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Camcorder Vlog Your Story

Camcorder Vlog Your Story APK 1.5 (Premium Unlocked, Android App)

Mar 11, 2023

Download Camcorder Vlog Your Story APK will make your story vlogs more interesting. Discover more new features to develop the perfect content!

Name La Camcorder
Updated 2019-03-07
Compatible with 2.2 and up
Last version 1.5
Size 7 MB
MOD Premium Unlocked, Android App
Category Video Player & Editors
Developer Dmitriy Lapayev
Price Free
Google Play Link
Camcorder Vlog Your Story

Camcorder Vlog Your Story APK

Have you ever vlogged the story before? Currently, vlog videos are a strong development trend on social networking platforms. Whether you are a beginner or can shoot professional vlogs, Camcorder Vlog Your Story APK is also one of the top choices. Its cool features will make your story and journey vlog more effectively recorded. Refer to the shares below to have the perfect footage.

Camcorder Vlog Your Story APK

Overview - Camcorder Vlog Your Story APK

Camcorder Vlog Your Story App is one of the most popular and professional video recording applications available today. Vloggers often use this mod to make video recording more convenient. You can use it as an all-rounder to create engaging videos.

Camcorder Vlog Your Story Android is easy to download on Android devices and it is not difficult to get started. You can still get started with your first fun vlog even if you're not a pro. The mod developer has added many advanced and safe video recording features for users. In addition to automatic recording, you can customize many specifications to make the camera more professional and smooth.

This application is like a camera upgrade tool on your Android device. Everything can be adjusted before you start recording vlogs or videos. Users can easily adjust exposure, ISO, white balance, frame rate, screen speed, manual focus, etc. Manual adjustment will help you get the frame, images, and sounds to your liking.

Camcorder APK Free Download provides advanced video recorder and editor for free. However, users will have to pay a certain extra fee to be able to use the features, including premium features fully. Users can also choose to watch ads to use advanced features for free. It takes a while to get started with a great video, but the results you get are totally worth it.

Camcorder Vlog Your Story App

With just a simple phone, you can create attractive videos with the content you want. Besides recording videos, you can start editing videos after recording. The editing steps are simple and easy to share or export after finishing. Users can choose to share via private messages or share on social networking platforms.

Creating, editing, and sharing videos is now much faster and easier. Users only need to invest in developing video content and editing time to be able to start their attractive vlog.

Salient features

Camcorder App for Android possesses many modern and convenient features. All you need in a video recording and editing application, Camcorder Vlog Your Story has it. Here are some outstanding features you may be interested in:

Record vlogs easily with friends

You and your friends can start vlogging without complicated editing tools. Everything is simplified when you start recording video with Camcorder Vlog Your Story APK. Your interesting stories, trips or experiences will be saved quickly and efficiently. These are precious memories. Not only can you save it in the best way, but you can also share it with more people.

The more unique and diverse your videos are, the more followers they will attract. With a variety of support tools, you can confidently share the videos you record.

Camcorder Vlog Your Story Android

Various filters

Camcorder Vlog Your Story provides users with the ultimate filter collection with many different styles. Filters with classic and nostalgic styles are the first choice of people who have used mods. Monochromatic colors mixed with noise effects will bring a sense of antiquity or bring users back to the 80s of the last century.

In addition, users can choose to add filters with other bright colors designed by the publisher. With more than 20 interesting filters from indie, vintage to hipster, users can shoot many vlogs with different styles. These quick filters will help you quickly make your videos more unique and interesting.

If you want to have your own filter, you can make edits through available tools such as exposure, ISO, white balance, frame rate, screen speed, etc. In addition, you can add other interesting effects to make a difference.

Share quickly

Easy sharing is one of the outstanding plus points of Camcorder Vlog Your Story APK. Users can quickly send their video to someone or share it on platforms after exporting the video. This does not take much of the user's time and you do not need to pay extra. The publisher guarantees the quality of the video after exporting to be clear and vivid.

User-friendly interface, easy to use

Camcorder Vlog Your Story developer is constantly upgrading its mod interface so that users can easily edit and perform operations. Function buttons are added and arranged to optimize the user's ability to perform operations. When editing videos, you can also easily add stickers, text, crop and do more.

Camcorder App for Android


Camcorder Vlog Your Story APK will definitely support users a lot in the process of recording and creating vlogs. With just one software, you have all the tools you need to edit and enhance your videos. Quickly download the mod to start your fascinating vlog.

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