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Black Clover Mobile APK 1.08.029 (Rise of The Wizard King)

May 26, 2023

Black Clover Mobile APK allows players to choose their favorite anime character to role-play. Explore the magical world with an engaging storyline!

Name Black Clover M
Updated 2024-01-15
Compatible with 7.0 and up
Last version 1.08.029
Size 861 MB
MOD Rise of The Wizard King
Category Action
Developer Garena International II
Price Free
Google Play Link
Black Clover Mobile

Black Clover Mobile APK – Favorite Anime Character Role Playing Game

Have you watched the popular anime 'Shonen Jump'? If you are a fan of this anime, you should not ignore Black Clover Mobile APK. This role-playing game allows players to transform into anime characters from the movie. Players will build a team of magical knights and begin their adventure in the magical world. Start your journey now to become the first Sorcerer King!

Black Clover Rise of The Wizard King APK

About Black Clover Mobile APK

Black Clover Game APK is the hottest anime character role-playing game inspired by the famous anime 'Shonen Jump'. Here, players will immerse themselves in a fantasy world full of magic and mysteries. The classic and engaging storyline will lead you on a whole new adventure.

The plot is set in a magical world surrounded by shadows and on the verge of destruction. At this point, we need a hero to appear to be able to save them all. Asta is a special boy who was born without magic. However, his wish is to become the Sorcerer King. From there, his journey begins to prove himself.

Black Clover Rise of The Wizard King APK gives players an extremely realistic feeling. This game uses strategic gameplay, so you need to plan your journey in addition to improving your character's fighting skills.

Players will transform into characters in the game and summon other favorite characters to become a group. These magic knights will begin their journey through the magical land to become the Sorcerer King.

Players have to face many difficulties in training to become the Sorcerer King. Many missions appear unexpectedly and you need to complete them. However, these quests also allow you to gather more skills. Becoming the Sorcerer King takes work.

The story in Black Clover Mobile Game APK is very thrilling. The danger is approaching and the cast of knights needs to do something. There will be a brutal battle and Asta and his friends need to try harder.

Players will be participating in dramatic battles with mystical forces. It has yet to be determined what will happen in advance. Therefore, before the battle begins, you need to train your character and accumulate many other combat skills.

Download game Black Clover Mobile APK for Android

Features of Black Clover Mobile Game APK

Black Clover Mobile JP APK has many outstanding advantages that attract players to join it. If you really want to become your favorite anime character and start your journey of discovery, these features should be noticed.

Personalize and upgrade your character

Each player will transform into a different favorite anime character in Black Clover Mobile Global Version APK. The publisher allows players to personalize their characters by changing customizations. You can change the costumes, skills, and accessories for your character.

These customizations may vary depending on the character's level, skill, and score at that time. When upgrading your character, you can upgrade weapons and other equipment. This is really necessary. Only when your character has the best equipment will there be a chance to win against the dark forces out there.

Fast-paced fighting game

Although the direction of Black Clover Mobile APK is more about adventure than the battles in this mod, it is the highlight. The publisher allows fast-paced battles to take place. Ancient team battles will be recreated in the most realistic way. Quick moves happen in just one tap.

Each character can unleash their maximum power and skills to join the battle. The battle will become more fierce and this is the right time to show off your unique fighting skills.

Fascinating storyline

Besides the battles and interesting things in this mod, the plot is the core factor that attracts players. A journey in the magical world with fast-paced gameplay and unexpected battles is truly fascinating. A team of knights will have survival battles to confront evil. Can the knights become the Sorcerer King?

Black Clover M Black Clover Mobile APK Latest Version

Diverse battle modes

In addition to choosing a character, players also have to choose to participate in many of the game's challenges. These thrilling challenges will offer different stories that you can participate in. Here are some challenges for you:

  • Quest: recreates the plot, providing a different experience with a plot with many new developments.

  • Raid: Take on advanced challenges full of obstacles

  • Memory hall: fight villain bosses

  • Arena: immersive pvp experience

  • Time-limited challenge: players face powerful enemies and fight within a certain time

Top notch graphics

Graphics are one of the details Black Clover Mobile APK is most proud of in their product. Game graphics are rendered using the UE4 engine with high quality 3D models. The background is designed in a new and attractive magic style. Stunning visuals recreate battles most realistically. Character creation is also very top-notch when perfecting every detail.

Download game Black Clover Mobile APK for Android

If you are a lover of anime characters, you should not miss this game. Black Clover M Black Clover Mobile APK Latest Version brings many new experiences with mystical fighting skills. Download this game through the link at the end of our article to experience the adventure and many exciting battles right away.

Black Clover Mobile JP APK


Black Clover Mobile APK has a unique gameplay and is completely different from other anime games. Not only will you transform into your favorite character, and adventure in a new world, but also have a fast-paced battle. Too many fascinating things for you to experience in a single game. Download now to become the greatest Sorcerer King of the magical world!

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