You may participate in incredibly rapid and challenging drone racing with Drone Acro Simulator Free APK. The greatest virtual FPV gamers gather in our community today to create distinctive drones and prepare for thrilling races in the air. 4-wing model airplane races are held by Drone Acro Simulator, allowing you to feel the freedom of the skies and learn about a new sport. Drones will be controlled by players as they race other players or discover new gaming worlds. You can operate the drone in real life by using the abilities you develop in the video game Drone Acro Simulator.

Drone Acro Simulator Mod APK Paid Unlocked

You just operate a drone in Drone Acro Simulator Free Download APK, which players refer to as a QUAD. Since you are controlling it in first person, it gives the impression that you are in the cockpit of an actual airplane. If you master it, it will feel as though you are controlling a bird in flight. You must complete several procedures and make a significant real money deposit to play this game and obtain great drones.

You must first select a controller (abbreviated TX) that is appropriate for you and practice driving with the simulator program. This step is crucial because if you take a chance and purchase a drone to use for flying practice, you will quickly damage that drone. It's harder than you might expect. You may try out all the newest drone types without paying anything with Drone Acro Simulator Mod. Each drone's controls and instructions are provided plainly. You can choose from over 15 different drone models.

Drone Acro Simulator Free APK

Many Maps to fly around

In the Drone Acro Simulator APK, There are numerous maps available, all varying in difficulty. As with setting up a genuine quad, the parameters can be changed just like on a real drone. It has many settings for propeller strength and channel sensitivity. The use of drone technology in cinematography and surveying has become standard. A professional training program called Drone Acro Simulator uses the best flight control technology available in the United States. It helps pilots train under the ideal simulator circumstances by simulating real-world conditions.

Immerse yourself in an authentic flying experience

This program was created with business users in mind. It enables you to improve your piloting abilities without the dangers and expenses of formal training.

The drone's unique flight control system has undergone extensive analysis and fine-tuning. You can fly in a setting that is as real as possible by using the most realistic flight simulator. You can test out three fundamental flight modes.

  • Training: With basic flight lessons, route training, and practice exams, you may perfect your skills.

  • Users will be able to fly freely in an environment that simulates real-world situations.

  • Training for specific applications, such as power line testing or search and rescue missions, is known as application training.

Download game Drone Acro Simulator APK for Android

This simulator provides five different vantage points:

  • Pilot First Person View: Drone's rear

  • Remote management View: The perspective of the hand using the remote to operate the drone. 

  • FPV: The view appears to be from directly on the drone.

  • Drone The perspective is similar to when we fly behind the drone.

  • This perspective is similar to how we observe other people operating drones from the ground in the third person.

Download game Drone Acro Simulator APK for Android

The fact that you may operate the drone for free is the biggest benefit of this FPV simulator. You may take part in drone racing with simply an Android smartphone. You can become a seasoned FPV specialist for this price without having to pay any additional costs for FPV Drone repair. Everyone who makes use of Drone Acro Simulator will gain from a low-cost method that works wonders. Use the free Drone Acro Simulator right away.


Players can gain new flight handling skills through the Drone Acro Simulator APK and apply them to real-life flight with more accuracy and confidence. An intuitive, simple-to-use and understandable FPV flying simulator is Drone Acro Simulator. We are confident that using Drone Acro Simulator will improve your drone flying abilities.

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