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Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive

Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive APK 1.60.260228 (Android Game)

Apr 04, 2023

If you love Japanese anime-style role-playing games, Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive APK will be the first choice for you. We will give you the most detailed information about Kisaki Blue right now.

Name Blue Archive
Updated 2024-01-24
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.60.260228
Size 11 MB
MOD Android Game
Category Simulation
Developer NEXON Company
Price Free
Google Play Link
Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive

Play as a beautiful black-haired schoolgirl in Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive APK

Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive APK is currently creating a huge attraction in the Japanese gamer community in recent years. It not only has an excellent graphic design style, and character images similar to famous anime in Japan but the plot and gameplay are also meticulously created. Let's refer to the interesting information about this Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive game for Android phones. It will not disappoint you.

Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive APK

Overview of Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive APK

SunBorn Network created the Japanese role-playing video game Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive APK. SunBorn was immediately followed by Cygames, who also published this game. With the Android mobile operating system, Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive will be made available in late 2021.

A female high school student plays a part in Kisaki Blue Archive and joins the "Blue Archive" group. In the world of this game, girls have unique skills known as "Archives." All of these magical girls will get together to train and engage in combat with the Shanhaijing woodland monsters.

The main character in Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive, Kisaki, is a stunning woman with black hair who is dressed in a Chinese cheongsam. She is gorgeous and really attractive. Turn-based warfare and anime graphics are featured in Dogas Kisaki. Gamers have a variety of female characters to pick from, including Nonomi, Yuuka, Mutsuki, and Mimori. They'll combat the enemy as a four-person team. Also, the game contains social components that allow players to converse and interact with each other in the Blue Archive girls' academy.

Game Kisaki Blue Archive APK

What are the main features of Game Kisaki Blue Archive APK?

Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta APK contains many attractive features that players can hardly ignore. Strategy RPGs full of beautiful female students will make you fall in love.

High-quality graphics

Dogas Info Kisaki Blue Archive APK offers turn-based role-playing gameplay similar to that found in Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Honkai Impact. Participants will have to coach their female pupils and assemble a potent team based on their star level. The largest number of stars, five, represents the heavenly strength of female warriors. Let's begin engaging the adversary in a variety of battles.

Create your heroine

Gamers in Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta APK can design their characters with a wide range of wardrobe and weapon options, including swords, staffs, and guns. Each gorgeous costume is used to develop a distinctive identity. Turn-based combat is a component of the Kisaki Blue Archive. To beat the adversary, the player will command a force made up of several Archives. To overpower their opponents, players can deploy powerful skills, strategies, and weapons with high combat stats.

Kisaki Blue Archive Copypasta APK

Manage and train advanced Archive students

By updating their equipment and storage, players can control and update their squad's combat skills. To strengthen the bonds between Archive coaches and each other and create more effective methods, you should interact with other characters more. 

Kisaki Blue Archive APK Free Download for Android regularly hosts a variety of special occasions and holidays to give gamers more chances to win prizes and take part in a variety of fun activities. 

Combat System: The real-time action battle system in Kisaki Blue Archive allows the user to command a group of three characters, each of whom has special skills and attacks. To defeat opponents and fulfill objectives, players must strategize and coordinate their squads.

Gacha system to try your luck

There is a gacha system in the game where the player can use in-game money to purchase new characters or goods. At any one time, a variety of gacha banners are accessible, each with a high level correlating to a particular character. 

Kisaki Blue Archive includes side missions and temporary events in addition to the main narrative that provide extra prizes and difficulties. The replayability of the game is increased by the fact that these missions and events frequently have original plotlines and foes to face.

Download Kisaki Blue Archive APK

Download Kisaki Blue Archive APK

Many social elements, including a friend system, are present in the Kisaki Blue Archive APK. Close players can be added to your friends’ list. Give them presents, flowers, and take their characters for a day of combat. Players can team together in Kisaki Blue Archive's club system to fulfill guild objectives and gain rewards. To enjoy Kisaki's beauty and fighting prowess, download this game right away from our website.


A smartphone RPG with gorgeous graphics and fluid gameplay is Dogas Kisaki Blue Archive APK. It offers a wide variety of hosts and appealing PvP and PvE features. When wishing to play Japanese games, it provides a hard and enjoyable experience. Like any game, it does have some drawbacks and issues, such as time-consuming resources and issues with in-game currency. In conclusion, Kisaki Blue Archive is a fantastic pick if you're seeking for an engaging and diversified mobile RPG game.

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