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Dredge Mobile APK 1.3 (Android Game)

Apr 13, 2023

If you are looking for a fishing game with a bit of horror, Dredge Mobile APK is all you are looking for. Are you ready to sink to the bottom of the Dredge Ocean?

Name Dredge Mobile
Updated 2023-04-13
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.3
Size 16 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Adventure
Developer Dredge Mobile
Price Free
Google Play Link
Dredge Mobile

Explore endless depths with Dredge Mobile APK

Have you ever been curious about the aquatic world in the deep ocean? Do you love dredging deep seas and fishing for rare fish? We bet that Dredge Mobile APK will leave you amazed and excited with dozens of strange fish and mysterious treasures. Dredge Mobile promises to be a great game for you to start trying "walking" in the cold deep sea.

Dredge Mobile APK

Overview of Dredge Mobile APK

A unusual fishing game that has a few spooky features that give players the chills is called Dredge Mobile. This sea has a gloomy undercurrent and is fairly cold and dark. KRAFTON, Inc. designed the dredge, and to catch fish more successfully, you'll need to invest a little money on bait and nets. Of course, the enigmatic plot and distinctive gameplay of Dredge Mobile have made it famous. However, the Mod version of Dredge has fast grown more popular because to its fantastic advantages for gamers who enjoy playing for free.

The ocean's depths can be explored by players in pursuit of uncommon fish and long-buried secrets. Dredge offers a variety of challenging challenges and missions that can be completed for worthwhile prizes. Positive feedback has been given to the Dredge PC version on Steam by users who adore its eerily eerie images and unsettling sound effects. The best new single-player fishing game just released for those that enjoy adventures is Dredge Mobile APK.

Dredge Mobile download for Android

Why should you choose Dredge Mobile Download for Android?

There are many compelling reasons why many players choose Dredge Mobile to kill time. Here are four main reasons you might not know about Dredge.

Interesting plot

In Dredge Fishing Game for Mobile, Players will assume the role of a fisherman who is searching for the secrets of an enigmatic archipelago. Dredge Catching fish, trading it with neighbors, and improving your boat to dig deeper oceans are all part of fishing. The depth of the ocean is infinite. As a result, you must continually improve your boat, self-defense tools, and lures.

But you must also watch out for a weird stranger who is constantly following you and hatching evil schemes. He has the power to force you down perilous chasms and take fish. You'll encounter the enigmatic and elusive "dredging ship" as you travel further into the enormous oceanic planet of Dredge. This ship's gloom blankets the ocean, and it appears to be pursuing you at all times. Your goal is to find a way to eliminate him, but he proves to be a persistent and formidable opponent.

5 areas for you to fish

Dredge Monster Mobile APK Latest Version will be a paradise for those who love fishing for rare and exotic fish. They periodically appear in 5 different areas on the main plate of the ocean. Each area will be a combination of small islands, pontoons, bays, and colorful coral reefs. Players can choose to fish in Twisted Strand, The Marrows, Devil Spine, Gale Cliffs, and Stellar Basin. Every fish you catch in Dredge comes with a list of requirements that you need to meet before finding them.

Dredge Mobile Mod APK

Beware of dangerous fish

Dredge Mobile APK contains a lot of strange and dangerous fish. You need to make sure that you are in the right area for that type of fish, choose the right fishing rod, the right weather, and the time of day to have them in your pocket quickly. You also need to pay attention to the type of equipment you are using to fish. Should players use fishing rods, seine nets, lift nets, traps, or cast nets? All will affect your safety.

Devil Spine is the safest fishing area of ​​the five. In contrast, Twisted Strand is home to Dredge most dangerous fish. It is located in the Northwest of the map. You should be careful with Tarpon because this fish causes your body to blister and hurt when coming in too close contact with it.

100 levels corresponding to 100 types of fish

Dredge Mobile Mod APK has many different maps. 5 areas correspond to twenty levels each with challenges and obstacles that you need to overcome. You must use your wits and skills to get past that mysterious ship and reach the safest destination possible. With each level, the stake is higher and the danger is in a different level. You will have to deal with harsh storms, the stalking of strange men and deep black waters. However, if you can win, you will gain new skills and discover more secrets of an ancient civilization under the sea.

Free Download game Dredge Mobile APK for Android

Free Download game Dredge Mobile APK for Android

Dredge Mobile has realistic and creepy graphics that make your fishing experience more realistic. Graphics and sounds are designed in a fantasy direction to give players a realistic experience when fishing in different environments. Players can upgrade their boats to catch more fish and explore areas beyond The Marrow. Upgrades include more powerful engines, larger fish storage space, and more powerful weapons.


Overall, Dredge Mobile APK is a thrilling and fun fishing game that will keep you hooked for hours. Dredge Mobile requires players to have a lot of skills in fishing, controlling boats and selling guns accurately on target. Are you ready to claim your huge treasure?

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