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CBP One APK 2.57.0 (Android App)

Mar 26, 2023

CBP One APK is an official and only portal for many US customs clearances and services. It helps users to use CBP's services quickly based on detailed instructions and available questionnaires.

Name CBP One
Updated 2024-01-23
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 2.57.0
Size 487 MB
MOD Android App
Category Tools
Developer U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Price Free
Google Play Link

CBP One APK | Save your customs clearance time

U.S. Customs and Border Protection has officially announced an app to assist US citizens in customs services and clearance. It's CBP One APK. It helps optimize the declaration process, control delivery time, and send across the US border with just an Android phone. CBP One contains many useful features that cross-border goods traders should use. Dive into our article below to understand more about CBP One.


What is CBP One APK?

U.S. Customs and Border Protection's CBP One APK is a popular business app that was released to help people with travel, customs, and other border-related issues. 

For Android devices, CBP One is regarded as the official website of US Customs and Border Protection. Using a single official interface, users of this mobile gadget can access numerous helpful governmental services. The type of customs service, declaration, and information lookup that best meets your needs can be chosen by users. You can ask for comprehensive information on visas, travel documents, or cross-border documentation. 

You can track your domestic and international shipments with the CBP One app by tracking their delivery status in real time. You can track your incoming and existing items by regularly updating the shipping and product packing information.

CBP One will scan your passport number and request a photo from you if you attempt to apply for a US Travel Permit first. The use of this application is relatively straightforward for beginners. Users can scan their photographs and other identification documents because it is compatible with the majority of Android devices.

CBP One 2.40 APK

Why do many users choose CBP One APK for Android?

Thanks to the convenience and speed of CBP One, millions of users have saved time completing customs administrative requirements and procedures in the US.

Check shipping information quickly

Customers have the option to request to check shipment details, such as the contact details of brokers, carriers, and forwarders. When mailing or receiving fragile or damaged items from the United States, you can also do so while seated at home using a mobile device. CBP One 2.40 APK constantly updates the current progress of your query. A Customs and Border Protection Professional will react and get back to you as quickly as they can if you require urgent cargo assistance right away.

Online payment for I-94

Foreign visitors can register and pay for their I-94 at the Port of Entry up to seven days before arriving in the US using CBP One 2.40.0 APK outside the US (POE). The I-94 freight schedules as well as up to five years' worth of journey history are also accessible digitally through CBP One. All information can be accessed on the official I-94 website, and the I-94 feature streamlines your I-94 filing process. In our opinion, bus drivers, train drivers, commercial truck drivers, pilots of airplanes and seaplanes, and captains of commercial vessels would all profit in various ways from CBP One.

CBP One 2.40.0 APK

User-friendly interface

A US-friendly user interface is provided by CBP One. It gives access to certain exclusive CBP services. The CBP One system asks you to respond to practice questions regarding the services you need before letting you check your finished applications. You may also communicate directly with US Customs and Border Protection customer care agents using CBP One APK Latest Version. They are constantly accessible to address any queries or worries regarding a certain customs service.

High level of privacy protection 

To safeguard users from data theft and leaking, the privacy settings of the app also have a pin code option. It guarantees that your personal information is secure and well-protected. Via this adaptable, configurable system, travelers can produce electronically verified receipts for items. When asked by US or Mexican border officials at any location along the two countries' shared international border, the system can be used as proof of entry or leave.

CBP One APK Latest Version

CBP One APK Free Download

By using CBP One, you can visit US Customs offices and agencies more quickly and for less money. Knowing that you can maintain all required communications and crucial information about your trip in case of an emergency allows you to travel more safely. Also, it enables control travelers to examine all of their shipments in real-time. You can consult and schedule all required customs and visa services through a single CBP interface. When CBP One emerged, the bureaucracy appeared to have vanished. For Americans and others looking to ship goods to America, it is the end of the dark tunnel. To better suit your needs, CBP One is currently available in our article. 


Customers can get detailed instructions on the documentation and customs handling process from CBP One APK. For citizens who live distant from US Customs and Border Protection, it is suitable. Use this reliable tool to examine cargo at land and maritime borders.

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