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Dogas Info Syahata A Bad Day

Dogas Info Syahata A Bad Day APK 1.32 (Full Game, For Android)

Mar 24, 2023

Dogas Info Syahata A Bad Day APK allows you to participate in heart-pounding confrontations with Zombies in a school in Japan. Is it worth it for players to choose it in their free time?

Name Syahata A Bad Day
Updated 2023-03-24
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.32
Size 72 MB
MOD Full Game, For Android
Category Role Playing
Developer SABD
Price Free
Google Play Link
Dogas Info Syahata A Bad Day

Dogas Info Syahata A Bad Day APK and its great experiences

Japanese Pixel games always make players feel familiar because they are reminiscent of video games that have been around for a long time. Dogas Info Syahata A Bad Day APK also owns extremely attractive 2D Pixel graphics. Besides, you will have the opportunity to become a brave female student against an entire zombie army in a Japanese college. Dogas Info Syahata contains more useful features than you think. We will give you full details about it in the article below.

Dogas Info Syahata A Bad Day APK

Introduction of Dogas Info Syahata A Bad Day APK

info on dogs The indie game developer "Latino Studio" created the Japanese-style 2D scrolling game Syahata A Bad Day. You will assume the character of Syahata, a stunning high school student. She is a young girl caught in a school full of zombies and monsters, with short white hair and a pink ribbon on her head. Your task is to assist Syahata in leaving this perilous Japanese school and fending off the savage undead.

Syahata will encounter a wide variety of difficulties on her thrilling quest. Combating frightful animals, figuring out roughly 20 puzzles, and avoiding undead with gray skin are a few of these. To help Syahata through each level and go on to the next challenges, you'll need to use your dancing abilities, evade, and employ self-defense tools like long sticks. Please support Syahata to the refuge in the eastern suburbs with Syahata A Bad Day APK Download.

Download Syahata A Bad Day APK Download

Why should you choose Syahata A Bad Day Android Download?

Syahata A Bad Day does not make the player feel like flying is a bad day. It makes players more excited and happy.

Simple gameplay

You may battle the wicked student zombies in this game. They are many and have their tactics to prevent you from leaving this institution even though they lack intelligence and brains. Look for hidden things like crucial weaponry to fill your health pot or energy meter as Syahata advances through the levels or to exchange for rewards. Gamers can benefit from Syahata the schoolgirl's dexterity and simple controls. It guarantees that you are aware of exactly what to do when interacting with zombies.

Many attractive gift chests

By accomplishing tasks or filling up chests positioned around the school, you can discover special characters and outfits as you play. While beating a zombie, players can pick up money and gold along the route. With this cash, you can purchase weapons that are more potent than your current stick. To combat the undead, players can upgrade their weapons into swords, shotguns, and rocket launchers. Utilize the skill points you acquire to increase your character's defense against zombie attacks and increase their accuracy. 

Players can choose Syaheta A Bad Day APK Download often without becoming bored. There are so many drop precious items, challenges, daily events, and randomly created content. Replaying stages in this game can keep you entertained for hours.

Syahata A Bad Day Android Download

Character customization

Your Syahata schoolgirl avatar can be changed up with various clothes and accessories. You can choose one of her vibrant and functional clothes to walk around in because she loves to flaunt her figure. Play as several characters with various skills and open up various clothes to further alter Syahata's appearance. 

Stunning visuals and audio 

Players in Syahata A Bad Day are greatly impressed with the game's graphics and audio. The graphics of the game are made in the Pixel Art 2D fashion to produce a vibrant and exciting gaming environment. Characters, zombies, and the school environment are just a few of the intricately detailed and stunning aspects of the game Syahata. All create a large and worthy world.

This game's controls are pretty easy to understand. For new players, Syahata Bad Day has a simple, intuitive control scheme. The only controls you need to operate the Syahata are the scroll and jump keys. It has 15 levels total, which is equal to this school's 5 floors. With several zombie varieties, players can face various difficulties and barriers.

Syahata A Bad Day APK Download

Syahata A Bad Day APK Download

The engaging and straightforward gameplay of Syahata's A Bad Day makes it extremely addicting. The graphics and sound of this game are straightforward, but they still manage to grab players' interest. In addition, Syahata A Bad Day, a free game with a lot of intriguing features, only requires two navigation buttons for the player to manage this zombie fighting game. It is particularly appropriate for fans of the Japanese Pixel 2D game type. 


You can try unique pixel graphics and fluid animations found in the Dogas Info Syahata A Bad Day APK. Additionally, Dogas Info Syahata’s graphics have been enhanced to give every player the best traditional 2D side-scrolling experience. Try it out as soon as possible!

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