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A Little to the Left

A Little to the Left APK 1.1 (Android Mobile Game)

Jul 03, 2023

A Little to the Left APK is a puzzle game that many players are interested in.

Name A Little To The Left-Puzzle
Updated 2023-03-23
Compatible with 4.4 and up
Last version 1.1
Size 24 MB
MOD Android Mobile Game
Category Tools
Developer Ven-king Studio
Price Free
Google Play Link
A Little to the Left

Puzzle games are a genre of games that have existed for a long time and have always attracted the attention of players around the world. A Little to the Left APK is a fun puzzle adventure game that is being loved on smart mobile platforms. Players will pass the questions and arrange living items that become neat, tidy. Join the game now to experience the many attractive things that await you.

A Little to the Left APK

The puzzles are hidden behind living instruments

A Little to the Left APK will bring players a series of puzzles arranged in mysterious locations. The player must use his logic and thinking abilities to link the items in that level to find the puzzle. Each puzzle is different but summing up all you will find a link to accomplish the ultimate goal is to arrange everything in the tidy room in your own style. Try to figure out the mysteries behind each instrument so that you can find the quickest question.

Once you have found the puzzle in the game A Little to the Left Mobile APK, the player will conduct analysis according to the data available in the question to speculate the correct result. If you correctly answer each question differently, you will get specific suggestions for the most correct position of the widgets. And from there, you can arrange them so that it makes sense and achieve the highest bonus points of that round. The player will move the items in the correct position suggested or according to your inference ability to complete within the specified time. The faster you complete if not exactly all will have time to change back and reach the highest milestone in the game.

Intuitive level by level gameplay, fast reflexes

How to play A Little to the Left Android APK is easy to understand and the actions performed most players know. Players simply move the widgets displayed on the gaming device screen to find the puzzle. During the move, players should pay attention to those items to help you in rearranging it after successfully solving the puzzle.

A Little to the Left Download APK

A Little to the Left download free APK with intuitive gameplay gives people the initiative in the method of finding clear goals to complete in this game. Increasing the player's observation to another level allows you to see how to play with different angles in order to finally achieve the set goal.

Arrange a lot of items scientifically

Players can apply their daily life skills to this A Little to the Left APK game. First, the player must shape his room to divide the areas into different types of utensils. In particular, not letting items pile up on each other will affect your use. Imagine the game as a realistic space in life so that you can comfortably arrange everything that meets the needs of the game and yourself as appropriately as possible.

Equip skills to complete easy playing levels

To be able to successfully complete all missions as well as levels played in the game A Little to the Left APK Android. Players should use inherent skills such as logical thinking, problem solving and many other essential elements to get the best answers. Players need to expand their ability to judge and think wiser to find creative solutions to overcome each question more easily. Sometimes, the answer can be very simple and recognizable, but sometimes it can also be very difficult and require players to experiment and test several times.

A Little to the Left Android APK

A Little to the Left Game Download APK so you can draw more skills and experience in the many challenges that the game has brought. You will have a completely different way of thinking when participating in this game. You will know how to solve things faster, know how to arrange items in life to create a clean, unique, creative space that suits your style.

Beautiful graphics, quality sound brings a vivid game world

A Little to the Left Download APK owns 3D graphics with bright colors that bring a feeling of fun, healthily loved by a lot of players. The game has many special effects through images that appear constantly being moved by you to create a feeling of not being bored. This is one of the bright and impressive points that the game has, the objects and puzzles images are logically combined with each other in order to give the player the most positive thoughts.

In addition to graphics, sound is also a factor to attract many players to A Little to the Left Mod APK. The sound in game is unique and fun making the player very relaxed to explore looking for solutions to puzzles from easy level to hard level.

Free Download A Little to the Left APK for Android


Coming to A Little to the Left APK, you will feel a lot of familiar things in your daily life. A game created with diverse puzzles, gently revolving around topics related to the layout of everyday items in your life or what is related to others. Each player will have their own choice but in the end you only have one correct answer. So figure out the fastest solution you can play. So that you can experience all the features of the game then please Free Download A Little to the Left APK for Android right at the website Here we always update the latest and reliable version for users to download for free.

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