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Cooking Simulator

Cooking Simulator APK 1.107 (Kitchen Game, Free for Android)

Nov 27, 2023

Cooking Simulator APK is a premium kitchen game that explores more than 120 recipes.

Name Cooking Simulator
Updated 2023-03-21
Compatible with 5.0 and up
Last version 1.107
Size 255 MB
MOD Kitchen Game, Free for Android
Category Simulation
Developer FatRatGames
Price Free
Google Play Link
Cooking Simulator

A Culinary Odyssey on Android | Dive into Realism, Creativity, and Challenges with Cooking Simulator APK Game

Cooking Simulator APK, developed by PlayWay SA, is a culinary adventure for Android users seeking a realistic and engaging cooking experience. Gamers and enthusiasts of the culinary arts will enjoy this free-to-download game. For both novice and expert chefs, Cooking Simulator Mobile offers a captivating blend of entertainment and realism.

Cooking Simulator APK

Overview Of The Game

This smartphone game immerses players in the bustling kitchen of a tiny restaurant, laying the groundwork for an exquisite culinary adventure. The two main game modes that set it apart are career and sandbox. Players can play in a laid-back, unstructured manner in the sandbox mode, experimenting with kitchen sets and recipes at their own speed. Conversely, the career mode presents obstacles that players must overcome in order to advance and become the best chefs.

Attractive Points Of The Game

Realistic Cooking Simulation

One of the standouts of Cooking Simulator APK Latest Version is its commitment to delivering a lifelike cooking simulation. The game's graphics are not just visually appealing but also meticulously detailed, providing a virtual kitchen that mirrors the real thing. The physics involved in the cooking process adds an authentic touch, making every chop, stir, and sauté feel genuinely immersive.

Diverse Kitchen Tools and Ingredients

Equipped with a modern kitchen featuring professional-grade tools and an extensive array of ingredients, Cooking Simulator Mobile empowers players to unleash their culinary creativity. A variety of kitchen appliances, including pots, pans, gas stoves, and ovens, are mimicked in the game. An abundant and varied cooking experience is guaranteed by the availability of a wide variety of products, such as meat, vegetables, and spices.

Cooking Simulator Mobile APK

Creative Kitchen Customization

Cooking Simulator Kitchen & Cooking Game APK goes beyond the kitchen basics by allowing players to personalize their cooking space. You can personalize your kitchen in the game to match your preferred modern or retro aesthetic. The ability to upgrade equipment using in-game cash earned by completing missions also adds a strategic component, which adds intrigue and vitality to the action.

Features Of The Game

Extensive Recipe Collection

Diving into the heart of the game, Cooking Simulator APK For Android boasts an impressive repertoire of over 120 recipes. A broad variety of tastes are catered to by this enormous array, so gamers will always have fresh and intriguing things to try.

Immersive Gameplay Modes

The versatility of Cooking Simulator Mobile is evident in its two primary gameplay modes. In sandbox mode, players can enjoy a laid-back and unstructured cooking experience. For individuals who prefer to explore unrestrictedly and let their imagination run wild without the burden of obstacles, this mode is ideal. However, career mode adds a competitive aspect by requiring players to learn more difficult recipes in order to advance up the culinary ladder.

Interactive Cooking Experience

What sets Download Cooking Simulator APK apart is its interactive cooking experience. The entire cooking process is walked through with the user by the game, from entering the kitchen to adding exact amounts of ingredients. In order to make culinary masterpieces, players must carefully calculate cooking durations and use the appropriate utensils, which adds a degree of strategy to the hands-on approach.

Cooking Simulator VR

Actual Experience Of The Author And Advantages/Disadvantages Of The Game

Comments on the Experience

Diving into Cooking Simulator APK Obb, I was pleasantly surprised by the game's ability to seamlessly merge entertainment with culinary education. Feeling like a professional chef will be made possible by the visual feast that is provided by the intricate representations of kitchen appliances. Because of the participatory nature of the cooking process and its commitment to authenticity, the game has a unique touch.

Cooking Simulator VR’s immersive experience starts with a choice between sandbox mode and career mode. In sandbox mode, you have the freedom to experiment without constraints, creating a virtual kitchen playground. But career mode presents a challenge: it puts you in the busy kitchen of a tiny restaurant, where you must advance through progressively difficult recipes that require accuracy and competence.


  • Realistic Design: Players and cooking enthusiasts will find the realistic graphics of the game to be realistic and appealing.
  • Customization: The dynamic and exciting action of the game is enhanced by allowing you to modify kitchen appliances and add creative elements.
  • Variety: There is always something new in the game, providing plenty of food choices for everyone’s taste.


  • Device Compatibility: While the game runs smoothly on newer devices, it may lag on older or less powerful ones, affecting the overall gaming experience.
  • Learning Curve: The meticulous calculations required for cooking times and ingredient measurements may pose a challenge for casual gamers, potentially limiting the game's accessibility.
  • Optimization Issues: Some players may find that the game lacks optimization, impacting its performance on certain devices.

Download Instructions

For a secure and hassle-free download experience of Cooking Simulator Mobile APK, stands out as a trustworthy platform dedicated to ensuring the safety of all gamers. To initiate the download process, simply navigate to the end of the article dedicated to Cooking Simulator Mobile on this website. There, you'll find a prominently placed "Download now" button. A single click on this button sets in motion the download sequence, guiding you through the user-friendly instructions displayed on your screen. Within moments, the game will be seamlessly transferred to your device, unlocking the gateway to an exciting and mysterious world of virtual culinary adventures.  So, hit that "Download now" button and get ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling universe of virtual cooking prowess.

Cooking Simulator APK Obb


Cooking Simulator APK emerges as a flavorful fusion of entertainment and culinary exploration for Android users. Because of its creative customization options, broad recipe collection, and commitment to realism, the game stands out in the world of mobile gaming. Android gamers who are looking for a combination of culinary exploration and exhilarating gameplay will find Cooking Simulator Mobile to be an engaging and compelling experience. Visit for additional details, user reviews, and a community focused on all things Android gaming.

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