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Dezor TV

Dezor TV APK 1.00 (For Android and Fire TV Stick)

Mar 16, 2023

Dezor TV APK is an application that allows you to watch movies across German borders through VPN IPs and block ads. Users can take advantage of Dezor for unlimited entertainment with high-quality movie sources.

Name Dezor Tv :Stream Movies, Shows
Updated 2023-05-31
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.00
Size 81 MB
MOD For Android and Fire TV Stick
Category Tools
Developer Celebs RBT Inc
Price Free
Google Play Link
Dezor TV

Dezor TV APK | Watch German movies and TV shows without limits

The product is marketed by Dezor's creators as a cutting-edge browser with an integrated VPN and ad blocker. Dezor is likely only actually utilized as a web browser in specific circumstances. It was developed to meet the demands of German-language television and film playback. There are more intriguing things in Dezor TV APK than you could imagine.

Dezor TV APK

What is Dezor TV APK?

Dezor's creator first presented it as a cutting-edge browser. Yet, a lot of customers stream movies to regular TVs using the Dezor app as a media player. Viewers can stream and rewatch videos and movies from Germany and other nations for free with Dezor TV APK. It is appropriate for users with modest budgets. 

Dezor is a young and inexperienced browser right now. Users are impressed by its built-in ad blocker and VPN. In actuality, a VPN application may hide more than one media player. Does it provide consumers who are unable to access certain movie websites with a VPN service? You should therefore learn the truth about the Dezor app.

Dezor APK Fire TV Stick

What makes the Dezor APK Fire TV Stick so popular?

The Dezor alternative browser makes huge promises to customers by including a quick VPN connection and an integrated ad blocker. However, it is only used as a web browser under specific circumstances and is better suited for multimedia playing.

Stream content via Samsung Smart TV

By integrating Google Chromecast, Dezor Samsung TV APK users may now stream media to a bigger screen. Via a Chromecast-enabled device, such as a smart TV, you can stream more than one thousand videos and films of any other genre using this app. Your experience is improved by doing this, especially if you want to watch live-action movies like Death Note in your living room on a large screen.

Bypass the firewall and enjoy your favorite movies

Germany had citizens pay exorbitant amounts to listen to the radio and see exclusive programming. To prevent visitors from reading intriguing content, the German government frequently blocks some links from other nations. As a result, you may start watching your favorite movies for free by using the Dezor App for Firestick TV to get through the firewall and a VPN service. Moreover, users can use the built-in VPN and ad removal tool to browse the website incognito. Your entertainment will no longer contain any intrusive banners or advertisements. This is fortunate for you to have Dezor APK Download free.

Dezor APK Download free

Wide selection of live TV channels

Dezor offers a wide selection of 22 popular movie genres and exclusive live TV channels. You can choose from over 400 TV channels in countries like the UK, USA, Netherlands, Spain, and Russia. Whether you are a fan of sports, music, movies, or TV series, you can find all your favorite channels on this app. Dezor TV's cross-platform compatibility is available on different platforms. It includes Samsung Smart TV, PC, and Android. 

High-definition video quality

It provides movie quality with high definition for all live TV channels. You can watch your favorite shows with resolutions ranging from 240p to 1080p. It brings the ultimate viewing experience to every user. The user interface of Dezor is friendly and easy to use. You can easily navigate the app and search bar with short keywords to find your favorite channels. Start watching live German TV with just one tap.

Other features of Dezor TV APK

  • One of the few apps that can play movies in 4K or even HDR resolution. 

  • diverse genres, including sitcoms, documentaries, and old movies. 

  • Based on the user's prior movie viewing, a recommendation system for movies exists. 

  • Automatically selected videos for TV shows, the news, and occasional commentary. 

  • You can view the video and the community's comments on Dezor. 

  • Supports up to 35 languages that users have translated.  When watching the video, you can select the language of the supplemental subtitles. 

  • Your favorite film or video can be shared on other social media platforms.

Dezor App for firestick TV

Dezor APK Download free

The best viewing experience is provided by the live TV app Dezor APK. Using this software, you can get live TV channels from many different countries. It includes numerous nations, such as Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Germany, the United States, and the United Kingdom. With DEZOR IPTV, you may access a huge selection of live TV channels, including sports, news, movies, TV series, and live events. Download this software from our website to take advantage of everything risk-free and for nothing.


Dezor TV APK is your best option if you need to watch movies that are restricted outside of Germany. It satisfies your need for entertainment whether you're viewing movies, free TV through the Internet, or on your Samsung Smart TV. Download this smooth and reliable internet TV streaming app right away! In the palm of your hand, there are all the free and premium German programs.

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