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College Brawl

College Brawl APK 1.0 (Full Version, Android Game)

Mar 09, 2023

College Brawl APK will make you become a young Japanese boy or girl. What do you do when you and your friends are bullied by a big gang in Brawl College?

Name College Brawl Fight Mod
Updated 2023-03-25
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 1.0
Size 47 MB
MOD Full Version, Android Game
Category Action
Developer MODS GAMES
Price Free
Google Play Link
College Brawl

If you want to participate in dramatic fights with notorious gangs in school, College Brawl APK is the must-have game on your phone. The game is set at a famous Japanese Brawl academy. Players will take on the role of a new transfer student to this school and fall into the sights of the jokes here. You will find it very stimulating. Experience this game now.

College Brawl APK

What is College Brawl APK?

A Japanese action and school game called College Brawl is becoming popular and favored by many people. It is considered a very new school game for many TikTok and Facebook users. You will begin to join the College Brawl through a long white hallway. On either side were male and female students talking to each other. When you step foot into this school, a gang called The Red Cats with sassy girls will block your way.

This Japanese school is not as quiet and fun as the normal school days when you are at other schools. There have been many fights between gangs and you also start to get caught up in these fights. Several incidents involving gangsters in the school have come to light. Therefore, now there are even more surprises about dangerous gangs and bosses waiting for you to eliminate them.

The disruption was initially sparked by the well-known gang The Red Cats. They pilfered items from other students, including clothes, money, and school bags. The player will be the student being bullied by this gang and speak out against it. As a result, the attraction of the game began to gradually increase thanks to the conflicts between Ken and Red Cats.

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Download APK College Brawl

What makes Game College Brawl APK more attractive?

Exciting Japanese School Plot

Players can choose a character based on their actual gender in real life. If you are a boy, you should choose the role of Ken. After you choose the main character of the game, your journey in College Brawl Game begins. You are a good student who always tries to help your friends and those around you because you have a kind heart. A lot of people have been under pressure from gangs in this school. Engage with local thugs. It's the Red Cats gang. Stay calm to handle any unforeseen situations. The player must then move to different locations on the school campus to defeat other thugs.

Go with the attractive schoolgirl Anno if you're a girl. She is Ken's younger sister. The elimination of Brawl's five bosses is the main objective of both characters. If you play the female character Anno, you will have less of a challenge than the character Ken. Ken has 10 levels to pass, and Anno has only 7 levels.

Game College Brawl APK

Be Careful Of Your HP Bar

When a thug attacks you and you can't dodge him, the health meter showing your HP will drop by one bar in College Brawl Android APK. Only when the health meter is full red will the player be alive. The health bar must be watched closely as it will indicate when you should consume food and water and rest. In calculating our victory percentage for you, this is also a crucial component. Also, you must be aware that water and food are limited. Therefore, you need to use them wisely in confrontations to avoid consuming too much stamina.

Fierce Battles Between You And The Boss

The player must first engage in a small skirmish with the common thugs in the College Brawl Girl before engaging in a survival encounter with the Red Cats gang's final boss. However, winning is not easy. You need to be able to calculate, plan, have special talents, and endure a tortured war with monsters. The boss of the Red Cats is a muscular girl with 5 times your HP bar. Try your best.

The Killing It (KI) Meter shows your percentage of kills within a minute. Since you can only attack in front of you, you must either take damage or lose your KI if you find yourself surrounded. Your opponent is farther away than you and you can't attack him if you don't get close to them.

College Brawl Game APK Download

There are some great features in the latest College Brawl Modilimitado APK version. There will be fiercer battles than before. Now you need to add more energy, and abilities, and increase your strength, skills, and intelligence to raise the KI ratio. You should have a clever strategy for the young to combine strength and defeat 5 Bosses of Red Cats. Download APK College Brawl to defeat the most cunning and powerful bosses of this Japanese academy.

College Brawl Game


You should download College Brawl APK to get the best features of a breathtaking Brawl High School action game. To combat the members of a renowned gang, you have to acquire fighting skills. You will eventually become prominent and powerful in this school which makes it thrilling and exciting. Why don't you want to play this game right now? Try College Brawl out now!

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