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Lovecraft Locker

Lovecraft Locker APK 2.0 (Full Game, Android Game)

Mar 10, 2023

If you love Japanese tentacle monsters and pretty girls, Lovecraft Locker APK can be an apple of your eye. It's compelling enough to kill time for hours.

Name lovecraft locker tentacle 3d
Updated 2023-04-20
Compatible with 6.0 and up
Last version 2.0
Size 111 MB
MOD Full Game, Android Game
Category Role Playing
Developer HoyElk-Devlp
Price Free
Google Play Link
Lovecraft Locker

Is Lovecraft Locker APK interesting enough for you to download and experience?

In the realm of your gorgeous Japanese schoolgirls, are you up for some mischief? Have you ever fantasized about having huge tentacles like a Lovecraftian god? You're so fixated on it that you keep a locker at school for girls as your secret. With Lovecraft Locker APK, you may play a simple and enjoyable casual strategy simulation game that will keep you occupied for hours. Fans of Japanese manga and anime will enjoy the game's graphics and NPC characters. With the help of the free tutorial included in the package, you will have everything you need to win this Lovecraft Locker game.

Lovecraft Locker APK

Overview of Lovecraft Locker APK

Even if you've played a few Lovecraft adventure horror games, you probably still didn't anticipate finding a minimalist strategy game level amid this universe of nightmare monsters. Tentacle Lust is the name of the video game.
Lovecraft Locker APK is merely a casual strategy game, according to game websites like YouTube. It has a level that is influenced by the 2018 Hot Pink Games original Tentacle Locker. Nothing seems to go too far when you play the initial (in-game days) levels. Certain plot additions in the game can make you blush. This small strategic game also appeals to that.

Do you enjoy playing Lovecraftian horror games? There are many bizarre tales there about monsters from the cosmos and other dimensions. A pink monster with a large number of wiggling tentacles will transform into the player. That gives the schoolgirls in Love Locker their worst nightmares.

Lovecraft Locker Download APK

Why should you choose Lovecraft Locker Download APK?

This Japanese anime game has many attractive features to keep any player entertained.

Lovecraft monster with hundreds of tentacles

While some monsters found satisfaction in harming humans, others drew strength from human misery, fear, and fanaticism. There is just one monster, and it feeds upon the passion and love of the female students to keep the source of life alive. In Japanese culture, it is known as the "tentacle god".

This god adores gorgeous girls and is quite amusing. Perhaps there weren't any personalities deserving of the title "beautiful" in the environment she was in. Hence, it shapes the world of humans. The first stop is a school for only girls, where there are many charming and attractive female personalities.

Unique gameplay

The tentacle god intends to abduct a certain female he adores while concealing himself in a locker for students. After waiting for her to walk by the closet, he wrapped her in his tentacles and dragged her inside. Only red hearts will manifest themselves outside the cabinet. You won't start to understand what's happening within until the tentacles are old enough. Gamers will be particularly intrigued by these fascinating graphics. The story in Lovecraft Locker APK Full Game sounds a bit strange in some ways. However, the first image shown is quite normal, a bit sleepy for some players.

Lovecraft Locker APK Full Game

2D simulation graphics

The explanation is that Dogas Info Lovecraft Locker APK makes adorable small characters using cartoon designs with a hint of chibi in 2D graphics. Mostly, bright hues with light tones. Even the story's biggest antagonist, the tentacle monster, has a comical appearance. You'll see that it's pink and resembles an octopus. The female characters in the school are consistently joyful, grinning, or solemn. Yet, the narrative cutscenes are likewise rather haphazard and fail to tell a plausible tale.

Increase your Lust bar

When you make a girl happy, you will now be rewarded with LUST points, which are displayed on the pink bar at the bottom of the screen. You can present the girls with flowers, chocolates, and handkerchiefs. You will level up and get more ability points once this LUST bar is full. Leveling up will result in the tentacles becoming more brash and vicious. Ability points are utilized to purchase additional lockers. You can do whatever you want when the tentacles have enough lust, to an extent.

When you first started tinkering, there was just one drawer at school that contained tentacles. But you can't purchase more lockers until you have enough ability points. By gaining control of each locker in the school, you can change into the strangest sea creature imaginable, the Tentacle King of Lovecraft Locker Full APK.

Lovecraft Locker APK Android free download

Lovecraft Locker APK Android free download

The Lovecraft Locker APK is available for download on our website. You can make advances to any woman while appearing as an octopus. 
You must, however, exercise caution. One or more other female students on the street will quickly notify the school if they see you flirting with a particular female student. You will be opened by the teachers at the school, captured alive, and burned to ashes once there are enough reports against you. It's strange and intriguing!


Lovecraft Locker APK is a fun emphatic strategy game for players who like anime. It is suitable for you to relieve stress and play in your own free time. Try it now!

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