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Being a DIK

Being a DIK APK 1.0. (Android Game)

Apr 14, 2023

Being a DIK APK is an exciting journey for an American student starting to enter a university. Keep discovering the latest updates of the Being a DIK Now game.

Name DIK
Updated 2022-01-31
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 1.0.
Size 2 GB
MOD Android Game
Category Role Playing
Developer E C De Oliveira Delivery
Price Free
Google Play Link
Being a DIK

Being a DIK APK | America's Coolest Visual Novels

The visual novel game genre makes players quickly immerse themselves in the world of books with distinct settings. If you love visual novel games, Being a DIK APK will surely make you satisfied with its distinctive American-style comic graphics. Ready to learn more about Being a DIK's features? Here are some great ones for you.

Being a DIK APK

About Being a DIK APK

A visual Novel is a series of games with extremely beautiful images. Being a DIK APK is considered one of the most attractive and eye-catching visual novel games today. It is officially produced and distributed by Dr. Pink Cake. It is also enthusiastically supported by Steam, GoG, and Patreon.

Being a DIK has an extremely attractive storyline that makes gamers feel excited and stimulated when becoming male students of a prestigious school. Each game has a different storyline, but this plot is often quite complicated and involves the most beautiful and famous schoolgirls of Burgmeister & Royce (B&R). This is a famous and top-quality university in Los Angeles in a simulated context. The game Being a DIK quickly went viral thanks to its iconic features.

Being a DIK Mod APK

What are the outstanding main features of Being a DIK Latest Version APK?

Being a DIK promises to bring many new emotions to players who want to try to experience the life of a student.

A unique visual novel game

Being a DIK Mod APK is a visual novel game developed and published by Dr. Pink Cake. In Being a DIK, players will take on the role of the character Alex. He is a new student from the countryside at a prestigious school for wealthy students. He is invited by his classmate, the Maggot brothers, to join the school's Delta Iota Kappa-DIK Club along with four other girls who all have an interest in the arts to participate in art activities and chat with each other. DIK Club is not an ordinary art club, but it contains elements of horror and psychology. It creates a great atmosphere for players to explore. Players will make their own decisions and choices to adjust the plot in a different direction and help Alex become the head of the Delta Iota Kappa (DIK) club and find his true love. However, if the player fails in this, Alex will face heartbreaking consequences. It was being kicked out of the B&R school and out of the elite.

Being a DIK Season 3 APK

Unique graphics with more than 10000 photos

Being a DIK Season 3 APK is highly appreciated both for its unique but emotional plot and graphic space. In Being a DIK Season 3, players will take on the role of an interesting character and make realistic first-person choices. The B&R school setting is stunningly designed with a large library, fragrant flower gardens, and lively camping nights. Players will have to solve puzzles and go through emotional stories to learn about the relationship between Alex and his friend. The dialogs of Alex and other players are presented so you can poke around and make the right choices. Besides, the background music of Being a DIK's latest version is extremely melodious and catchy. They create many meaningful emotions for players of this game.

360 animations and 5 endings

In Being a DIK APK full season, you will play a young man studying in a prestigious university with 360 separate scenes. They are evenly divided into 5 Chapters and the choices you make will determine the attitude of the girls and boys around Alex. How will your life be? Will you choose to play a charismatic bad boy or a straightforward good boy? The girls in the game are more attractive, and lovely than you think. Try to find your destined girl through school events and hot beach parties. They are extremely vibrant, brilliant, and attractive to any player. Besides the romantic scenes, you have to deal with the troubles surrounding the Delta Iota Kappa Club, the Wolves Club, and the Gangster Club. They competed for territory at the Burgmeister and Royce School. Will you be able to lead your friends and win the rest of the clubs? All waiting for you to explore more deeply.

Download game Being a DIK APK for Android

Download Being a DIK APK for Android

Being a DIK is indispensable for beautiful girls. Most importantly, the girls in the game, in addition to coming to you through the story, can also be attracted by your intelligence and special personality. You should try hard to study at B&R school, find the girl that suits you best and win this game. We make sure you can play Being a DIK APK for hours without getting bored. Download Being a DIK from our website for free and fast now.


Being a DIK APK is a fun Visual Novel centered around a school setting, and it's made more interactive through optional mini-games and freestyle roaming events. You can explore the B&R school with unique settings. Many interesting things are waiting for you in Being a DIK.

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