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Bottle Biosphere

Bottle Biosphere APK 1.2 (Việt Hoá, Android Game)

Jun 21, 2023

Bottle Biosphere APK is a game about the love world of two cartoon characters, in which you will transform into a male character and make life better for both.

Name Bottle Biosphere
Updated 2023-06-21
Compatible with 5.1 and up
Last version 1.2
Size 277 MB
MOD Việt Hoá, Android Game
Category Simulation
Developer KumonosuGame
Price Free
Google Play Link
Bottle Biosphere

Bottle Biosphere APK - Romantic love story of two cartoon characters

If you are looking for an exciting dating simulation game then Bottle Biosphere APK will be the choice for you. Bring you a romantic date with the girl who is quite timid and has a rather complicated family life. When you come to her, make her someone else more flexible and have interesting stories with that girl. You need to interact with the character to be able to complete the missions in this game. This will be an exciting game that will make it possible to enjoy your own dating space. This game you can download for free on Android devices. Follow the article below for more details, so don't rush through it!

Bottle Biosphere APK

About Bottle Biosphere Game APK

Bottle Biosphere APK is a role playing game that simulates a romantic love story between a weak girl and strong guy. You will play the character of the boy with the task of protecting his little girl. The story revolves around the lives of two characters, the girl is an orphan and shy but very cute and beautiful. The guy is a person who has the will to work and strives every day, but his fate is constantly changing his job because he is inappropriate or encounters unwanted problems.

Bottle Biosphere Việt Hóa APK simulates both characters meeting in a situation where the boy is on his way home from work and sees the girl sitting in front of his gate. Then he asked again and invited her into the house. When she arrived at the house, she was still scared and slowly told the story she had just met. She was just taken away by someone else and now has nothing in her hands and no relatives at all. The boy finished listening very touchingly and sympathetically to her. And he decided to let the girl stay with him.

In Bottle Biosphere Android APK, players will take on the task of going to work and feeding their small family. Since the girl returned to the same place everything in the house was tidy up. The boy goes to work all night and eats with his beloved. He has to make a lot of money to take care of his future life. We must work together as hard as we can to make life happier. Bottle Biosphere f95 APK also offers puzzles that require players to decode successfully and bring many benefits behind.

Bottle Biosphere Game APK

Indeed, if you successfully decode as many puzzles, you will receive many bonuses, items and many other things. You can use the bonus to buy costumes and items necessary for life, or take it to prepare something romantic for the girl. The game will give you the feeling of living a happy love life and always having a happy smile. Downloading the game now to experience it together is fun.

Features of Bottle Biosphere Guide APK

Coming to this Bottle Biosphere APK you will have to have a fascinating story with quite unique gameplay with the story revolving around a girl. With kindness from yourself, you bring the youngest girl home to take care of and then you vibrate before the beauty and want to go on a date with that girl. The game will be more interesting when you use your strategic abilities in each situation. Each of your decisions will be very important and affect the outcome of the game very much. It is necessary to make the right decisions in solving the puzzle. Here are some features you shouldn't miss:

Simple interface

In this Bottle Biosphere APK game players will be amazed at the interface of the game is quite simple and friendly to many users so it can be easily accessed. A pretty fun game if the player is a lover of the dating simulation genre will let you enjoy the romantic dating space full of party girls. Help that girl become happier with you. Because when that girl is happy, you finish the challenge and score points in front of that girl. It is a condition to bring two people closer together and have a beautiful ending to prove their love.

Bottle Biosphere Việt Hoá APK

Stunning graphics

For a game to be attractive, the graphics are the most important part so that players can mingle and not escape. So at Bottle Biosphere APK Full Game you will experience vivid 3D graphic design that helps players get the space full of truth. Aim for players to enjoy the most amazing entertainment along with the romantic space created in this game. This will be a very attractive game that you should download to enjoy with many situations that you need to handle as it will affect the outcome of the game so you need to be very cautious in your assertiveness.

Keep the smile for the girl

Help the girl to always be happy, avoid making the impact on the character that makes her unhappy, you will not be awarded points and lead to slow progress in your game. Always keep her in a happy state with you. You can customize the outfit for the girl because our character has a rather quiet character, so you need to choose the right hairstyle. Free Download Bottle Biosphere APK for Android right down to be able to experience a romantic dating simulation game here!

Free Download Bottle Biosphere APK for Android


Bottle Biosphere APK is a game with gameplay quite familiar to devotees passionate about romance and cartoon characters. You will be embodied in the cartoon character and experience a happy life with your beloved. Know what it is to try to work daily, change your life for the better. There is nothing happier than seeing your love always smiling and forgetting about the sad things in the past. Download the game now to experience the love life that goes from sadness, difficulty to happiness and fun.

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